Returning Home Away From Home

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Returning Home Away From Home.

She was 21 and had been away from home for two years when she called to ask if she could come to stay for a few days, and then was meeting her boyfriend at the airport to go east for her first trip to the Big Apple.

As we chit chatted and brought each other up to date on the way to my patio home, I realized that she had indeed matured quite a bit. She no longer had that little girl approach and wide eyed wonder at things. She had become quite a beautiful woman. When she left her Mother and me, she was somewhat awkward, certainly not yet exposed to the world at large, and was very naïve. Now, as we drove, she had the confidence of a young woman who knows what she does to men, and had become rather sophisticated. I was quite impressed.

Her Mother and I had separated shortly after she left. I will always love her. Although only her step Dad, I had grave misgivings about letting her go off on her own to L.A. Her Mother and I had discussed every possible bad situation that could develop. At first, her Mother called her twice a day to be assured that she was alright, even though she was living with her oldest sister, who was married with children. She obtained a job in a high end clothing store in Encino. I thought for sure, she would become a ‘valley girl’. It didn’t happen. She was so dedicated and responsible that she was soon made the local store manager.

As I waited in the car at the curb for her, I was not prepared for what I saw. Needless to say she carried herself with great poise and had morphed into a ‘hottie’. As we drove, I kept glancing at her as we talked and realized that she also dressed in a very sophisticated mode now. Gone were the baggy tops, torn jeans, sloppy hair style, and no makeup. For just an hour flight, she had on a nice tank top, a short mini-skirt, very classy black ‘pumps’, The clothes certainly added a new dimension to her that I had never seen in her over the past 6 years. So, being exposed to the ‘jet setters’ in LA had left its’ mark on her. Even her scruffy, long, un-attended to brown mousy hair, was now styled, trimmed in length and framed her face to accent her tanned skin, and a pretty pink shade of lipstick. Quite a transformation from the unruly, know it all that she was when she left. I was duly impressed and I told her so in a nice sort of way. That’s when she told me that her boyfriend was the Regional Manager, and she had been ‘rooming’ with him for the past 4 months. She was 21 years old, what was I to say? I lived with her Mother for 2 years before we married.

We got to my home, settled her in the second bedroom, and as she unpacked she said she’d really like to get in the pool to relax a bit. I zipped into my bedroom changed into my swim suit, and was about to go through the slider out to the pool, when she called to me. I was in the doorway as she was fastening the bikini top over her ample tits. I was pleasantly surprised at the size and firmness. As she turned to face me, I was staring at her naked from the waste down. Her comment took my breath away.

“My boyfriend likes me to shave, what do you think?”

I was staring at her cleanly shaved pussy with the protruding lips and the inner pinkness.

“Whatever you two agree on, work’s for me,” I stammered. I dare not say another word, although I didn’t share her boyfriends view. I don’t understand why the shaved look is supposed to be so sexy. I think it looks like an adolescent girl. Give me the natural hair anytime that seems to me to exude sex. Well, each to his own. I had fond memories of eating my ex wife’s hairy pussy, and she could not get enough and always had multiple orgasms

I hastily went out to the pool and slithered in, so as not to betray my thoughts. Not that I had ever thought of her in any way sexually, but this was no longer the shy innocent teenager, but a young woman growing up.

She came out with her bikini on that didn’t leave much to the imagination and we never discussed it any further. We had a great couple days together. I heard all about her ‘learning the ropes’ in her job and in her ‘roomie’ affair. Apparently, her boyfriend was married, traveled frequently, and had set her up in an apartment, both for his ‘convenience’ and as a perk for her. Over the course of the next two days we ate, talked, spent a lot of time in the pool and she was impatient to see her ‘boyfriend’. When she told me all about him, and his age, I felt envious. Hey, who was I to chastise her, or him, for things that I had done myself over the years. When I drove her to the airport, she kissed me to thank me for the two days together and for not ‘lecturing’ her on moral grounds. As I drove myself home, my thoughts lingered on her. I called my ex and filled her in on the common details, and that we had a great time, and she shouldn’t worry about her because she was becoming a lovely young woman fast and I was sure she’d give her Mom a call when she got back to LA. I never mentioned the ‘older roomie’, I figured if she wanted to tell her Mother, she would.

That was a little over five years ago. When the phone rang, the last person I would have expected to call was my step-daughter Christie. She was busy ‘growing up’, or so I had assumed. We had very little contact, and I hadn’t spoken with her mother for a year or two. She proceeded to tell me the ‘terrible problems’ she had. I thought she was going to say that she was married, or pregnant, or whatever. No, she had decided to leave New York for a couple of weeks to think. Could she stay with me for a week or two? “Sure, Christie, you just come on here. Do you have money for a ticket, or should I get you one?” Oh, she had no problem with money, just needed to get out of town, ‘wind down’ and re-think her directions she said.

