Pleasing my Neighbors Wife

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Last week, I overheard my neighbors, Alan and Sherie, arguing about sex. I had gotten a little kitten and when I opened the sliding glass door to put the trash out, he ran out. He ran under the fence in between our yards. I quietly jumped the fence and grabbed him. That’s when I heard them through their open bedroom window. “Maybe if you lost about 100 pounds, I could get it up!” I heard Alan say.” As it is, you’re so fat, I doubt any man could get hard for you!” “I can’t help it!” she said, “I’ve had three kids.” “Yeah, well you ate a hell of a lot of ice cream tonight and don’t think that didn’t go straight to that fat ass of yours!” he spit at her. I went back to my house thinking what an asshole he was. She was overweight, that’s for sure, but she was pretty and had monserous tits. I kind of forgot about it after a couple of days, but when I saw her walking her kids to the bus stop to wait for the school bus, I hatched a plan. I grabbed a pair of my shortest gym shorts and put them on. Now, I have a ridiculously large cock, 14 inches long when hard and about 8 inches or so when soft. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and my cock was hanging a good 4 or 5 inches out of the bottom of my shorts. I waited until she dropped the kids of and then walked outside to my car, timing it so she would be right in front of my house. “Hey Sherie!” I said and waved. “Morning, John.” she said. I pretended to drop my keys and squated down to get them, alllowing my cock to slide out even more. When I stood back up she was smiling and looking at my exposed cock. “Uhm, John, I think you better check your shorts. Your, aahhmm, dick is sticking way, way, WAY out!” ” Oops!” I said as I tucked it back in. It immediately flopped out of the other side. “That didn’t do any good!” she said, pointing to my cock. “I think it’s just too darn big for those shorts.” I grinned and said,” Oh come on, I’m sure Alan’s is bigger.” knowing full well that it wasn’t. She laughed sarcastically and said,” Alan’s dick is nowhere near as big as yours!” ” Well, I always thought that mine was just average.” I said. “I heard that average was 6 inches and I know that Alan’s is not even that big, maybe 4 1/2 or so.” she said. “You have more than that hanging out of your shorts!” She was up in my driveway now, standing close to me and looking at my cock that was still dangling out of my shorts. I had become aroused and my cock had gotten a little puffy and was about 10 inches long. I glanced down and saw that about 8 inches or so were visible. “Sherie,” I said. “I have a confession to make. I overheard you and Alan talking the other night and he said something that was flat out wrong. I would have no problem getting hard for you and if you want to see how big this cock can get, I’ll be inside!” I went into my house but kept the door open. She was standing in the driveway, looking at me. I decided that she needed a little coaxing, so I took my shirt and shorts off adnstood naked facing her. I grabbed my cock and wiggled it around. “This could be all yours!” I told her. She was in the house in a flash and before I knew it she was sucking my cock. It got hard real quick and she said,”Oh, John, I want you to fuck me!” She took her clothes off and I admired her huge jugs. I sucked and nibbled on her big nipples as I slid a finger into her dripping wet pussy. She laid back on the floor and I kissed my way down her fat tummy all the way to her hairy twat.She had a big, meaty pussy that was surrounded by a thick patch of pubes. Her inner lips hung way out and she had a big clit. I ate her pussy until she came, licking and sucking her clit and every once in a while, sticking my tongue far into her hole. I moved up and rubbed the tip of my cock against her big, wet pussy. “Stop teasing me and stick it in!” she said. I very slowly slid my cock into her loose twat until it was fully inside. I slowly withdrew it. I did this a few times and she demanded that I go faster. I began pumping her silly and she came a couple of times. All of a sudden she said,” John! Don’t come inside of me! Alan got a vasectomy after our third child, and I’m not on birth control!” I told her to relax and that I would pull it out. I fucked her good for a little while and felt my orgasm building. “Oh yeah, Sherie, I’m gonna cum!” I told her. I pulled my cock out and she grabbed it and jacked my off as I shot my load on her big tits. She squeezed her tits together and I took my cock and thwacked each of her boobs like a drum. She giggled and said,”You know, John, I have never slept with anybody besides Alan. Thanks for showing me what fucking is all about.” I told her that anytime she wanted a real man, just come on over and I will give her 14 inches of cock!!

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  1. Wayne Cleveland

    I thought I was the only one to fuck my fat neighbor ladies… shhhhh…Wc

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