My Older Man and I

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When having an affair and wondering about love because the word love is an abstract in the purest sense and can drive people crazy because it seems to be a driving emotion tied to something beyond the realm of reality as we know it, well, all said, a girl has to be creative to get to her older man. Ironic when I think about it i.e., here I am a very attractive woman, tall, slender with “awesome legs” (my older man’s statement, he’s a legs man) and large firm breasts, 27 years of age with a high IQ and a strong sex drive that is chasing an older man. “Sigh” he just does me and does me so well, he releases my passions from hell, very heavenly so. Well, anyway, I told my husband that I wanted to take some university classes and get a second degree and he agreed to it, which of course gave me more study time with my older man. One spring day I cut class went to his house and wouldn’t you know it, a bit of damn luck as he was called to work but he was on his way home, (love cell phones) of course I have my own key, a key to set my passions free, strange that I can do anything to and with my older man and not my husband. Any way, I made my way to his bedroom to wait in sultry darkness. I hear the rattling of his keys at the front door and things just start happening to me, I cannot control them, the wetness, the heat, I call it “the heat of anticipation” Carly Simon has nothing on me :) The door opens and “ho, what have we here! A pair of shoes, women’s size 10. A pair of socks, from a young lady that stalks. And what is this at the threshold of my hallway, a pair of jeans two sizes tight.” I had left a trail of delight from my sexual plight… “A perfectly shaped bra on my hallway light fixture, now how in the world did you get that up there? And last but not least a pair of finely wet underwear on my bedroom doorknob, I wonder what can be in my bedroom.” He came in with all of his tallness, massive chest, seasoned handsome face and I had the covers up to my chin as I watched him. “Hello beautiful, sorry I am late.” He said as he look down on me with love and hunger, I couldn’t say a word. He pulled the covers back and visually took in my long slender physique. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of his bed and said “spread you legs” and I did, “more” so I did, “wider,” my muscles were straining and defined, hamstrings, thighs and calves. “Awesome” he said, “just awesome, and don’t you ever shave that thick bush of yours, it is perfect and holds your white froth well.” He went down on his knees, grabbed my thighs with his large strong hands. His thumbs were next to my pussy lips and using his thumbs pulled them apart and they made a smacking sound because of the wetness. He look up to my face and smiled, I was holding my head at my temples, actually I was slightly pulling my surrounding hair there, I couldn’t help it and I could not say a word. My muscles started to burn delightfully and then he plunged his face between my legs and his tongue found my orgasmic home and all I could do is let out a moan loud and clear. He licked me, he kissed me, he squeezed my thighs with his vise like grip until they almost hurt “keep those awesome legs stretched babe… farther.” My legs started trembling and I started spasming with climactic pleasure. He moved his left thumb down and stuck it up ass and the guttural sound that I made, well, I don’t know where they came from, then he removed his thumb and placed his hand in a position that allowed two of his long fingers to probe deeply into my heart shaped ass. All that I could say was “yes! yes! yes!” just like in a movie. His lips and tongue worked my clit and I was at a loss of it. He released my legs, they trembling fell to the edge of his western king bed and then his face moved to my navel, then my hard nipples, my neck and finally my mouth where his tongue found home with hunger. I love the taste of my own pussy but only when the taste is on his tongue. And then he went down on me again but this time he also used his fingers, magic fingers and tongue and I could do nothing except make funny sounds from my throat. It was like I was paralyzed in ecstasy. He finally pulled himself up to me and kissed me on the neck, he was still fully clothed. His face was covered with my now crusty dried juices and pussy stains on the collar of his shirt, I bet he had swallowed a pint of vaginal goo and I was hungry and I hadn’t done anything except spread my legs. I was finally able to move, I went to the bathroom and brought back a hot wet wash cloth and washed his wonderful weathered face. “I have to go.” I said as I kissed him. “I know,” was all that he replied. “Old man, don’t you ever leave me!” I said after I had dressed and went through his back door. PS, I couldn’t reach my bra :)

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