My twin cousins and me.

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My twin cousins tricked me into coming over to their apartment to have sex with me. They told me they needed some small repair work to their floor. When I got there they both had coats. I said show me the spot. They said the floor is ok and dropped off their coats and they where naked. They both said together do you like what you see? I said hell yes. They said we are going to take your cloths off and see how big your cock is cousin jeff. They slowly took off my clothings and both were surprise by the size of my cock. Twin, Susan said oh shit that it the biggest cock i have never seen.Twin,Lisa said jeff you better fuck us slowly at first because a cock that big may hurt at first. My cock is about 11inches long and 3 inches width when i am hardon. They said will your cock get any bigger if we suck to it. I said maybe a little. They both give me a blowjob but they could ownly fit about half my cock in their mouths. I then ask susan what kind of sexual she likes and she said doggy style. I had to slowly work my cock into her pussy that way but once she was wet and relax she start saiding to fuck her deeper and faster. I slowly started fucking her that way and then her pussy got tighter and wetter. She then starting screaming she was cumming and she said for me to fuck her faster and deeper and to cum allover her ass because she wanted to see how much cum comes out of a cock that big. I gave her what she wanted and her ass was total covered with cum but not before i fucked her to three orgasms. Lisa said for me to fuck her with me on bottom and her legs over my sholder. I had to go slowly at first working my cock into her pussy inch by inch. I got about seven inches into her when she started screaming she was cumming and she wanted me to cum over her tits and face. I fucked her to two more orgasms for her and got most of my cock into her tight,wet pussy that maded me want to cum and i came allover her tits and face. Lisa and susan both said they had fucked guys with big cocks and that they were just ok at fucking but that I was great at fucking with a gaint cock. They both said anytime i wanted to fuck i should give them a call.

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