Once again I waited at the curb. I almost missed her. She came out in a white suit, white heels, and a black shoulder bag, with her magnificent long brown hair cascading over her shoulders and deep red lipstick with the rest of her makeup as stunning, not a single blemish to that face. If I didn’t know better, one look at her and you would think she was 6 feet tall. I knew she was only 5’6″, but her appearance was fantastic. An absolute vision! All of the people walking towards her, male or female, or with any peripheral vision, stopped to look at her, and vehicle traffic stopped momentarily. My God, she was fucking gorgeous! I was totally shocked. She walked with an air of elegance, confidence and poise that you only see on models on runways, TV ads or in magazines. She leaned in to the open window and said, “Hi Dad. I have a few suitcases, could you help me get them please?” I tripped over the curb, just watching her. I’m 56 now, not yet dead, so I had a normal male reaction to a beautiful woman. We loaded her stuff up and she opened the door to get in. Most people just ‘get in’ a car. She sat her petite ass down, swung her legs in very slowly and deliberately, and placed her legs tightly together with her beautiful heels placed precisely in front of her. The curves of her legs were an invitation to other things. As I concentrated on getting out of the airport, I was mesmerized watching her cross her legs, and unbuttoned the front of her jacket, exposing a beautiful off white silk blouse, that directed your immediate attention to the protruding breasts. When did she get those? I had forgotten our long ago time together.

“Oh, I’m so glad I’m here. Do I have to call you Dad?” she asked .

“Honey, you can call me whatever you want. You are so damn beautiful !”

“Oh, thank you. I have so many things to tell you about, but could we get a quick bite, I’m famished.”

“Where would you like to go to eat?” I replied. Before she could answer, I said, “How about the Phoenician, it’s on the way.”

“Oh that’s great. Can I just get a sandwich there?”

“Sure, anything you want.”

We pulled in under the portico, where the valet’s are, and her door was quickly opened.
The valet took one look at her, extended his hand to help her out, and almost choked on his next words. “Good afternoon, ‘maam, I mean Miss, can I be of any service to you?, any at all?”

She smiled, chuckled, looked back at me, and let him take her hand to help her out. As she stood up, the valet almost fell into her. He really wanted to kiss her hand, kneel in front of her, or at the very least wrap his arms around her and worship her. She allowed him to help her out of the car but he wouldn’t let go of her hand. She looked at him and said, very quietly, “Excuse me?” and tried to withdraw her hand from his. Reluctantly, he dropped his hand, and I could swear he was salivating.

We walked in to the lobby, and as if in slow motion, everything seemed to stop to gaze at her. I was a half step behind her and even I was absolutely amazed at her beauty. As we stepped up to the maitre’de’s podium, he said, “Good afternoon, Miss, you look ravishingly beautiful, table for two? Follow me, please.” I don’t think he looked at me even once. He walked us through the center of the restaurant, crowded with the country club patrons, and every eye was on her. He held her chair out for her at the small table overlooking the golf course with the mountains in the background. As she sat down, he helped her with moving the chair towards the table and said, “Can I get the lady a glass of wine?”

“Oh yes, that would be lovely, white please.”

I of course had to fend for myself, and was feeling a little like chopped liver and then thought to myself, ‘you lucky shit, look at this gorgeous woman you’re with and she’s talking to me like we’ve been together for years’, no doubt everyone was trying to figure out our relationship. Was I her husband, her father, her lover, a friend, or what? As she was talking non-stop in between the bites of her sandwich and the drinks from the wine glass, she brought me up to date on her life. The guy she went to New York with turned out to be a real jerk, and the company offered her a position to stay in New York. She took it and rose to a position of some status. A substantial sum of money came along with it. She had become a very beautiful and professional executive.

Along the way, she grew in every way imaginable both personal and business. She had the talent, the drive, the manners, the looks, and was now at a serious crossroad. The company wanted her to move to London to head up the UK Division, with more money than I had ever earned. I was truly impressed. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to, so took the next two weeks to think about it, and talk to me. I was flattered. Yes, I too had a meteoric rise myself in a Fortune 500 company like hers, but not with that kind of money, and no-one ever asked me to head up a new Division overseas. Now, I was in semi-retirement and working as a part time consultant to my old company. As we talked, I listened attentively, and made a constant appraisal of Christine. She learned her lessons very well. She was calm, deliberate in her choice of words, very self confident, exuded sensuality, sat straight, kept her perky chest at the perfect position, moved her body only when it was the perfect time, and held the stem of the wine glass with a practiced hand and perfectly manicured finger nails. The more she spoke, and patiently waited for my response, the more she looked and acted exactly like her very talented, and equally as beautiful Mother. I’m still not positively sure why we divorced. I know that I still love her, but everyone has moved on.

We finished and left the restaurant. Again, the valet’s fell all over each other to help her.
We drove to my little patio home, and continued to chat about almost everything. Well, almost everything. Not once did she mention any boyfriends, attachments, love affairs, or any sexual experiences. I sure as hell wasn’t going to pry. If she had something to say or tell me, she would in her own good time. I was still amazed at her poise, and beauty. No wonder they wanted her to be the image of the company. She would easily lead any man around by her finger.

