Pool Hall Buddy

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The first time we met we had answered an ad on craigslist in our search for a partner to add to our already awesome sex life.
We agreed to meet at a local pub where we play pool and enjoy a beer or two. We arrived first and had settled in when he came in. My wife (Beth) commented first on the fact that he was cute but young. After a couple of games and a beer or two we invited him back him for some 420 action and to see where thing might lead.
Things began slow at around 9 pm, Before too long all inhibitions were gone and a fuck fest ensued. We took turns taking her orally, vaginally and anally. By the end of our first session three hours later the count was, us men 10 orgasms to her 12 or 14.
Her recovery time was about three days and much soreness of all regions.
Two weeks later round two repeated session one and it too was awesome.
Night before last we had session 3 and things really went into overdrive. We began around 9 pm and finished the next morning around 10 am. We took turns eating her, fucking her and trying our best to wear her out. Cum was dripping from her pussy, ass and her belly was filled by time we finished. We also had our first DP with our friend and now she wants additional repeats of that night. I am only too willing to oblige her. I think we have awakened the sleeping slut inside of her.
I love the change. she says that her pussy is hungry for more cock. we are making plans for a night of out of this world sex with two other couples and I hope that Beth will be fucked until she can not move.
By the way my lovely wife is 5’5″, 140lbs. and has the tightest pussy I have ever been in and her tits are a perfect 36b with no sag and stand tall and proud. She also has an ass made to be pounded long and deep.
We are also planning on her first BBC. I can’t wait to see her dripping with his load too.,but that will be a future story.

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