My First Time With a Black Man

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My insurance agent’s office is only a block away from my cond so I just pay my bill for my car insurance in person. This past saturday the bill came in the mail so I walked down to pay it. It was a prety nice day for February in Seattle so I was just wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a light windbreaker. When I got to the office I was surprised to see Jim, the agent was there. He usually had his assistant work on saturdays. Jim used to be a professional basketball player before he started his insurance business and still kept himself in good shape. He also lived in the neighborhood and I would occasionally see him out jogging around the local streets. He is about the same age as I am(46) and is also divorced. He is well over six feet tall and is very muscular with wide shoulders and big strong arms. I, on the other hand , am around five foot five. I wont say how much I weigh but I feel like I am in good shape for my age. I’ve lost a few pounds since my divorce and my measurments are 34C-26-36. Just as I got to the office,Jim was putting up the closed sign. He let me in and locked the door behind me.”In case somebody else tries to come in here,” he said as we went to his desk. I gave him a check for the payment and he asked my how things were going. As we talked I noticed that he kept slealing looks at my breasts. I could feel my nipples were hard and I wasn’t wearing a bra so I knew they were poking out. I was really getting turned on and said,” It’s a little hot in here don’t you think?”. I took my jacket off and put it on the chair behind mee giving Jim an unobstructed view of my erect nipples. We talked and flirted a little bit more and I couldn’t help my self so I asked ” Jim, what size shoe do you wear? Your feet seem awfully big!”. He laughed and said “Size 14 Carol, why do you ask?” ” Well,” I started,”I’m curious about something. They say that you can tell alot about a man by his shoe size, and you KNOW what they say about black men.” “No I don’t Carol, why don’t you tell me?” He was smiling now,…toying with me. I said”I’ve always been told that balck men were well endowed and I’ve always wanted to see for my self.” “Follow me!” He said as he stood up from the desk and walked into the back room of his office. I could see a huge bulge forming in his slacks and my pussy started to tingle and get wet. In the back room he unzipped his pants and took out his penis. It was about eight inches long and stuck straight out and pointed slightly down. His testicles were as big as ping pong balls. “Oh my”, I breathed ” that is big!” he laughed and said,” Don’t get to excited, it’s not even all the way hard yet.” I got completely naked and so did he and I took his already huge cock in my mouth. AS I sucked it kept growing until I could barely get my mouth around it. Whhen it had reached its full pontential it was at least twelve inches long, hard as a rock and stuck out at a forty-five degree angle with a nice up word curve. I laid on my back and he got on top of me and slid his mammoth pole a few inches inside of my ready and waiting vagina. He fed about half of it in then slid it out. His black cock glistened with my juice. The next time he slowly inched his monster into my love cave until I felt his big balls rest againt my butthole. He started pumping me slow, long and hard. After a few minutes he began to increase the pace. I could feel his big nuts bouncing off of my ass with each plunge. I felt contractions start deep in my pussy and I started to lose control of my body and mind. I could hear myself scream as I came and I tried to clench my vaginal muscles around that big black dick. He wihdrew his cock and told me to get on my hands and knees. As I did I noticed a huge puddle of my pussy juice on the floor. Jim stuck his gigantic dick up my slippery twat fom behind and started to once again pound away at me. I felt hai big nuts slap up against my clit on each stroke and before long another flood of vaginal secretions poured from my grateful pussy. This encouaged Jim to fuck me even harder and I lost count of how many orgams I had. Jim had incredible stamina and after what seemed like hours had passed I had yet another climax. This one was much weaker than the first few and only a trickle of juice ran out of my twat. I was still getting it from behind and I felt that huge cock rubbing on my anus. I relaxed and felt it go up a couple of inches. I had been buttfucked before but nothing nearly as big as Jim’s huge black tool had ever been in my ass. He pushed a little harder and I farted. Each stoke up my ass would produce a loud fart. Jim paid no attention and kept feeding more and more of his cock up my ass. After a few minutes the farting stopped and may asshole was getting plunged like never before. I could feel his cock head deep inside my colon and for the first time I had an orgasm from just anal sex. My anal spasms must have sent Jim over the edge because he pulled out right then. I rolled to my back and he put that black monster dick by my face. I grabbed his shaft and put the tip in my mouth. He arched his back and grunted and a stream of cum shot out of his cock and onto my face. I was blasted nine or ten more times as his huge nuts emptied themselves. Stream after stream of hot sticky cum shot me in the face and tits. I went into the restroom to clean up and dripped cum all the way. I looked in the mirror and saw my face and hair and entire front of my body was covered in semen. I came back out and Jim was getting dressed. I got one last look at his limp cock,(which was still biger than any erect cock I have seen) and wondered when He would fuck me again.

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