my married friend and i

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This is a true story between me and one of my friends. We had been coworkers for about a year then changed jobs and had been out of contact for a while.

After a while, I had another new job and low and behold a few months later she also started working for the same company. One evening after work, we were catching up while she was waiting on her husband to pick her up, she was showing me her wedding photos. I was commenting on how gorgeous she looked in the pics. A few mins later I realized we were sitting directly against each other and her hand was on my upper thigh. I became nervous but didn’t say a word. She was the sexiest girl I knew and I’ve wanted her since the day we met. She was petite about 5’5″ firm b cup breasts, slim, smooth tanned skin, straight long black hair and a perfect round plump ass u couldn’t take ur eyes off of.

As we shared more stories, I started touching her legs now and then, starting by her knees of course. In a few mins, my hand was also on her upper thigh as my heart was pounding thinking her husband cud walk in anytime. Just as I was having that thought her husband did walk in. I was frozen stiff, however she calmly said “hi honey, I’m showing my friend our weddings pics.” He responded “cool” and came to shake my hand. I took my hand off her thigh and shook his hand. We all got up and went our separate ways.

The next evening when her husband picked her up we gave each other a hug. As I was putting my hand around her lower back, she gently caught it and pulled it over her ass. I didn’t protest but continued to hug her and gave her sweet ass a gentle squeeze. Her husband said he was going on business next week and asked if I cud drop her home for that week. I said no problem.

On the first evening I dropped her home she invited me inside and I went in. I asked her if her husband would be ok with it and she replied “of course, he told me he knows u through his friends and is fine with u.” she then asked if I wanna take a swim, I said sure, but I gotta go home for my shorts. She turned to me and replied “gosh boy, u act like ur a stranger, u have on underwear right?” and she started to unbutton my shirt. I didn’t say a word, and I started unbuttoning her blouse to revealed her firm b cups in a white lace bra. She took my belt off and slowly zipped my pants down while she felt my hard on. We stared into each others eyes as we stripped each other. I peeled her tight pants off her amazing ass to reveal her perfect ass wrapped in a white lace boy shorts that was so tight it looked like part of her skin. She looked down at me in my boxer briefs, said “mmm u look like an underwear ad” and she turned and modelled her way to the pool. She walked down into the pool. I was so stunned by what was happening and cudnt believe I was with another man’s wife, but I didn’t want to stop myself and I went into the pool.

We swam and talked and acted like she wasn’t married. We got out of the pool and I laid down on the pool chair. She said she’ll be right back, when she came back, she brought her camera and took a pic of me then set it down and put it to record. She then peeled my underwear down and my rock hard 8″ poped out. She slowly engulfed it in her mouth sucking each inch as it went into her warm mouth. I caressed her body from her feet up her legs thighs and ass. It was smoother than silk. Her soaking wet underwear was practically invisible on her. She whispered in my ear, “u have no idea how long I’ve wanted u to screw me” I said “I’ve been wanted to do this since I first saw u”

She got on top me and we started kisssing while my dick rubbed against her waist, thighs and between her legs. I made sure my hands inspected every inch of her smooth soft, sexy body. I unhooked her bra and ripped her boy shorts off as she let out a moan. I firmly grabbed her ass with both my hands and slipped my dick into her. We both moaned with intense pleasure as we got what we’ve been wanting for so long. Her pussy sucked my dick slowly for a while as I kissed her neck and lips. I then laid her on her back put her legs over my shoulder and inserted my dick into her. She held onto the chair and said “let me have it baby, don’t hold anything back” so I did just that, pounding it in and out of her. “Yes yes just like that.” I held onto her legs as I gave her all I cud, enjoying the sound of her moans, the jiggle of her breasts, and sound of my dick splashing in our juices. I pulled out and she got on her knees, I immediately dove into her from behind. “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” She screamed with each stroke. I held her waist and continued to pound her. It went on like this for several minutes. “Don’t stop” “I love it” “oooooohhhh” “yes yes yes” were among her expressions. I pulled out and laid back down, she got ontop of me and put me inside her and laid down ontop of me. She whisped in my ear “hold me tight and cum inside me” so I caressed her body, kissed her, screwed her over and over till I was ready then I held her tight, and cummed so hard I felt my balls wud pop out into her. I moaned in her ear and she obliged in intense pleasure. we were breathing like if we just ran a marathon.

She stopped the cam and said “I can’t wait to show my husband this”. I asked her “he’s ok with this?” She replied “yea I told him I’ve wanted to screw u since I met him” I was amazed and said “umm ok great!”

We have since continued to have sex periodically and her husband has told me personally he’s ok with it.

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