Naughty Girl at work

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My morning started when I had woken Up next to my boyfriend of 3 years, who had a rock hard cock. Just feeling this pressed up against my arse turned me on. 
He hadn’t been asleep long, so I left him asleep but I thought a little play from my self would sort me out until I got home to him later. 
I slowly started to run my fingers down my pants, and I slipped my fingers between my dripping wet lips, softly flicking my clit back and forth, licking my fingers and then entering myself. 
I realised I was late for work and had to leave my self dripping with juices in my panties. 
I got to work, and the office was empty, I work for a small company and was the only one in that day- apart from my boss. 

I could still feel myself wet through my panties up my skirt. I couldn’t concentrate at work, and I realised no one was about, so I slowly ran my hands up my skirt, and let out a big moan when I had finally let my self explore my smooth tight pussy. 

I started to think out my boyfriends rock hard cock and was getting wetter and wetter, groaning louder and louder. 

At this point I didn’t think I would have realised if the office was on fire, but then I looked up and my boss was stood above me with a cheeky grin on his face and a massive hard on.

He slowly walked towards me taking off his suit jacket and shirt. He picked me up and put me on my desk and started kissing me. 

I was in complete shock and a little embarrassed, but that soon went away.  There was no talking, which made it so much more intense. I was dripping wet,  and he was rock hard as he started running his fingers down my
Body, starting to caress and kiss my tits- I let out a big groan. 
I couldnt believe this was happening, he got down on the floor with his head between my legs, and started kissing the inside of my thighs. I grabbed his head and pushed his face towards my soaking pussy. 
He gently opened my lips with his fingers, and pushed my legs further apart. He opened his mouth and started licking my wet clit, up and down. 
I couldn’t help but throw my self back onto my desk spreading my legs wider and wrapping them around his head. 
He started entering me with his fingers,  as well as flicking my clit with his warm tongue. 
It was like I was in a film, and It was so risky that some one could walk in, which made it so much more exciting. 
I was so wet and was getting closer to squirting and he got deeper with his fingers, and faster with his Tongue. 
He all of a sudden stood up, picked me up of my desk and turned me around, where he started to rub the head of his cock against my wet pussy. I was shivering with excitement, I had never felt like this before. 
He entered my pussy and my juices started to squirt out all over his round hard dick. 
I was bend over my desk, with my boss fucking me so hard and spanking my arse. As he was entering in and out i was getting louder, and was sweating all over my body with all the excitement. I was screaming him to go harder and faster, and he was pounding his big cock in and out of my wet pussy, and he was slapping against me. 
I was about to climax and turned me around and started teasing me with his tongue again, I squirted as he caught it all in his mouth. I started rubbing his wet cock where it had been in my pussy and then took it all in my mouth. 
He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock right to the back of my throat, he pulled out and came all over my face and breasts and we both just collapsed on my desk. 
I couldn’t believe what had happened, it was such a turn on we were both dripping with sweat. 
We put our clothes back on and I was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing. He let me go home early that day, but my god the next day was a bit awkward with the other staff there. 

I still think about this day, and I think he does too. But for as long as I work there I don’t think it can happen again! 

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