My Uncle's Ex-Wife

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I had spent man nights at my uncles house by myself. Sometimes he would go out and drink at the bar and leave his wife and I home by ourselves. She would flirt with me while he was away and sit right next to me and talk about sex with me. I found myself quickly jacking off about her when she went in another room. They had got divorced after she gave birth to his kid and he moved out. She had called me one night when it was storming out and asked me to come in and spend the night with her. I did thinking fuck yea I’m gonna get in her pussy tonight.

I arrived at her house at 6P.M. and sat down next to her, she had just put her son to sleep and put in a scary movie. During the beginning of the movie she jumped in the shower and I of course jacked off just thinking about her in the shower. Twenty minutes later she came out in just a towel and sat down on my lap, imediatally noticing my hard cock up against her ass.

She reached behind her and grabbed it. Next thing I knew she was on her knees sucking my cock. After coming in her mouth a great deal she swallowed it all and got the ruler out to measure me, she said, “holy shit you are the biggest I have ever had, 10 inches!” We made our way to her bedroom where I laid her on her back and she moaned for two hours.

She wasn’t ready to stop though as I had come twice already she got on top and moaned like crazy until she came and I came once more after three more hours of wonderful sex. She wasn’t concerned about me coming in her because she enjoyed my huge cock in her pussy for five hours.

The next day she called her best friend and told her all about her, now given her friend is married. She looked at me and said that Chris was coming over and she wanted some of my cock and Jen was more than willing to let her have it.

I fucked the shit out of both Chris and Jen that day and nine months later they both gave birth to my two kids.

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