As I brought her two suitcases into the second bedroom, she was taking off her jacket and I couldn’t help noticing how almost perfect her breasts seemed to be, hidden beneath the silk blouse. Un-noticed by me, as I set the suitcases down, she had tossed the jacket on to the bed, and was unbuttoning the front of her blouse. As I stood up, the blouse was wide open, revealing her lacey white bra, as she unbuttoned the cuffs of the sleeve. Yes, they were absolutely perfect, larger than I had imagined, but still quite firm, with fantastic cleavage. I didn’t think any comment from me would be appropriate right now, so as I turned to leave the room, she said, “Wait, I have something to show you.”

“OK”, I said, as I turned to face her. The blouse was now off and thrown on the bed as well, and she was unbuttoning her skirt. I was in a state of real nervousness. “The last time I was here, I showed you what my first serious boyfriend wanted, as I recall, and you said nothing about it. Now, I’m going to show you what growing up has taught me.”

I was almost scared. With deliberate movement, she lowered her skirt ever so slowly, watching my eyes intently, dropped it to the floor where it crumbled up on her heels, and stood there with no panties on, with a large perfect triangle of dark pussy hair to die for. Now, I love a hairy pussy and always have, but this was beyond my very vivid imagination. Her thick, dark pussy hair was easily the most beautiful I had ever been this close to, and it looked like a soft, pile carpet. “It’s much more delicious looking with hair, don’t you think?”

As I said, I’m 56, not dead! What could possibly be the right response? I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and she knew it. Not only was her pussy to die for, she had almost perfect tits, a flat stomach, perfect hips, great legs, accented by her heels, and I could only surmise a fantastic ass to match. “Well?”, she asked expectantly.

“Well, what?” I asked very sheepishly.

“Do you approve or not?”, she said.

“Christie, you are kidding me, right?”, I blurted out.

“That must mean you approve of my hairy pussy.” she stated emphatically. “Oh good, now maybe I’m old enough for you to fuck me.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I questioned with a decided air of alarm.

“Look, the last time I was here, and we were so close, I knew you had noticed my body. I knew you loved me. When we were in the pool, I saw your hard cock.” she went on. “So, now, I think it’s about time, we need to fuck and see what happens from there.”

“Christie, I’m not sure we can do this.” I said, as I felt my cock getting hard just devouring her with my eyes.

She stood there, looking intently at my eyes, reached around and unhooked her lacey bra, let it drop to the floor, and my eyes must have popped out of my head. She had the most perfect tits any man could want. Big protruding nipples, large silver dollar sized areolas, with two perfect cones, that were certainly 36B’s. Holy shit! Her long arms, added to the slender frame and great slim legs, great tits, and a perfectly trimmed hairy pussy to die for was having the desired effect. What man, who wasn’t almost dead, would not want to devour this woman in every way possible? I mean she could give a corpse a hard on.

“Oh we can do this, and we’re going to. I had forgotten how good looking you are, and when I poked my head into the car, I knew that we were finally going to fuck.” She emphasized the word ‘fuck’, not make love, not have sex, but very emphatically, ‘fuck!” “You still love me, don’t you?”

She kicked off the skirt from her heels, walked over to me, wrapped her arms around me, looked right into my eyes, then tilted her head slightly and slowly, as if in slow motion, brought her lips to mine. She lingered only momentarily to gauge my response and when I started to respond to her kiss, she probed my closed lips with her tongue inviting me to open my mouth to her. As I did, she slithered her tongue into my mouth with a practiced precision moving it over my teeth, meeting my tongue, dancing with it, and sucking me into her. While we were kissing passionately for the very first time, showing each other that there was no need for speed, my hands went up to her luxurious hair on either side of her head to draw her to me. The heat was permeating our faces, let alone our bodies, well at least mine. I dropped my hands down to her smooth back below her bra and felt her body heat as well, and then down to her ass, and drew her into me. Had we gotten any closer, she would have been on the other side of me.

This first kiss was telling the whole story. It engulfed me with such tenderness, longing, sensuality, wetness, and needing that I didn’t want the kiss to end. Finally, when we had to break the kiss to catch our breaths, we parted only enough to put a little space between our heads. I kissed her eyes, her nose, her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and worked my way down to her neck, and nuzzled my face into the long full body of her hair, breathing the fragrance in, raising my head to start again, when she had my head in both of her hands raining kisses all over my face as well. I had lost complete control and was now in head over heels, so to speak. As we continued to maul each other in sensitive slow exploratory movements, I was lost in the deep feelings of the emotions. Christie was no longer my step daughter, she was a woman to be partnered with the sexual bonds that excite. Having encircled my waist with her long arms, she pushed me back and started to unbutton my belt, pants, and slide the zipper down, letting my pants tumble to the floor. As I unbuttoned my shirt she rained kisses and little nips on my hairy chest, my nipples, and up and down to the top of my jockey’s, as I quickly unbuttoned the cuffs of my shirt and flung it somewhere. Christie looked up at me, stepped back a few inches, reached behind her and unsnapped her bra letting it join all the other clothes on the floor and said, “We’re going to fuck like you’ve never fucked in your life!”

