Naked on the beach

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We had gotten to the parking lot later than I had wanted, but were still earlier than we used to get there years ago. Judging by the number of vehicles, the beach had become much more popular than before. Obviously there weren’t any parking spots in the shade so as much as I hated to I ended up parked in the full sun. I opened the back of the truck and took the sleeping bag out, the umbrella and of course the most important thing, the cooler. I locked the truck and my wife Melanie and myself headed straight for the waters edge, made a 90 degree turn right and started our long walk along the shore. Bill at work had told me about a private area that is about 45 minutes of walking, 20 minutes farther than most people are willing to go.
“There’s lots of people today” my wife Melanie said.
“Its a good day to be here with the temperature being so high already” I replied.
With that we walked past the busiest section and then the sunbathers dwindled.
Mel and I had walked for at least 30 minutes before seeing the cliff Bill had described that cropped out into the water.
“We’ll just walk around this and get back to a secluded area” I told Mel.
I could see her starting to tire some and hoped she wasn’t getting too annoyed with me for suggesting this. Mel and I and been here years ago, but hadn’t returned since our two kids were born. She was very subconscious about her figure now despite the many times I tried to reassure her. Actually I was kind of surprised that she finally gave in and agreed to come. We found the area that Bill had suggested none too soon and Bill was right, there were a lot less people there. There were five other people that we passed and I knew this was what Mel hoped for. A large beach as private as possible.
“This looks like a good spot” and put the cooler down on the hot sand after seeing that we had gone a long way past the others. Then I unrolled the sleeping bag and spread it out trying hard not to get sand on it. Next I pushed the umbrella pole into the sand where the shade did the most good, on the sleeping bag and we were ready to relax. I pulled my T-shirt off, took out two coolers and sat back onto the sleeping bag. Mel had worn her suit on under her clothes, but didn’t reveal it until after quickly drinking 3-4 coolers. Soon she was laying back soaking up as much sun as she could. Mel was still in good shape, just not the shape she wanted to be in. Her breasts were larger now due to the breastfeeding and she had gained a few pounds, but not that many.
“Better put those eye protectors on.”I reminded her “its pretty bright.” She complied and I could tell it wouldn’t take long for her to drift off. Mel never could hold her liquor too well, that plus the sun and waves made her very sleepy. I helped by putting the sunblock on her wherever I could.
“I’ll just sit here and read, you have a good sleep.” I suggested.
I started reading, but then my eyes kept going back to Mel and the one piece suit she had on. She had picked out a black, one piece, low cut, suit that covered her ass pretty good, but had those high cut sides, making the front a narrow v shape. It would have revealed her pubic hair if she had any. I had convinced her to start shaving it for me a while back. Mel looked damn hot I kept thinking. I then drank another two coolers. Then it started. It must have been the breeze. Mel’s nipples were stretching the fabric of her suit. I touched one with my cooler and then the other, lightly of course, letting the condensation soak into her suit. Her nipple grew slightly. I slowly started inching Mel’s straps down little by little. I’d glance around every now and then to make sure we were still too far for others to see what I was doing. There wasn’t any reason to, the others were busy doing other things. Finally her dark circles were beginning to show themselves from under the bathing suit cups. I could see her full nipples now. I carefully pulled the straps under her shoulders thinking she may wake up, she didn’t. I disconnected the little metal buckles and pealed the straps down on each breast. Her nipples were now in full view and I couldn’t resist licking my fingers and tweaking each one, again lightly so as not to wake her. Again I reached for a cooler and some condensation and let it drip on the intended targets. One of the couples were starting to walk in our direction, but we were about fifty feet from the waters edge so I knew we were safe even if they did walk by. After all, we were all adults. I was so into this that I hoped she would just lay there and she did. I wanted Mel to relax and enjoy herself. Mel grinned and let me touch her now growing nipples. Mel’s fumbled a little with her eye coverings, but kept them on.
“The others are gone” I told her not knowing if she were fully conscious or not.
The couple were getting nearer but after the 4 or 5 coolers I really didn’t care much. They were only 20 feet away now and must have seen me watching them. I turned directly at them, and they just smiled and kept walking albeit slower now, pausing now and then to pick up stones. Something they were not doing earlier. I rolled Mel’s nipple slowly between my fingertips. then leaned over and kissed one. The couple now were very close and were taking a long time to pass. I ignored them and continued my exploration of Mel’s growing tits. I gently forced her suit down under her back. I struggled at first then just made out like I was rearranging the blanket leaning her from side to side. Mel still didn’t wake up. Instead she arched her back making it easier fro me. I know Mel and if she had any idea what I was up to she would have sat up in an instant. The couple smiled as they passed us, but kept walking. I leaned over and sucked on Mel’s nipple very gently.
