My friends dad

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I waited for my friend Tanya to go to sleep,then slipped outside to where her dad was working on his boat he was so strong and tanned i had been flirting with him all night and i know he was interested as the bulge in his pants was big,so i climed up on to the boat wearing my see thru nightie, he stood there looking at me up and down i could see he wanted to take me then and there,I walked over to him and started to kiss him,he grabbed me kissing me lifted me up onto the seat,my hands opened his zip his cock flopped out so big so strong i started to suck him he held my head moaning and groaning he picked me off the chair and layed me on the floor and kissing me he entered my tight 19year old pussy he was my first man not a boy he was fucking my pussy i was moaning and he was talking dirty to me telling me he wants to keep fucking my pussy we came togther and held each other,now when i stay we meet in his bed we have been fucking each other for 6 years and our partners dont know,i just dont cum like I do when he is inside me.

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