Was this really happening? So far, I was pretty confident that I could measure up, at least my hard 6 1/2″ seemed to indicate, as it bulged in my jockey’s. Christie ran her hand up and down the hardness hidden behind the fabric as she kissed my belly button letting her tongue graze over my hairy stomach and moved lower. With expertise born of experience, ( that I didn’t want to know about ) she gently slipped the front of the jockey’s down over my hard cock, and upon seeing it, she lowered herself down into a crouching position, and tugged the jockey’s down all the way, gathering around my ankles. I got a quick glance at her magnificent tits.

“Ooh, you have a nice cock!” she declared. With one hand placed around my shaft, she ran her tongue up and down and slathered it with her saliva, stopping long enough to kiss the head, and give it a gentle suck, while the other hand was gently caressing my balls. The feeling of ecstasy elicited groans and ‘oh’s’, and ‘ah’s’ from deep within the both of us. What divine pleasure. As I looked down at the top of her head, eyeing the swell of her breasts, she tilted her head back to look into my eyes, seeing the expression on my face, she proceeded to guide my hard cock in her hand, lowering her mouth to meet it, and impaled her mouth on to my cock almost to the pubic hair. She started to raise and lower her head up and down the shaft and poked the head into the sides of her cheeks from side to side bathing it in her wet saliva. She obviously knew what she was doing as I didn’t feel her teeth at all, just her slippery tongue. To catch her breath, she would release my cock from her mouth, and swab it across her lips, spreading the wetness around her mouth, and making sounds of wild approval as her other hand was clutching my ass to make sure I didn’t move away from her. She went back to slurping my cock and sucking it with determined intensity. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I placed my hands on either side of her head and tried to tilt it off of my cock and said to her, “Baby, you keep that up and I’m going to come in your mouth.”

She grunted a ‘uh-huh’, and dove her mouth down again sucking my cock in and started intently sliding her mouth up and down. Sucking and swirling her tongue while she had both hands placed on my ass cheeks drawing me into her with every stroke. That was all it took. On the down stroke I shot a strong spurt, followed by another and a third of lesser strength as I was groaning and exclaiming, “Oh God, yes.” She stopped her motions to take in every spurt and moved her mouth out to the head and let her lips linger around the helmet. She backed up a few inches, licked the helmet and opened her mouth to show me that she had my come on her tongue. Looking up at me, she swirled her tongue around her lips, made it a point to make sure I saw her swallow my come, smiled and said, “Oh yeah, you taste fantastic. I want a lot more.”

I looked down at her, bent over at a severe angle and kissed her open and waiting mouth, swirled my tongue around, and tasted the remnants of my come. Upon breaking the kiss, and standing up, I extended my hands to her to help her stand up, and I said, “Now, I get to fuck you.”

“OK, but I want to warn you about something, OK?” she said very demurely.

“What sweetie?” I asked not quite understanding.

As she jiggled her tits in each hand, she said, “I love sex. I love everything about it and I’m not shy to tell you what I like, OK? I’m also a heavy squirter, I sometimes drench the sheets.” she stated. “just so you know, OK?”

As she was saying this, I had kicked off the pants and jockey’s around my ankles, kicked off my shoes, and was backing her up to the side of the bed with my semi
hard cock still poking out towards her. I didn’t question my hardness, I just attributed it to this sexy woman, even though I had just come. She fell back on the bed, with her knees bent and her feet on the floor. My God, she was beautiful, even with no more lipstick on and her hair tousled all about. Her entire body was flawless, not a mark, blemish, and to my pleasant surprise, not a single tattoo.

I kneeled down, spread her legs, which she opened wide for me, and I raised her legs up in a ‘V’. Anticipating my next move, she grabbed the inside of her legs to keep them spread wide for me. The sight of her legs up in the air with her heels still on and the aroma emanating from her hairy pussy like gardenia’s, and her tight little ass spread wide was more than erotic, it was absolutely a vision beyond adequate description. Not only did she smell delicious, she looked like a five course succulent meal. With her legs spread so wide, the thick hair, the pinkness of her inner lips and folds, well lubricated and inviting, and the small trail of hair curling down her inner thighs to her asshole, she said, “Oh yeah, come and fuck me, make me come.”

I’ve never had any woman verbalize in any facet of sex, except ooh and aahs. I was quite shocked at her direct language, but found it refreshingly honest and quite a turn on, as I placed both hands on her upper thighs to help keep her legs wide open and lowered my head down to gaze at her pussy. “So fucking hot! I adore a hairy pussy.” I exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, I know, just fuck me” she demanded.

