My wife and I enjoy CUMmunion together

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I am one of the kinky type of guys who enjoys kissing his wife after shooting a load of hot semen in her mouth. The only problem with that scenario is that it comes after the sex session has come to an end and the urgency of climax is no longer present. How wonderful it would be to share a long passionate kiss exchanging cum in one another’s mouth while still fully charged sexually. How do you do this without inviting another man to shoot his load in your wife’s mouth before engaging in sex? To each his own, but I had no intention of going that far to fulfill this sexual fantasy.
After doing some research online under the subject of men tasting they’re own cum, I learned that I was not alone in this fetish and found the solution. Frozen cum. But how was my wife going to feel about this fetish? How would I tell her? So I wrote an email to her describing every detail of this erotic scene I dreamed up. Even though the story was hot, she did not take to the idea. She thought it was pretty weird that I would want to perform such an act and really wanted no part of it. I pleaded with her and reminded her that I like kissing her after shooting a load in her mouth because I like the taste and that it was really no different fresh or frozen, it was still just cum. She finally gave in but added that if she did not like it she did not want to do it again.
We agreed to give it a try tomorrow night. I thanked her for giving it a chance and kissed her goodnight as it was my time for bed being that I had to get up early even though it was going to rain tomorrow and my job is weather sensitive. She still had some work to do in the other room so we parted.
The thought that we were actually going to do this had my cock throbbing with excitement. Pre-cum soon followed. I had to get some release or else I would not sleep. Besides we needed some frozen cum. I shaped some aluminum foil into a bowl to collect the result of my sexual release and come up with an idea of my own to help insure tomorrow nights event would be pleasurable. I crushed up a “sweetart” candy into a powder and poured it in the makeshift bowl before masturbating. The thought of tomorrow night filled my head as I shot a generous amount of cum into the foil to be frozen (what a relief). I stirred the steamy concoction as it took on a purple color and into the back of the freezer it went.
The next day I showed for work to get my two hour show up pay as it was raining and then returned home. My cock was throbbing off and on all day anticipating the evenings event leaving my underwear moist with pre-cum. I did not want to release a load as I wanted to be at maximum arousal that evening. The hours seemed like days waiting for my wife to return from work.
Finally evening came and my wife returned from work. When nightfall come I took my bath and then it was my wife’s turn to bathe. While she was bathing I turned up the heat in the bedroom so it would heat to a comfortable level to be nude as it was cold out. While the bedroom was heating, I removed the sweetened frozen cum treat from the freezer and placed it inside the screw on bowl off my stanley stainless steal thermos with ice, covered it with a towel to insure it remained frozen, and placed it in a shelf at the head of the bed.
I was lying on the bed naked when my wife returned from bathing. We lied down facing one another and began gently kissing one another as I rubbed my hand up and down her spine. After a few moments of this when I knew my wife was aroused, I paused to retrieve the sacrament and unwrapped it from the foil. I placed the cum wafer in my mouth and returned to passionately kissing my wife’s lips. I paused to push a broken portion between her lips and she readily accepted it as we returned to the steamy kissing. As it was melting it had a subtle sweet grape flavor with a spicy bite to it that is distinctive to the flavor of cum. Between kisses my wife spoke softly, “It’s not bad. Sweet.” I explained softly, “I added a sweetart to it.”, and continued kissing her. I pushed another broken portion in her mouth that would make it half and then paused to softly say, “It’s sexy.” As her breathing intensified she agreed in an aroused tone of voice, “It is sexy.”
To my satisfaction she was finding this to be as much of a turn on as I was. This passionate kissing went on with the spicy taste of cum filling our mouths as it melted away creating a raging desire to explode with ecstasy. It was the taste of sex itself. It was as if the cum flavor signaled the receptors in our minds to further ignite this sexual drive we shared that was becoming more urgent by the minute.
I then rolled her over on her back still kissing and moved down her neck kissing my way down to her breasts. I remained there a while sucking on them hungrily as my wife breathed franticly , no doubt anticipating my tongues final destination. I made my way back to her mouth again for another kiss before I slowly made my way back down further to her sweet cunt teasing her outer labia with my tongue putting her into a frenzy. Her feet were rubbing my shoulders and back signifying her approval as she squirmed with delight. She started twisting her nipples between her fingers as she often does when I perform this procedure. I finally took the plunge and darted my tongue deep in her love tunnel and dragged it up to her clit. She moaned with pleasure as I continued this procedure flicking my tongue on the upper part of her labia and smacking on her lips. After a while I settled into a deep sucking of her clit. After a time her hips began to rise and her legs opened wider coaxing me to bury up deeper. She seemed to hyperventilate as her sweet nectar filled my mouth. She moaned with satisfaction as she finished her orgasm.
I knew there was another spot that needed attention so I pulled out her vibrator and got on top in a 69 position with my cock hovering just inches away from her sweet lips. I inserted the vibrator slowly and gradually began thrusting the vibrator deeper into her love tunnel. At the same time I was lapping my tongue at the top of her labia. She had always loved it when I done this for her and tonight was no exception.
While I was doing this she began gently sucking and licking the head of my cock. Later running her tongue the full length of my shaft and circling my cock head before lapping up pre-cum off the tip. Occasionally she would stretch her neck to take me deep in her mouth and pull out slowly. It was all I could do not to explode in her mouth. I had to back her off sometimes to prevent it. I knew she would take my load willingly but this was going to be her night of pleasure and I did not want it to end just yet.
Once again her hips began to rise and her legs spread wider as she proclaimed out loud, “Oh my God sweetheart!, Oh my God, yes!” as she shuttered into another orgasm.
Afterwards I asked if she would like me to sink my cock inside her. She agreed, so I plowed my cock deep into her already swollen pussy all the way to my balls. I just soaked it there a while grinding it from side to side as we savored the sensation together. With her in my arms, I brought her into a final mind blowing orgasm.
She said she would like me to cum on her breasts. I had been holding back and now it was time. I thrust my shaft in and out a couple of times before pulling out quickly to meet her breasts. A torrent of cum spewed out of my cock as it pumped out stream after stream. Never do I remember such an eruption of cum to spew out of my cock with such force. Her breasts were completely glazed over. I knew that my body must have released every last drop of cum it could possibly produce. I lightly massaged the slippery substance on her breasts and sucked some off her nipples.
This was one of the most erotic sessions ever. Next day at work I was horny all day replaying the scene over and over again in my head. We discovered that eating frozen cum together can be a very exciting and tasty part of foreplay to spice things up. After all sex is about all the senses including taste.

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