“What are you doing?” she moaned trying to sit up.
This was the last thing I wanted.
“It’s okay, all the others have gone” repeating my original words.
“Mmmm, that feels good” she groaned, and she cooperated by staying put.
I started to massage and nibble at her breasts. Squeezing them like I had done so many years before on another beach. I placed my hand on her pubic area. This was one thing Mel absolutely loved me to do. I caressed her inner thighs and she opened them a bit. She moaned again, only louder this time. Mel was really starting to enjoy this. The couple were coming back but I had no intention on stopping. I thought I’d give them a bit of a show while walking past us which I thought should take about 5-10 minutes I figured. I kissed her stomach and pelvis area, looked up and they smiled as they were passing. 5 minutes passed and I again tugged on Mel’s suit, trying this time to get it off her completely. It worked. Mel was laying there in her birthday suit on a public beach. I stroked Mel’s pelvis area and licked her long and slow. My fingers were on her cunt lips now and I put two fingers deep inside. They slid in easily. I glanced back to see where the couple were and found they were standing about 5 feet away. I immediately withdrew my fingers. Not only that, but now there were others coming. When they arrived, one guy motioned for me to let him come closer, I hesitated at first, but then nodded yes. He immediately walked over, knelt down beside me and barely touched Mel’s tit. I was careful not to have both hands on her at the same time so as not to arouse any suspicion on Mel’s part. I motioned all to keep quiet and they seemed more than happy to oblige me. Mel was being aroused by a complete stranger, and the best part was she had no idea. He started flicking his tongue on her nipple and we took turns with our tongues and our fingertips. Mel started tossing a bit and moaning more and more with each lick. By now a small crowd had gathered. There were at least 8 people watching us titillating Mel. Mel raised up her knees and put her feet together. Her knees then fell to the sides showing everyone her sweet, sweet pussy. It was glistening now and the others came closer to get an even better look. My cock hardened in an instant. I was just glad that I was the one she touched with her knee and not the stranger. The two young teens obviously had hardons and one even had his hand in his pocket trying to conceal it. It wasn’t working. One of the guys watching placed his hand on his partners breast and was rubbing it to my delight. I kept thinking this is insane, but Mel used to have this fantasy of being with strange men. Its just happening without her knowledge. Mel started to move around some and I whispered for her to think about us as teenagers on the beach alone. I knew this would work because it did happen many years ago. I placed my hand firmly on her pussy. She used to love it whenever I grabbed at her crotch without notice. I held my hand there and then stuck two fingers inside moving them in and out. Then three. A shapely girl in a small bikini moved towards us and wanted to lick Mel’s tit, the guy got up and let her take her turn. This girl was very good at getting Mel’s nipples hard. I had never seen them so hard. She circled Mel’s hard nipples making them stand straight up like large wooden pegs, being careful not to touch her with her lips. Mel was thrashing about now and I knew she was about to cum. She was gasping for air, but this was usual for Mel. Mel was ready to explode. The onlookers were very aroused watching it all. I speeded up the finger fuck and as Mel let out a sort of semi-muffled loud scream, the girl bit down on her tit and tugged on it to the others delight. Mel sat up and her eyes opened, but she couldn’t help herself with wave after wave of orgasm. One guy let out a “YES!!!!!”
Mel came back to earth and screamed at me “WHAT THE HELL?” Mel yelled. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”
I started to explain but Mel just kept screaming obscenities at me. The people just cheered and clapped their hands. The teens were the worst hooting and asking for their turn. Mel grabbed the sleeping bag and covered up quickly. We gathered up our stuff, dressed and walked back to the truck, separately, with her leading the way. Mel was pretty hot for the next few days, but then cooled off. I explained that I wanted her to know how good she looked to others and thought she might like the spontaneity of it all. She finally cooled off and admitted that she had fantasized of doing something similar, but had no real intentions of ever going through with it. We made up and decided we might even do it again, this time with Mel wearing some sort of see through eye covering. Or maybe it would be my turn…..

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