I ignored her. I lowered my head down and breathed in the intoxicating aroma of her pussy, and left little kisses all over the hair, her inner thighs, her engorged lips, and left small traces of my saliva on her inner thighs, and began to gently nuzzle her entire pussy. I moved my chin around her mound, my nose in the trimmed hair all the way up to an inch or so above her pussy hair line on her stomach and down again to her spread darker lips and into her inner pinkness. I inserted my tongue into her pink fold teasing her clit, which was quite erect, running the flat of my tongue up and down her pinkness and gently nipping and sucking her engorged lips. She was moaning, un-intelligible sounds, and keeping her arms entwined between her legs, raising her head up to watch what I was doing.

“Oh fuck, you sure know how to eat me, you’re driving me wild, I’m so fuckin’ wet.” she uttered, a little breathlessly. “Suck my cunt lips and my clit and stick your tongue in me,” she demanded.

I concentrated on sucking her lips lightly at first, then with more intensity, and moved my head back and forth slightly to graze her voluminous pussy hair at the same time, and then stuck my tongue into her hole as far as I could. Her grumblings erupted into shouts and yells, ‘Oh fuck, hell yes, eat my cunt, suck on my cllt, oh my God, do it, here it comes.”

A copious fountain of her juice drenched my face, and I savored every drop that I could take in my mouth. There was no taste, just wetness. I clamped my face down on her sopping wet pussy. Her yelps had turned into screams, “OH FUCK, YES, YES, OH SHIT, FUCK, AIYEE, YEAH, EAT THAT CUNT BABY, MAKE ME COME AGAIN!” and was tossing her head from side to side, never letting up her tight grasp of her legs. She was raising her pelvis up as much as she could to give me the greatest exposure to her pussy.

I lifted my face from her wet pussy, let go of one of her thighs, and ran my hand, palm down, all over her hairy pussy that was now soaked with my saliva and her juices, to spread her juices all over her. I palmed her thigh, then her stomach, went down for more wetness, caressed her firm tit, tweaked the hard nipple for the first time and was kissing her pussy and thighs with my wet face. I realized then that I must have arrived in paradise and my cock was hard once again. I stood up, grabbed her by the legs to drag her closer to the edge of the bed and she squirmed further down to the edge. I could see the light shining off of her from the wetness I had swabbed her with. “OH YEAH, FUCK ME, SHOVE YOUR COCK IN MY CUNT, YES, OH FUCK, FUCK YES!”, she screamed.

The more she yelled with all those dirty words, the harder I got. I pushed her legs back and once again she grabbed her legs to keep them spread for me. Her beautiful hairy dark cunt lips were spread open ready for me to shove it in. Instead, I grabbed my stiff shaft and lightly slapped her pink pussy lips with my cock. Actually, bringing more thrust with each slap at her pussy and she responded. “HOLY FUCK, OH MY GOD, SLAP MY CUNT, YES, OOOHHHH, YEAH, AIYEE, FUCK, OH YES, SLAP IT, YES, OOOHHH, OOOHH, I’M COMING AGAIN !”, and she let loose another stream of pussy juice that drenched my cock and hand, and my lower stomach and groin. I ran my hand all over her wet pussy and stuck two, then three fingers into her cunt and moved them around inside of her very rapidly and she screamed, ‘OH, OH, FUCK , YES, FUCK, FEELS SO GOOD, OH MY GOD, HARDER, RAM’EM IN MY CUNT, OH SHIT, YEAH.” I washed her all over with her juice. I coated her ass cheeks, down her pussy to her ass hole, all over her legs and spread as much as I could on her chest, tits, and even on my own chest. When she gushed, she really gushed. You knew it was pussy juice, because it smelled and tasted like her. It was time to slip my hard cock into her.

I placed the head at her opening, and she had been watching everything that I had done, and now was expecting the thrust of my hard cock. I slammed it into her. Not gentle, but a wicked thrust. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, FUCK ME, HARDER, SLAM YOUR COCK INTO MY WET CUNT, YEAH, BABY, FUCK, OH YES, OH FUCK”, she was screaming. I thought sure the neighbors would think I was killing someone. No need to worry, it was a working neighborhood, and all were at work. I was jack hammering her now with my cock and each thrust was up to my balls, and she just kept screaming. “OH MY FUCKIN GOD, YES, YES, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME, OH FUCK, I’M GONNA COME, SHOVE THAT COCK IN , RAM IT IN, SHOVE IT IN HARD YOU BASTARD, NOW! HERE IT COMES- HERE IT COMES, OH FUCK!” Another wave of her juices, and I wondered how much more does this woman have? I was sweating along with all of her wetness on me and she was coated. She let go of her legs, keeping them raised by herself reached down to her pussy, ran both hands gathering up juice and bathed her tits, neck and face with as much as she could get. She was muttering, “um, oh so good, uh huh, so fuckin’ good.”

