Peek a boo

One afternoon I returned earlier than usual to my ground floor flat and I noticed something move outside of my window and on further investigation I could see a older man with a dog on a leash he looked to be around sixty or so and he was not actually in my backyard but the next one over. The back yard to my apartment is not large only about fifteen feet wide and it is available to all the tenants for their use but I have never seen anyone using it. At first I thought it may be one of them but then I noticed he was actually in the adjacent yard, I thought no more of this until I noticed him more often almost on a daily routine which I thought not unusual as some folks do walk their dogs daily and around the same time. I should explain the lay out to my flat, you enter it directly into my living room and to the left as you enter is the bathroom, the room has two windows facing the backyard with a small table between them and to the right of them is the kitchen and a doorway to my bedroom, so in order for me to go from my bedroom to the bathroom I have to walk across the living area and across the front of the two windows.

My work schedule has me working at different times of the day and decided to note how often when I was home he was there with his dog noting it was quite regular around nine in the morning, three in the afternoon and again around seven in the evening. He tended to start at the far end of his yard and then walk around to the fence closest to my window where he would stop for a while before leaving again. On more than one occasion I noticed him looking directly into my flat which bugged me at first as I only have sheer curtains up to let light into the room. Then one day I went out into the garden and looked back at my windows to see just how much he could see and to my surprise I could actually see quite clearly the painting on the back wall across from the windows, so looking in the window he would see things clearly.

About two weeks after I first noticed him I decided to play a game with my old admirer I could see his reflection in my TV monitor like a fuzzy shadow but it did allow me to see what he was doing. So after seeing him stop and looking in my window I walked across the room and started to take my top off as though I was going to change my cloths and I noticed him looking toward his house like he was looking to see if anyone was watching him, then he would look back at my window. I never realised how much of an exhibitionist I was and how it excited me to show my body off to others, pulling my top off and undoing skirt and letting it drop to the floor I walked across the room from the kitchen to the bathroom in just my panties and bra.

God it was so exciting knowing someone was watching me that as soon as I was in the room I could feel my nipples tingling and my panties getting wet. From the bathroom doorway I looked back see his reflection in the TV monitor and I watched as he stood there looking back and forth between my window and his place. He must have stood there for about five minutes then I watched him turn and walk back to his house.

Over the next few days I could not get the thought of going further with my game and decided that for my next show I would go all the way and give him a full nude showing so on the Thursday evening I watched as he came out to walk his dog and as he came over to my end of his yard he stopped as usual. I started to shake as I went across the room again pulling my top off, and as I did I stood as though I was watching something on the TV then bent over and removed my leggings slipping my thumbs into the waistband and pushed them down my hips and then I let them drop to the floor.

I was standing with my back to the windows with just my bra and thong on knowing he was getting a good view of my bum as I reach around and unclipped my bra and threw it on to the chair. I have small boobies (I am 5′ 2″, shave my mound daily, and have a 32 bust) and my nipples were poking way out when I slowly slipped my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my thong and leaned over lifting one leg I stepped out of it and then let them fall to the ground before turning and walking to the table by the window where I had placed my coffee cup. Lifting the cup to my mouth I knew he was getting a full frontal as I stood there with the cup at my mouth, then placing the cup back onto the table I turned and walked to the bathroom entered and closed the door, with my back to the door I shoved two fingers into my pussy rubbing myself to a wonderful climax.

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  1. emma in panties

    yes, yes, more, i need more, you as so sexy doing the naked thing, i wished it was me watch you, yes, horny

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  2. ron.long55

    I love the story, I think I am going to have to start walking my dog more often.

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