my mates little sister

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i was in the bathroom just got off the toilet when i was at the sink to wash my hands when i felt a handgrab my balls a rub them shut up or ill tell them you tried to rape me as i turned arround it my best mates lil sister she was about to turn 18 as i turned round to see her naked she ordered me to my knees as she pulled out the 2nd draw from the top and rested her foot on it and said do exactly as i say and noone will know i agreed not wanting to be accused of rape she told me to eat her pussy so i ate it like neva b4 she tated so nice i threw her to the floor herd her hips down and ate her till she came i then stood up my cock raging and jamed it down i grabbed her by the hair and started to slowly thrust as i pulled out and blew over her face and hair she grabbed my balls squeezed and said we aint done yet sucked me hard again i forcefully pushed her head into the wall as i agressivly fucked her tight pussy she started to make alot of noise by this time id didnt care i started to go harder as she let out these verry loud series of squels and beggan to shutter i pumped harder and faster she startedto wimper while shacking crazly softly moaned plz stop what sent me wild i blew inside her and left her on a heap in the corner of the room (we fuck every time we see each other now)

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