PokeHer Night

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Usually the first Friday night of the Month is Poker
Night. I invite several of the guys over to play cards
and the wife goes out with her friends and by the
time she comes home the game has wrapped up and the
guys are heading home.

A couple of months ago my wife came home early
explaining that she had an argument with one of her
friends and decided to come home early. I was a little
annoyed by her early arrival, when the women are not
around us guys tend to talk about our wives and sex and
many topics that now would be taboo in front of a lady.
But, since my wife is well endowed and her short skirt
and braless tits where on display the other guys didn’t
seem to care too much.

Carla was already a bit tipsy when she came home and
it wasn’t long before she fixed herself a drink and
joined us at the table. After a couple of hands of cards
she was starting to get drunk.

When Carla gets drunk she gets horny. Before long she was
leaning on me and groping me and talking raunchy. I could
tell by looking around the table at the other 5 guys
that they were getting horny themselves. Seeing the guys
devour my wife with their eyes really made he hard.
I couldn’t believe the thought running through my head!

I began to tease her and rub her legs and pussy through
her stockings under the table. After awhile I left the table
to go to the restroom, when I returned she gave me an impish
grin and I noticed her stockings were sitting on the table in
front of my chair. Looking around the table I could tell the
others were really getting hard and were having a hard time
controlling themselves. I smiled and as I walked to my seat
I realized that Joe sitting right beside her and Jimmy on
the other side of me must have gotten quite a show as my
drunk wife took off her hosiery. I looked over at Joe
after I sat down and gave him a wink.

While Bill across the table dealt the next hand I reached
down under her skirt and began fingering her wet pussy. In
seconds she was so wet that her cunt was making a wet smacking
sound as my finger moved in and out of her.

Carla, in ecstasy, asked me to take her up and fuck
her to death. I thought the guys were going to lose it
right then and there. Instead I told her to get on the table
and strip for us. Her eyes widened and she looked at me in
disbelief. She thought about it for a moment and said that
there was no way she could take all of us on in one night
and she was sure that is what would happen if she took the
rest of her clothes off. So I asked her how many she thought
she could take on at once.

Since we had never even come close to doing this in the past
I figured she would back down and leave embarrassed. She shocked
me and said no more than 3 total. I was momentarily speechless.
As I tried to think of what to do next I looked around the
table at the guys and could tell they were ready to fuck Carla
raw. So I finally proposed that we play one hand of cards and
the top 3 hands would get the chance to fuck my wife. As the hand
was dealt it dawned on me that I should have said the best 2
hands so I could be one of the 3.

I knew then that I had to be one of the winning hands,
there was no way I was gonna miss this! The hand was tense
and the excitement was thick enough to cut with a knife. When
the hand was over Fred, Bill and Joe had the top hands. I was
kind of in a daze as I escorted Jim and Tony to the door and bid
them good night and got assurances that they would keep their
mouths shut.

When I returned to the game room Carla was already sitting on
the card table with her top off and her skirt hiked up. Fred
and Joe had their dicks out stroking and Bill already had his face
buried in her wet pussy. I ran for the camcorder! I figured if
I wasn’t gonna be in the orgy I was gonna record it for posterity
and masturbation!

In seconds my wife transformed from a conservative house wife
to a wanton slut. With her hips thrusting into Bills face she
grabbed Joe’s cock and pulled him closer and began sucking the head
of his dick. Fred moved in and began rubbing and squeezing her tits
as she began to moan. Carla cried out and I knew she had just
cum all over Bill’s face and fingers. As she sat there on the edge
of the table trembling she inhaled Joes 7 inch cock taking him
all the way into her throat, Joe’s eye bulged and nearly popped
out as he explode instantly, Carla gagged on the huge load but
swallowed nearly all of it just a small stream oozing down her chin.

At about this time she realized what was happening and for a brief
second a look of fear crossed her face. At this I quickly told her
how hot this was and asked what she wanted next. She looked at me
with a blank expression so I quickly took on the roll as “director”
and began setting things up. I had her lay on the table face down
and positioned Bill’s cock in her face and told Fred her pussy
was all his that he should fuck her hard. With my wife being pounded
in the pussy and being throat fucked at the same time I could barel
y hold the cam steady.

After several minutes Fred pulled his dick out of her mouth and
shot his thick stream of cum all over her face, this was more than
enough to send her over the edge and she violently came all over
Bill’s thrusting cock. Bill’s cock couldn’t take the squeezing orgasm
and whipped his cock out of her pussy and shot his wad all over her
ass and back.

While the three of them shivered and panted, Joe with his cock
fully revived asked if it was his turn. To my utter amazement Carla
raised her head looked over at him smiled and told him to fuck her
up the ass! Now I have to explain that we very seldom ever do anal
sex and her ass is very tight and it is usually painful for her at
the beginning and Joes dick was at least an inch longer and was also
bigger around than mine. Never the less when he placed the head of
his cock against her rose bud she thrust back on it in and in one
fast move he was balls deep in my wife’s ass. She moaned loudly and
I thought she was gonna cum right then and there. She was amazing.
She soon asked if Fred wanted to fuck her pussy while Joe was in her ass.

