Old High School Friend

It was my sophomore year in college and I was at the gym one night. I finished my workout and began towelling off as she approached me. “Ben?” she asked. I looked at her momentarily only to recall, “Emily!” She was an old high school friend. She had always been my biggest fan while I played high school sports. She loved all sports, so she wholeheartedly supported me in all I did. However, she went to another college.

Having other girlfriends in high school had prevented me from dating her, although we made out heavily at several parties our senior year. Emily had been the head cheerleader, was about 5’5″, had blonde hair and CLEARLY the best body from our high school. There may have been girls with slightly larger racks, but her ass was incomprable, and a tummy flat enought to make any man hard.

“What are you doing here?” I stammered. “I’m visiting a cousin who goes to your college,” she replied, “But she bailed on me tonight so I’m kinda s.o.l…” I asked, “Do you even have anywhere to go and shower off and change?” I finished packing my bag as she answered,” No, but what are the odds of running into you here?”

“I know, I haven’t seen you since your graduation party…Man that was a fun one!” I said. “Definetely,” she siad, blushing while remembering our make out session… “Why don’t you come back to my place? You can shower off and change there,” I said, only to get a quick response, “SURE!”

After making back to my aprtment, she showered first and changed into a pair of tight sweatpants and a mid-riff revealing spaghetti strap top, while going braless. I told her to watch some t.v. while I showered.

Living in an apart ment alone leads me to leave my bathroom door open while I showered. I undressed in my bedroom and walked into the bathroom and got into the steaming shower. I washed off and felt the burn of my workout fade away. Leaving the door open meant I didn’t hear Emily walk into the bathroom.

I turned off the water and reached for my towel, only to see Emily sizing me up through the glass door of the shower. “Woah, you kinda snuck up on me, Emily.” “I know, but I’ve wanted you since we first fooled around!” she replied as she shed her top and those form fitting sweat pants.

I was shocked at the sight of her gorgeous rack. She stepped into the shower and turned the water back on. As she drew close to me I leaned in and kissed her passionately and ran my hands across the thong barely there between her glorious cheeks. As our tongues explored each others’ mouths she placed a hand between us and slowly wrapped her fingers around my hardening cock.

“I’ve wanted this for so long!” She said as she knelt in front of me preparing for what I knew would blow my mind! She slowly kissed the head of my member as she began rubbing her pussy through her panties. She bobbed up and down my shaft, taking more and more with each thrust. Before I knew what hit me she deep throated me, taking the full length of my cock.

I brushed her wet hair away from her face and bent over to play with her tits. I moved back and forth, caressing both nipples, all while Emily continued to rock my universe with a blow job. She pulled back off of my cock for a brief pause and then kissed slowly up and down the sides of my member, only to deep throat me once more, pushing me close to the edge. “Oh God! Here it comes Emily!” “I want it all over my face baby!” Just as she finished that phrase she went to jacking my cock. The first spurt streamed across her forehead and landed in her hair. As I shot stream after stream of cum all over Emily’s face she just continued to rub her pussy and moan sensually, enjoying it just as much as I did.

She turned into the flow of water washing all of my cum from her face. She bent over and placed her knees together, giving me a perfect view of her heart shaped, heavenly ass. She slowly wrapped a thumb inside each side of her black thong and dragged it down to her ankles. As I grabbed two handfuls of the ass I had lusted after for years, my cock grew hard immediately.

She looked over her shoulder as she braced herself against the wall, “I want you to fuck me from behind!” She reached a hand between her legs and slowly guided my hungry member into her tight twat. She must have waited for me since we graduated, because Damn she was tight! I grabbed her hips and slowly pumped deeper and deeper inside her. She rubbed her clit as I sped up my rhythm.

“Oh god! You’re so big!” She moaned louder and louder only to lean back and yell, “Oh, don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m about to……AAAAAAHHHHHH YESSSS” I felt her tight pussy tighten even more around my rod as she came hard. Her juices flowed down my cock, lubing me for an even faster pumping. She looked over her shoulder and said, “now I want you to fuck me as hard as you can,” as she bit her lip anticipating another orgasm.

At this point I threw caution to the wind and pounded her pussy relentlessly. My balls slapped against her lips as she began to rub her clit once more. The faster pace was quickly pushing me to climax. I thrust completely into Emily’s twat as she came once more. The tightening of her pussy pushed me to the edge. I pulled back and spilled my load across her tanned ass. As I pumped my cock, releasing the final drops of cum on her beautiful ass. She turned around and licked the final drop off the tip of my cock to get one more taste of me.
We cut off the water and dried off. She threw on her sweatpants and I just put on a pair of gym shorts. We collapsed onto my bed before she even put on a shirt.

I awoke a few hours later with a beautiful rack directly in front of my face. “I want some more of you big boy! This time i want it in my ass.” I took one nipple into my mouth as I fondled the other with my hand. She rolled off of me and told me, “Off with the shorts,” while she removed her pants for a second time.

When she returned to the bed she proceeded between my legs in order to lube me for her tight little asshole. this time the blow job ended as she told me, “Okay, wet enough, I want it in my ass now!” I stood up as she bent over the edge of the bed in order to brace herself. She reached back and spread her cheeks. I slowly pressed the head of my cock into her tight little hole. I held her cheeks as she bent over further and got ready for an anal pounding.

I slowly pushed more and more of my dick into her ass, stretching her hole as I went. as I finally inserted the final inch of my dick, she moaned, “Oh god! I want it now!” I slowly began pumping in and out of her ass. As I started my pumping I reached around and fingered her clit, sending a shiver through Emily’s body. She took over the fingering, allowing me to focus entirely on making her ass my territory. As my thrusts increased in speed she pressed more and more against me until our hips were in rhythm. Her moans grew more and more sensual, seeming to rock her entire body.

I couldn’t belive I was actually inside this ass. My fantasies had come true. Realizing this, I let go of all restraint. I punded her ass as hard as I could. My balls slapped heavily against her pussy. Her moans echoed in my head. I realized I could’nt last much longer at this pace and told Emily. She respnded, “Ohhhhhhh, cum in my asss!” I only made it a few more thrusts before I felt a familar tightening in my balls. I puushed as deep as I could before blowing my load inside Emily’s ass.

As I finished she turned around and sucked my cock one final time, tasting both my cum and her own ass.

“Oh god! Well worth the wait!” she said

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    if this is your first story– wow!!! I am wet just thinking about it. some of the stories here are so outlandish but this one is beleiveable and maybe I need to start looking at the old college gyms a little more

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