one night stand

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She pulled him into her room, her fingers sliding like snakes over his bare skin under
his shirt. Fingers gathering his shirt till it slipped off his body to land on the floor. her lips like
fire crept up his bare chest and to his mouth crushing, nibbling and pulling at it till she hears
a light moan escape. Then the fire crawls down to his neck and feasts on its soft tendons.
This weakens him so he stumbles back to the bed and sits with his legs comfortably astride
it, her between them. His hands rest lightly on her hips, his fingers slowly move beneath her
shirt, lifting it off her shoulders. Her fingers reach for the top of his jeans, seeking to free
him. Feeling its heat as she works the zipper open, he lets out a guttural moan as her fingers lightly brush against him. Taking his jeans the rest of the way off and to the floor, his fingers
creep up her calves, thighs, hips, working the skirt up, unzipping it and taking it off her. He
lifts his mouth up slowly to devour hers. Meanwhile, she lifts herself to straddle him, her thighs instantly afire from the burning heat beneath them. She let out a contented moan as she settled herself on him. His hands came up to cup her generous breasts, his fingers stroking and caressing
her taunt nipples. She pushed his chest down to the bed, trailing her fingers along his muscles, swirling fingernails over his flat belly and teasing dark curls of hair. she moved her hips slowly sliding over his body, tightened her muscles as she eased herself down on him. She felt him
deep inside her, growing, thickening, responding to her movements. She began a slow ride, arching back to giving him a good view of her ample breasts swaying in temptation. She experimented, tightening her muscles as she moved back and forth and slid along the length
of him, faster and harder until she opened her eyes and saw the naked passion on his face. Her breasts moved invitingly with every surge of her hips. She rode him hard, her breath hitching,
a soft sound escaped her throat. He caught her hips in his hands, holding her while he took
over the pace, serging into her, guiding her movements so that her body fisted around his.
Velvet soft, fiery hot, a liquid flame wrapped tightly around him. She threw her head back, moaned his name while her body rippled with strength and life around his, driving him over
the edge with her. She bent down to kiss him, causing her muscles to tighten round him,
mashing her soft breasts into his chest. Then she slid her body from his and lay beside him,
curled protectively underneath his arm and next to his still rapidly beating heart.

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