My First Encounter With Virgin Pinky

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It is the story of my girlfriend Pinky. She was a beautiful virgin of 18. She has been my class fellow for a long time. There developed a strong relationship between us. She was sexy and has a nice body. I like her boobs very much. One day I talked to her on telephone. I came to know that she is alone at her home. So I asked her to allow me to come to study with her at her home. She responds positively. So I think that this chance that I can taste her pussy and can fuck her. So within no time I reached her home. I rang the bell and she opened the door. She was looking great in thin and short dress. I hardly control myself after looking her in such dress.

So we started to study but I was constantly looking at her breast that was looking nice. She was looking different Pinky today. She was staring at me and me too. Suddenly she stood up and plays a movie on TV. That was a XXX movie. I was not expecting this one. She sat very close to me and started to undress me and take my cock in her soft hands. The erotic scenes of the movie drove me to full emotions. I could not control myself more. So I asked her to put off her shirt and trousers. She hesitates but after some time she undress her quickly and started to suck my cock. I was enjoying that moment and I also suck her boobs. She lay down herself on the bed and asks me to play with her body. I could not wait more. I push my penis into her pussy. She gave a loud cry with pain. She pushed me away but I enter the whole length of my penis into her wet pussy. She was crying ……………………ahahahahahahahahahah………oohooh oooh aah aaah.
I was enjoying a lot. Now she was demanding the whole length of my penis. Now I push my whole penis into her pussy and started to give jerks quickly. She was crying for more. “Fuck me hard fuck me hard “.
She asked me to lay down on the bed. My cock was rock hard. Now she sat on my penis in her juicy pussy and started to move up and down. I held her boobs firmly and going to suck. She was shouting and moving up and down quickly.

Now I was going to reach my orgasm. She demanded penis fluid into her mouth. I gave a loud cry and filled her mouth with white fluid. She enjoyed that moment very much.

I shall remember that day throughout my life. After that day we have enjoyed such moments many times.

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