One hot night

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This happened about 14 years ago at the Cleghorn area in SoCal. This was a VERY cruisey area {it may still be} And yes it’s true.
Let me start by saying I’m a straight married guy but sometimes just want some man to man action I can’t explain it I just love to feel a hard cock in my mouth now and then. My wife was visiting her sister for the weekend so was I free to indulge in my secret life.

I had been there for about an hour it was about 1:30am and very dark I walked the trails watching the dark shapes of men doing all sorts hot activities sucking,fucking or just standing together jacking off I joined in a couple of times but wanted more. I was there to give and hopefully receive some head. I came to a small clearing near the road and watched a group of guys playing with each other. I leaned on a car near them and started to play with myself when a guy came close said hi and started to stroke his cock after a few minutes he reached over and started to play with me so I returned the favor {he had a perfect cock to suck, long and thin}this led to us trading blow jobs for awhile until it became too much for me. I told him I was going to cum if he didn’t stop, he responded by sucking even faster and pushed me right over the edge I came hard and he swallowed my entire load. After I could think again I asked if I could help him cum too but he just said ‘no that’s OK’ and walked off into the darkness{he was hoping to fuck me but I just wasn’t ready for that}.
By this time it was close to 3 am and I was about to move on when a camper-van pulled up in the small clearing where we talking and playing. He turned off his headlights before he pulled in so we knew he was also there to play, he sat in his van for some time. I was still coming down from the great blow job I just received and it was too soon for me to get another hard-on but I wasn’t ready to call it a night.
I hoped to find one more hard cock to suck, that’s when the van door opened a man got out and began to walk toward the small group of us he stopped near me and asked what time it was? This was a common thing to ask I guess to see how friendly a person is, so I told him he then said how are things going tonight?
I decided to be direct so I said ‘It’s going great I just got a fantastic blow job’ how about you? My answer didn’t seem to faze him he explained his wife was curious and wanted to see a man suck another man. I told him I’d be happy to show her but he said no he did not want to be part of it. so I quickly looked around for my blow job buddy but didn’t see him in the darkness and not wanting to let this chance slip by I quickly walked around the group of men looking for a single guy to ask if he wanted to be part of the show not seeing one I went up to a twosome thinking one or both may be interested but as I neared them one dropped to his knees so I didn’t interrupt them and went back to the van to see if would follow me up the road to another clearing that I was at earlier in the night.
When I got to the van the man and his wife had gotten into the back, he was nude and she was naked from the waist down laying on her back on the small bed with her jacket covering her face. I told him I could not find anybody he said that was ok and did I want to watch? I quietly said yes {inside I was screaming fuck ya!} the bed was low so the man got down on his knees then reached up and turned on a small overhead map light this was the first time I got to see him, he was dark skinned with a toned body, scruff of a beard and a fine looking hard on about 7in long and thick. She was trim with a mostly shaved pussy and a ‘landing strip’ of hair she pulled her knees up as he got into place letting me see her beautiful pink pussy, he placed the head of his hard cock between her lips and whispered to me ‘isn’t that a beautiful sight’? I whispered back ‘yes, very beautiful’ he slowly began to push his head in and said ‘she could be a little wetter’ taking my cue I leaned over and began to lick her clit and the top part of her pussy down to his cock. Remembering his reluctance to be sucked I said ‘I’ll try not to touch your dick’ quietly he whispered ‘that’s Ok’ with that I began to lick both her pussy and his hard cock as it slid in and out. As she became more lubricated he started to slide the length of his cock steadily faster. At times I would lift my head up to watch to show in front of me, she still had her top on and her face covered but now was moving her hips in time with his thrusts. Damn this was hot! I lowered my face to resume my licking when his cocked popped out of her and almost into my mouth so I gave him a quick suck and pointed his cock back in to her from then on about every 10 strokes he’d pop out and into my mouth I was in fucking heaven!
This went on for about 30 minutes or so, he began to thrust faster and faster then several hard pumps and he came inside of her. He rested for a moment then reached up and turned off the map light and moved away I quickly asked if I could lick her he said ‘now?’ then said ‘sure,if you want’ I moved into his spot and began to lick her well fucked pussy she started to move her hips again and began to moan. She was really getting it to it and tossed the jacket covering her face aside I felt the her nub of her clit under my tongue and just let her enjoy herself as she moved her hips up and down I could taste his cum as it came out of her it was a dizzying mixture of tastes I pushed my tongue as far as I could in to her she responded by taking off her top and pulling on her nipples soon after she began to buck her hips I just let my tongue slid from her clit all the way down to her little asshole after several minutes she pushed my head on to her clit and orgasmed. Through all of this she never said a word. My face was smeared with their juices.

I quietly said goodbye went back to my truck where I replayed what just happened as I stroked myself I looked over to see a tall thin guy watching me he opened the door leaned over started to suck and stroke me as I jacked him at the same time, I came in his mouth causing him to come all over my hand. What a memorable night it had been! I still think about it to this day.
I know this sounds unbelievable but I swear it’s all true.

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