Oldest Daughter

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I was only 18 when Dawn was born, then I went off to war. Divorced while away. Came back a wreck ,was a loner for years.
When I was 36, got a letter from Dawn saying that she wanted to meet me.
Well I answered and we met, she told me that her mother died the year before and it was only her and me now.
She was beautiful and I was turned on by her, but I kept saying to myself, hey , you can not get turned on by your daughter.
We went to the beach one day and she wore a tiny bikinni and I got really turned on and told her that the bathing suit was way too small.
She laughed and said most men would love it. I saw well I do and that is the problem.
Dawn asked if she turned me on and I said yes. She smiled and said , so what is wrong with that?

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  1. Anonymous

    So what happen then?

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