I needed a brief rest from the exhilarating effort I was putting forth, so I grabbed her legs, pushed them down, as she loosened her grasp on her ankles, and literally flipped her over. She willingly helped and on her stomach, with her arms splayed out, and her head on the bed turned to one side, raised her ass into the air. Again, I dragged her body towards the edge of the bed, her legs spread slightly, and I got between them. I couldn’t believe my cock was still hard, and I hadn’t taken a Viagra yet. Her ass was a perfect picture, with a little hair reaching back towards her asshole, and her pink cunt lips spread open. I reached under her, got my hand wet with her juice, and lathered her ass and my cock. I slipped my cock into her cunt. She exclaimed, “OH YEAH, FUCK MY HOT CUNT, SHOVE IT IN, OH FUCK BABY, DO IT.” She was really wet and hot. I started to build a rhythm in and out of her cunt with long regular strokes. This woman was incredible. Her words came gushing out again in a little quieter mode. “Oh yeah, fuck me good, yes, that feels so good, shove it in as deep as you can, oh fuck, keep fucking me.” I had a good gentle rhythm going now, so as I pumped her, I slipped my index finger into her asshole. She let out a yelp and a groan, saying “holy fuck, yes, fuckin’ hell, oh my God, oh, oh, my God, don’t stop.” I withdrew from her cunt on the upstroke, and withdrew my finger from her asshole, spread her cheeks wide, and rammed my cock into her asshole. All hell broke loose. She screamed, “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, YES, YES, RAM IT IN, OH MY FUCKIN GOD, FUCK MY ASS, WHAT A COCK, YOU MOTHER FUCKER, FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK, FUCK!” She kept screaming as I pumped her relentlessly. Again, another load of her juice bathes my hand playing with her clit, and at the same time, I shot a big spurt of my come into her asshole. There was no more left in me. I rested with both hands on her ass and with very short breaths, I could barely utter, “Christie, I can’t stand up anymore.” I was drained. She turned over on her side, gasping for huge breaths of air, and was literally shaking. I collapsed on to the bed face down next to her. She ran her hand over my backside and caressed my ass, as she caught her breath also. Shortly, she rained little kisses on the side of my face while whispering “God, that was the greatest fuck I’ve ever had.” I gathered a little strength, and barely whispered, “Glad I could be of service.” She giggled and said,” I’ll bet I shocked the hell out of you with my language, didn’t I? Can you turn over?”

I very slowly turned on to my back, but couldn’t verbally respond to her question, I was absolutely exhausted. Christie leaned over and sucked my now semi limp cock, moaning ‘uhm, uhm, uh huh.” She was determined to lick me clean. I don’t think I was this exhausted since I was 25. As my eyes were closing, Christie leaned over and kissed me with just as much passion as that first kiss. Unable to respond, she flung one leg over me, cuddled up to my side with her firm tit pressed against me, having grabbed the side of the coverlet, threw it over us, and we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke slowly, with Christie cuddled in my arms, her head nestled on my chest, and her hairy pussy nestled against my thigh, coming to grips with the fact that it hadn’t been a dream. It was already dark outside. Gently, so as not to awaken her, I kissed ever so lightly the top of her head. Her hair still smelled like she had just washed it, and we had yet to take a shower. I let my mind wander back over the last 6 hours and could hardly believe what had happened, and we had two weeks yet to play. The kiss on her head must have awakened her, she lifted her head, looked me in the eye, and said, “I have a few more surprises for you.”

What other surprises could she possibly have? I was already pretty worked up with her sexual prowess. I couldn’t imagine anything more. I reflected on her use of such direct language and her un-constrained emotions and physical gyrations and realized that I had never had any sex partner with such an un-inhibited sex drive. The amazing part is that I wanted more, and questioned whether I was really capable of any more activity.

She must have been reading my thoughts and said, “I know you’re tired, so we’ll just take it a little easier now that I know we can turn each other on, so if you’re ready, let’s go take a hot shower and talk, OK?”

I crawled out of my side of the bed, stood up, stretched a little, and Christie stood up and looked every bit as good as she did when I pushed her down on the bed. Her hair was all messed up, and there was no makeup on her, but her magnificent tits hadn’t changed, or her lovely hairy pussy, and she strode into the bathroom as if she’d been here all her life. She sat down on the toilet, with her legs spread, and I could see and hear her pee spilling forth from her pussy. Boy, this woman had no hang ups at all.
Without missing a beat, she stood up, and walked into the shower and turned the water on. I stood over the toilet to pee, and the sound was drowned out by the cascading shower. I always wondered why I always had to pee after sex. I stepped in to the shower. Christie had her back to me and was using the bar of soap to lather herself up.
I wrapped my arms around her and massaged her beautiful tits. She threw her head back and gyrated her ass up and down into my groin. My semi- flaccid cock was sliding between her ass cheeks and as I thumbed and tweaked her nipples between my fingers, my cock started to rise again. No way ! The hot water was cascading down on us, and was turning luke warm as we kept playing. Christie was making oohing and aahing sounds and then all of a sudden, said, “Put your cock in my ass hole” She reached up, turned the water off, which was turning cooler, and bent over to give me access to her slippery ass and spread her cheeks with both hands, offering up her tight asshole to me. I bent over her and cupped her dangling tits, gave them a hard squeeze, and tweaked her nipples quite hard, put both hands on her perfect ass, and positioned my now hard cock to her little pink hole and tried to shove it in. She was too puckered up, although wet and slippery. She snuck her hand between her legs, and guided the tip of my cock to her hole, and said, “Now, shove that fucker in!”