My cock was so hard at this point I finally took it out and began stroking.
Joe pulled his cock out of Carla’s ass and sat in a chair and guided
her to sit back on his dick facing away from him. With Joe’s cock
back deep in her ass Fred grabbed some seat cushions and place them
in front of the chair and dropped to his knees on them bringing his
fat cock to the perfect height to enter my wife’s pussy, and that’s
exactly what he did. With two cocks in my wife she let out a moan that
nearly ended as a scream. I asked if she was ok and she replied by telling
me to fuck her face. I handed the cam to Bill who was still recouping
and grabbed my wife by the hair and rammed my cock down her throat.

I couldn’t take much and ended up Cumming in her mouth and pulling out
and finishing the last spurts on her face, she was in another time zone
as she bobbed up and down rhythmically on Joe’s cock while being
pounded in her pussy by Fred trying desperately to keep a rhythm. Joe
finally shot his load in her tight ass and she screamed with the orgasm
his load brought on. Fred wasn’t far behind as he nearly passed out
from his orgasm.

They all fell to the floor panting. I took the cam back from Bill
and told him to pick a hole and f
uck her again. Bill with out hesitation
dropped to his knees and began fucking Carla’s stretched cum soaked ass.
She convulsed and trembled and moaned but Billy managed to stay on and
pumped the hell out of her till she nearly passed out sensing her sensory
overload he pulled out flipped her over and
rammed it into her pussy hard
and fast and in seconds she was bouncing off the floor in orgasm and he
was moaning in ectasy as he filled her cunt with cum.

We all sat around just relaxing in the moment for nearly twenty minutes.
Finally Carla got up and went into the bathroom. While she was gone the
guys and I talked and couldn’t believe what had just happened. Just talking
about it got us all hard again and hen she returned from the bathroom she
saw all of out hard cocks in the air and turned around and left again.
I figured she was done for the night and was gitting while the gitting
was good. Instead she return shortly with a couple wet washcloths and
towels. She lined us up and we scrubbed down. Then she said she was
gonna give us the guys a Blowjob before they left!

Bill as usual was first and since he had already pooped off twice it
took several long minutes before he was able to shoot off in her mouth.
To her credit she moaned and swallowed every drop. Her lips had to be
sore by this point but she kept right on going and moved over to Joe’s
cock. While Bill got dressed and left she took on Joes cock. She sucked
and massaged and suck but to Joe’s dismay he was completely drained and
couldn’t even manage a dry spurt and soon lost his erection. Carla shrugged
off his embarrassment and took it as a compliment that she had fucked his
so completely. Joe quickly dressed and left.

Fred was sitting there at the end of the couch with his cock hard
and ready, he asked her if he could try her ass since he was the only one
beside me that didn’t get to. She looked at us both stood up and left the
room. Fred thinking he had offended her stood and began to gather his
clothes. When Carla walked back in the room carrying a small tub of Vaseline
I thought he was gonna cum on him self. She dug a finger into the vaselin
and rubbed it all over his cock in a sensual hand job. Then she handed the
tub to me and aked me to lube her ass up. As she kneeled and bent over the
couch I spread the lube all over her ass hole and gently probed inside making
sure she was fully lubricated. I backed away and nodded to Fred, he dropped
to his knees and slowly entered he ass. I grabbed the cam and leaned right
ion getting close-ups of his cock sliding in and out of her ass.

It got me so hard that I put the cam down and stroked my dick waiting
my turn. Fred seemed to last forever and after two of her orgasms finally
relented and shot his load deep into her ass. He backed away sweaty and spent,
collapsed against the couch and looked up at me and said “your turn!”
I kneeled down and entered her pussy for the first time that night giving
her abused ass a rest. I couldn’t believe how sloppy her pussy felt with
the cum of other guys in her. For the first time in my life I truly
understood the term sloppy seconds! The more I thought of it the harder I
pumped her wet dripping pussy. I hammered her so hard that she was crying
out in pleasure and the cum filling her cunt was splashing out against my
thighs. I continued to pound her and after several minutes I shot what has
to be one of the biggest loads have ever shot deep into her sloppy cunt.

I nearly lost control as I whipped her around and pushed my cum soaked
cock into her mouth. She giggled and sucked my cock clean.

As she finished up on my soft cock I looked around and realized that
Fred was gone. We were so wrapped up in our sex that we didn’t even see him leave.
The next morning my email box was full of mail from all of the guys
including from Jim and Tony asking for details. Carla read them over my
shoulder and told me to tell them that she’ll see them all at next month’s
game. The very next month we didn’t even open the cards and she took us
all on and loved every minute of it.

Who would of thought my conservative wife and mother of two would become
the gang bang slut she is today.

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    Great story. It definitly got me stoking my cock and blowing a nice big load. Thanks!!!!

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