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Mandy was your average college freshman, young and hopeful for her future. She was fresh in to California from Georgia, leaving all the guys that had given her pleasure back in that dirty south state. Mandy had long extremely wavy brown hair, stood about 5’8″, long legs and was very shapely, a mans’ dream as most dreams go.
Mandy was into pleasure, and everything that that entails, so when she got the call from Mike, she knew what she had to do. Mike was a tall well built southern gentleman in everyway but age, he was barely 21 but fully a man. He had sandy brown hair and a cock so big it made Mandys’ mouth water.
He called a little past 8:30 that first night, Mandy had been laying in bed alone with a vibrator in her pussy, and was by this time soaking wet. She grabbed her keys and pleasure toys, and went for a drive to a secluded parking spot, and climbed into the back of her car. When she heard him on the other end she knew he had his 10″ cock out and was stroking it. He told her to pull down her pants and put one of her large dildos in her pussy, which she did with great ease b/c of her priar masterbation. Her pussy was dripping, and with every slight huff of his breath she knew she wanted more than that dildo.
Sensing her arrousal he suggested that she take the now drenched dildo and stick it into her asshole, while inserting another into her pussy. Liking the sound of that, Mandy moved until she could accomplish this, her pussy and ass were now full with two huge dildo. Mandy removed her shirt to expose her large breasts and hard nipples. As she took out the vibrator she heard him moaning and moving quite a bit. She started to moan along with him, rocking her body so that every movement pushed one of the two dildos farther into her, fucking her holes while she rubbed her hard little clit and pert nipples. She heard his breathing start to quicken and told him she wanted to talk dirty to him and have him cum down her throat. At this she heard his body stiffen and felt her body respond to this. Both of them shook with orgasms, but she wasn’t done yet.
Mandy hung up the phone, still not satisfied, replaced both large dildos with smaller ones she could keep in while she drove. She knew where to go and knew that he’d be more than happy to satisfy her needs.
Mandy headed to Rays’ new apartment, intent on getting her share of cum at somepoint during the night. When she pulled up she saw that he had a few friends over, which suited her just fine, the more the better, b/c once she got the craving for cum it was rarely satisfied by one man.
Mandy knocked on Rays’ door, and entered his living room while taking off her shirt and skirt. Her breasts bounced freely, her nipples instantly reacting to the cold apartment. Ray had two friends over.

“Perfect,” Mandy thought,”I’ll have a cock for each hole.” She smiled at this thought and then walked over to Ray and kissed him deeply.

Rays’ friends immediately knew what she was up to and moved to leave, but standing in front of the door she ordered them to strip and wait for her to do what she pleased.
Ray and all his friends did as they were told, all shedding their clothes and standing with extremely hard cocks at attention. Mandy walked around rubbing her own nipples and reaching down sometimes to lick and rub the erect pricks she had to work with.

” You will fuck my pussy first, you will put that sweet cock in my mouth, and you will put that fuck pole up my ass…then when I’ve decided it’s time we’ll switch.” As Mandy said this she pointed to the guys in turn, and watched as they became excited like dogs waiting for dinner.

Mandy walked over to Ray and pressed her ample chest against his bare sculpted chest, shivers past between them as she gently pushed him toward the bedroom, the other guys followed. Mandy pushed Ray onto the bed then lowered her sopping pussy down onto his rock hard cock in one slippery move. He yelled out a gibberish word and them his mouth fell open as her hot hole sucked him in. She motioned for the first guy to get behind her, and he did, anxious to get a piece of that sweet as. At first he slowly started pushing his head against the semi-tight hole, but as she pushed back, he realized what she wanted was him to sink his whole 9″ rod into her cheeks, and he did with a great push. She bucked on Rays’ cock and moaned loudly as her pussy and ass got fucked by two thick hot rods. Rays other friend was patientily waiting, holding his now dripping hunk of hot flesh, wanting her to tell him to finally put his cock in her waiting mouth. Mandy enjoyed sucking cock, almost more than fucking, she enjoyed cock down her throat, hot cum filling her mouth and sometimes dripping out down her naked neck and chest. She looked at this guy now, with carnal want in her eyes, she told him to come over and roughly fuck the hell out of her face, “Shove it in deep, and let me feel your balls hit my chin!” He obliged, shoving his prick into the hilt, hissing slightly at the warm wetness of her mouth.

Mandy was in heaven, she had three cocks filling her up, all of her buttons being simultaneously pushed, she could only think of all the cum she would be getting. All three men worked and bucked with her as she waited for them to fill her. Finally Ray said that he was about to cum, so she started moving faster, causing both Ray and his ass-fucking friend to spray hot threads of cum deep into her waiting ass and pussy. Seeing this happen, the guy fucking her face began to shoot his load deep into her mouth, she sucked his cock into her mouth up to the hilt and held it there until he stopped cumming, having the effect of keeping him hard.

“I want more, and I want it now!” Mandy yelled with primal tones coloring her voice. She rolled off of Ray and over onto her back and put a hand to her swollen and dripping cunt, rubbing the slit and making the men harden again. This time though, she just wanted the cum, she masterbated, and eventually they got the idea. They each took their manhood in their hands and began jacking them for all they were worth. Mandys’ moans and sighs of pleasure grew louder as she approached her self induced orgasm. Hearing her all three men started to spew hot jizum, she directed them to spray their loads on her, telling them to make her the dirty slut they all knew she was. She didn’t know why but this always made guys cum more…and that was exactly what she wanted. Eventually she commanded them to get into postions again and fuck her more. Again and Again she reconfigured the foursome, fucking and sucking all the guys many times before all of them collapsed in a heap of cum and sweat on the floor, passing out, and waking only to find themselves horny and ready again…but that’s another story.

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