I gave her a feeble thrust and the head just barely entered, and then she rammed her ass back to me and my cock went right in. “NOW, FUCK THAT HOLE BABY” she roared. I was in her about two inches, withdrew and shoved it in again. I was all the way in her. She growled, “Yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah, ram that cock in!” and I withdrew and slammed in to her again. I was on the 3rd or 4th shove when she screamed, “OH FUCK, YEAH, FUCK ME, OH GOD YES, FUCK!” I came deep in her asshole with very little spurts, that I was sure had nothing to them. I could feel the spasm of my cock as it released. Unbeknownst to me, Christie had been fingering her clit all the time and must have cum. I couldn’t tell because we were still dripping wet from the shower. I leaned back against the tile wall to steady myself, and as Christie started to stand straight, we heard the ‘plop’ of my now flaccid cock being released by her sphincter muscles. Straightening up, she leaned back against me with her ass snuggled into me and let out a huge sigh and said, “Wow, we really fuck well, don’t you think?” My reply was a very feeble, “yes, we do.”

We dried each other off with towels and Christie was saying something and I never heard a word. I was once again staring at this beauty. All of a sudden I heard, “HELLO- HELLO” I came out of my stupor, looked at her and she said, “Boy, you really like my hairy pussy, don’t you?” Caught off guard, I said, “No I don’t like it, I love it! OK?” She gave a hearty laugh, and said, “OK, now that that’s settled, aren’t you hungry?” I was famished and was sure she was also. Before I could respond, she said, “OK, go get dressed and give me a few minutes to look lady-like.” I retreated to the bedroom, picked up the assorted clothes, and noticed that she was absolutely right. The bed was soaked from our sexual foray. I put on a pair of shorts, grabbed a tee shirt, slipped on some deck shoes, and went out to wait for her. Ten minutes later, she came out and once again, I was speechless. She had put on a cute little print summer dress that looked like it was painted on her, with spaghetti straps, white pumps, and her hair looked like she had just come from the beauty salon. Her makeup was flawless with deep red lipstick that accentuated her delicious mouth. “Do I look OK?” she asked. “Christine”, I said using her given name, “you could be in a burlap sack and you’d look magnificent.” “Oh, that’s so sweet, but I’ll bet you tell all the girls that”, she shot back with a little giggle. As we got in the car, after holding the door open for her, which I never did even for my wife, I could tell she had no bra on, and was pretty sure she had no panties on either. This woman was amazing.

We ate like we hadn’t eaten in two years. We had polished off a full bottle of wine, and I asked if she wanted more. “No more”, she said, “it’s time to talk.” At this point, I wasn’t sure what we were going to talk about, but I had a pretty good guess. She proceeded to tell me all about the job, the people, the challenges she had faced and met, and what she was thinking about the offer to go to London, and the repercussions if she decided not to go. I listened very attentively, throwing in an appropriate question here and there to clarify and some comments of my own experiences. I couldn’t believe that the entire conversation never hinted or mentioned any of the sexual experiences she must have had in the past years. Well, that was OK with me, I didn’t think I wanted to know. After all the possibilities had been examined, dissected and discussed, she said, “OK, you’ve given me all the information I need to make my decision. I’m going to think everything through in the next 10 days. “I thought you said you were here for a couple of weeks?”, I questioned. “I’ve decided to go see Mom for a few days, OK?” she said flatly.
“Sure, Christie, whatever you want to do.” I replied. I guess I was relieved somewhat, as I certainly would not be able to explain to my ex, why she had been here for 10 days and never told her.

As we left the restaurant, all the patrons coming in, took a double look at her. She was gorgeous. I held the car door open for her and again, she got in like a Queen, but this time as she sat down, raised her dress to reveal to me that she had no panties on. Without a second thought, I just licked my lips. She burst out laughing. I closed the door, walked around to the driver’s side, and got in. She reached over and grabbed my crotch and ran her hand all over my stiff cock. “My, my, you respond so quickly to my hairy pussy.” she teased. “I’m not dead, Christie”, I responded in a mock attitude.

