Rainy Fuck

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It was storming..raining hard. It was hot and humid and I was soaked from head to toe in rainwater.

Closing my eyes and imagining his voice.. his warm breath against my body and his hands.. his hands all over me..I enjoyed the rain making my nipples noticeable through my wet t-shirt, and my lips slightly parting at the thought of him.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass, under my skirt, grabbing me. I licked my lips. I loved how his hand patted at my little booty and neared my cunt.

I turned around to kiss him. He smirked at me and I had to get on my tippy toes to kiss him. (Me being 5’3″ and him being 6’5″) Our tongues twirled and played and he picked me up in his arms to take me away from the rain.

We ended up at his house. His parents weren’t home. Right away he tackled me on the couch. Our clothes soon after vanished. He kissed every inch of my body… his lips soft and his tongue hot and wet. I moaned each time he neared my pussy, longing to be touched.

Slowly his tongue licked at my pussy lips, teasing and teasing me until I was about screaming for him. I whimpered.

I wanted his cock. MMmmm… His huge, hard cock…
He spread my legs wider and slid just the head of his shaft inside of my soaking wet cunt. I moaned for more but all he said was “nuh uh deanna…” and slid it out.

He rubbed my clit up and down with his cock and then again teased me, but sliding more of his hard shaft inside me this time. My body quivered for more. The rain rushed down the window as if to feel my passion.

Slowly he thrust himself inside of my warm, tight little pussy… inch by inch.. and I loved every second of it.
He was so hard and with each thrust my whole body quivered in pleasure.
The bed shook and the whole world seemed to stop as we both came…
I let him cum inside me.. to feel him shoot his hot cum into my cunt was all I wanted.. But suddenly..
He pinched my ass hard..
and told me to get up
and bend over.
I hadn’t seen him like that before,
but his beautiful blue eyes made me want to.
I stood up and bent over.. my luscious little ass in his face.
I wiggled it a little for him and he spanked me.
He spanked me until my tender ass was nice and red.
He told me i was a good little slut and then I felt his cock..
His cock slowly entering my tight, hot little asshole.
i moaned out in the pain and pleasure…
As his cock went deeper into me, the pain intensified..
he started fucking me harder.. and harder… his cock so hard inside of me….
and i couldnt help but play with my pussy as he did so.
both my pussy and my ass being fucked, i wanted to cum oh so badly..
but as soon as he could see that i wanted to cum.. he spanked me so hard i almost cried.
“No, you dirty little slut..”
I stopped playing with myself.. but he could tell I was starting to love getting fucked up the ass by the way I moaned.
My pussy was dripping with precum.. I could feel my juice down the inside of my thighs.

He suddenly stopped fucking me.
“What do you want, you whore?”

He turned me around and I looked down at the ground, suddenly ashamed of myself for wanting to cum so badly.
His long, thick fingers pushed my chin up so gently.. unlike his huge cock that fucked me.

“Tell me what you want.”

I looked into his eyes.. They were alluring.. they were beautiful. I stared into them. I felt small looking up at him.

“You– you’re… I want you..”

“You want me? Don’t fucking lie to me.. You want me to eat you out, right? My monster of a tongue.. lapping away at your sweet little honey hole….. ”


He slapped me across my cheek and came up to my ear, lifting my hair. His warm tongue kissed my ear.
Then he whispered. I bit my lip with his hot breath in my ear, going to my neck slowly.

“Bitch, if you want me so bad.. you’ll like this..”

He pushed me down onto the couch, looking into my eyes with wonderous power and lust.

He slipped a blindfold onto my head. I wondered what he was going to do, but was so desperate that I didn’t care what.
He spread my soft thighs and i felt his hot breath all over my pussy. My whole body quivered as the tip of his tongue teased my little hard clit. Then he slowly slid his tongue into my pussy, in and out… and then he sucked my clit until I came all over his face. “Mmmmmmm,” he said, lustily. “You taste so good.”

I heard him walk out of the room and when he came back, he put a vibrator on my clit on low for a very long time. The pleasure was so intense my body went crazy. I squirmed but he still wouldnt turn it up.
Suddenly it was on high and I came yet again.

“You are just a cum loving whore aren’t you?”

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  1. texas

    up the shit don’t bother reading it.

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