My Mother In Law My Whore…Continued

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After we got home from Mike and Trisha’s house, my wife ,karen, told me how hot it made her to see me cum an her friends face. We stayed up till about 2:30 fucking and the next morning my cock was kind of sore. It was a good kind of sore. The phone rang at 7:45. Who the hell could be calling at this hour on a Sunday morning. “It’s my mother,” Karen said after answering the phone,”She wants you to come over this morning. My dad is going golfing and then out to lunch with his buddies and won’t be home until about 3 or 4 this afternoon.” I grabbed the phone,” God morning mom,” I said,”How about if I come over at about noon or one o’clock, we kind of had a late night last night.” ” Well my friend Evelyn is coming over at one and were going to go to luch and go shopping so I was really hoping you’d come over now. Please,come over..Pooky wants to play with Bigboy.” She had decided that our genitals needed names so she called her pussy Pooky and her tits were Betsy and Lefty. My cock was Bigboy. “O.K. i’ll come over in a couple of minutes.” I said and hung up. Karen said that it was cute the way her mom lusted after me and I said that I just wanted to stay home and sleep. “Besides I screwed so much last night that I doubt I could even get it up.” I told her. “That would be a first!” She called as I walked out the door. I drove the twenty minutes to my in law’s house and went inside. Susan was waiting naked in the bedroom. She was an attractive older woman. My wife definately got her good looks from her mom. She had blonde hair with just a few grey streaks and was a slightly plumper version of her daughter with 40DD’s and a older woman’s curves. she told me to take my shorts and tee shirt off and join her on the bed.”Does Bigboy want a kiss?” she asked as she started sucking my cock. It was not responding and she started talking to it. “Come on Bigboy, wake up. Pooky wants to play with you and wants you to spit inside of her.” A few minutes of sucking and my dick slowly got hard. “Good morning Bigboy!” she said. “Pooky’s so glad you woke up! She is all wet and is ready to play with you!” She layed me back on the bed and crawled on top and lowered herself down onto my cock. “OH Bigboy pooky loves you so much more than George!” That was her name for her husband bill’s cock. “Your so much bigger and fatter and make her feel so much better!” She started to ride me hard. “Pooky wants to play rough, Do you like to play rough Bigboy?” “How’s this?” I asked as I started thrusting hard back at her.”Oh Dallas, Yes baby, Pooky likes that!!! Oh honey I’m almost there!” WE were fucking pretty hard and she was just about to come when we heard a car pull into the driveway and a door shut. She jumped off of me and peeked out the window.”Gosh darn it I told Evelyn one o’clock. It’s only ten. Hurry up let’s get our clothes on. The doorbell rang as we rushed to get dressed. Susan let Evelyn in and I went into the kitchen to raid the fridge. “Evelyn, I thought we were going to meet at one.” My mother in law said. “Oh, I thought you said 10.” Evelyn looked at my obvious boner that my shorts could not conceal.” Am I inturrupting something?” she asked ,smiling.”Oh no, not at all, this is my son in law Dallas. Karen’s husband. “Nice to meet you Dallas, I’m Evelyn.” She reached out to shake my hand, never taking her eyes off of my erection. I shook her hand and mumbled something about leaving.”NO! don’t leave just yet Dallas.” Susan said. “Evelyn and I are old friends and we tell eachother everything.To be honest you did inturrupt something, we were in the middle of having sex.” “Oh my!” Evelyn exclaimed.” I couldn’t help myself whe I saw how well endowed he is and every since then we have been getting together once in a while to make love.” Evelyn’s eyes and mouth were wide open. “Well he certainly is well endowed!” she finally said pointing to my boner. “Evelyn, I don’t want you to think I’m too weird but could you join us in the bedroom, I was just about to have an orgasm when you pulled up and I really need to finish.” Of course honey” Evelyn said. “Let’s see, where were we?” Susan said as we got back into the room. We resumed our position with her on top and riding my cock.”Don’t just stand there Evelyn, join us!” Susan said. Evelyn got undressed and said ” what shall I do? I’ve never done this before.” “Why don’t you sit on his face?” Susan asked. Evelyn was roughly the same size and shape as Susan with big tits and a big bouncy ass. She was pretty much completly grey and had a huge patch of grey pubes. She positioned her pussy over my mouth and she was facing Susan. I started licking her pussy and I looked up and noticed that she was sucking Susan’s tits. I licked and flicked her clit while my mother in law rode my cock. I heard Susan moan and felt her hot juice gush out of her twat as she came.”What was that?” Evelyn asked. “I guess a large penis make you squirt when you have an orgasm.” Susan said. “Want to try?” Evelyn hopped off of my face and layed on her back and I stuck my cock in her hole. It was very loose and I wasn’t getting alot of friction. “How big is Elmer’s penis” Susan asked her.Elmer was her husband. “Oh at least 3 or 4 inches shorter tan this!” she said as I fucked her hairy twat. After a few minutes of fucking Evelyn said,” Oh my goodnes, I feel something oh boy that feels good oh my oh my oh my oh my oh myAHHHHHHHHH!” A flood of juice fell out of her pussy as she came. “My turn!” Susan said as she told me to fuck her doggie style.Her pussy was sloppy wet and each in stroke produced a loud pussy fart. It only took about 3 minutes for Susan to come. Evelyn piped up” Do me now!” She was offering me her pussy doggie style as well and I slid my cock in. Her pussy was also slimy and prduce even louder farts. when I pumped hard and fast they were loud high pitched shrill sounding and went I stroked slow they were long low deep sounding farts. She took about 5 minutes to come and Susan was allready on her back as soon as I pulled out. “O.K , my turn. I took turns fucking them a couple of more times and said, “Well ladies, I can’t keep this up anymore. I think I should quit now because I’m going to be very sore.” “But Evelyn never got to see Bigboy spit!” Susan complained. “What?” Evelyn asked, confused.”You should see Dallas ejaculate!” Susan told her,”Big huge gobs of sperm come shooting out all over the place!” “Well I don’t know if I can.” I said. “How about if Bigboy plays with Stinky?” This was her way of saying buttfucking. She got on all fours and I slipped my cock in her ass.”I don’t know if that big peter could fit in my bum!” Evelyn said as I was sliding it all the way in.”It took me a few times to get used to it.” Susan said, “You ought to try it, it feels so good.!” I pumped her ass for a couple of minutes and announced that I was readdy to cum. Susan and Evelyn sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of them as they jacked me off. I didn’t think I had any cum in me and was surprise to manage three good srurts and a couple of more dribbles.”You’re right Susan he sure is full of sperm.” Evelyn said as she admired my cum dripping off of their tits.”This is nothing,” Susan said, “Usually he shots way more than that. One time he was on his back and it shot completly over his head and into the wall!” I excused myself and Put my sore and wounded cock back into my shorts and said I had to get going.”Thats O.K. honey, I think Evelyn and I are going to play somemore. The were 69ing as I walked out the door. When I got back home I had to take a piss. It burned when I went and came out in three separate streams. I told Karen that I was out of commission for at least a week. She just laughed and said Mike and Trish want us to came back so I shouldn’t get too comfortable.

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    Excellent story line. Lots of spelling errors though. USE spellcheck next time.

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