We drove home slowly, savoring the warmth and starry filled night. “I suppose it all started, when I was about 13. I snuck down the hallway one night and watched you fucking my Mom. I could see your cock slamming into her hairy pussy. I heard her telling you what to do to her. My curiosity must have overwhelmed me because I have been into sex ever since. As I was developing, my pussy hair was first to appear, much later my tits. But, I sure loved a boy’s cock. You remember the guy I moved in with in LA don’t you, well he was quite a bit older than me. Actually he was 15 years older than me, but he could really fuck and he taught me a lot. He liked me shaved and it fulfilled his fantasy of a young virgin. By the time I went to New York with him, I knew exactly what I wanted, I just wasn’t quite sure how to get it. The Vice President fell in love with me. I learned so much. He is the reason I’m being offered the promotion. I had mixed feeling about the whole thing. I don’t love him, but I do love the sex we had, and I thought I will surely miss him and the sex if I go. I have to tell you, we had sex almost every day and night. The more we had, the more I absolutely loved it. It made me feel powerful, wanted, and almost a slut. I could never be a whore to get paid for sex, I love it too much. I’m very good at my job, but I’m even better at sex. I could have orgasm’s all day long, the feeling is so fantastic, it’s all consuming. I wasn’t even aware that I get so turned on that I gush juices, until he was eating me for almost an hour or so. He has a beautiful cock and seems to always be hard. Well anyway, one time we had a marathon session, and I couldn’t get enough, and he taught me to let my emotions play out, and I just go nuts and scream and shout and that’s when I let go a river of my juices. The most amazing part is that I can revert to a perfect lady whenever I have to, and if necessary, be a real bitch. So that’s why we had such awesome sex and we’re going to have more, OK?”

I had been quiet, hanging on every word she said. This was not going to be just a simple ‘fuck’em and leave’em’ thing. This girl, who had morphed into this magnificent woman, who loved anything and everything about sex was turning my solitary and simple life inside out. Her mother and I had good sex, but never in an exploratory way, and truth be told, not as often as I would have liked. Sometimes it would take an hour or two of foreplay just to get her in the mood. It was always vanilla, the missionary position was the standard, not that I complained, because I liked to watch my cock disappear into her hairy pussy. She had a small triangle of hair, that I loved. Once, she threatened to shave it off, and I begged her not to. I love a hairy pussy. So here was the stepdaughter, more beautiful than her mother, a super sexy body, a pussy covered with dense dark hair, who loved to fuck every way possible, and squirted on top of it, and I’m fucking her. To coin a phrase, ‘this is getting pretty hairy’. I reached over and ran my hand over the dense hair on her pussy.

“Oh, I love having my pussy played with. I get all wet and juicy, and then my clit starts to tingle and I just want to come and come.” she exclaimed, “and my orgasms last a long time. One time, I was so horny, I laid in my bed with my legs spread and up on the headboard, and I played with my pussy really hard, and I squirted straight up and drenched my own tits and face. I lapped up all my pussy juice that I could and had another fantastic orgasm. It tasted pretty good. Isn’t that just hilarious?” she continued.

“Christie, you’re the hottest woman I’ve ever known, including your sexy mother. I could have sex with you forever,” I chimed in, “and I can’t believe you get me so hard. Here I was thinking that I’d need a Viagra to keep up with you.” I said, dead serious.

She burst out laughing almost uncontrollably. I was rather a little annoyed at my erstwhile confession that was causing her to be hysterical with laughter. “God, I love men”, she finally said through a subdued chuckle.

“Well what’s so damn funny about that?” I said really pissed that she would laugh at my statement. “Oh baby, you don’t know, do you?” she queried.

“Know what?” I pushed.

“I put a Viagra into our first glass of wine at the Phoenician.” she giggled with her hands up in an obvious manner of ‘so what’. and shrugged her shoulders.

“You did what?” I yelled at her. I didn’t know how to respond.

“It worked didn’t it, we fucked for 2 ½ hours and your cock was hard the whole time,” she said flat out, “and you loved every minute, didn’t you?”

I was shocked. Yes, it sure as hell did work, and I did love every minute. I thought about it for 5 seconds and then said, “I’ll be a son of a bitch.”

“No, you’re going to fuck our brains out ’til I can’t walk.” she said very non-chalantly.

I pulled into the car port, sat still for a minute, and she interrupted my thoughts with, “We have time for one good slow fuck before we go to sleep for the night.”

She exited the car, lifted the dress to her waist, so that I could watch her sexy ass saunter in the door, and I followed. As she walked in to the small eating area she was kicking off her shoes and peeling the dress over her head. I watched her ass wiggle and her beautiful tits sway as she went through all those motions. I started to shuck my tee shirt and dropped my shorts, stepped out of them, discarded my topsiders and could not believe that my cock was hard. I know that I had a can of soda so there was no way she could have slipped anything into the can. She walked directly to the bed, turned to face me, laid down, got up on her elbows, spread her legs as far apart as she could, raised her ass up and said, “Just bring that wonderful cock over here and slip it right in to my juicy pussy, and just let me watch you fuck me nice and slow. I love to watch.”
I walked over towards her, my stiff cock swaying with each step, took hold of my shaft, bent down a little, and without further ado, just slipped my cock into her up to my balls. “Oh yeah, that’s how to fuck my juicy pussy. Keep it all the way in for minute.” I stayed in her for a few seconds, then drew it back out almost to the full length, and shoved it right back in.

“Christie, I can’t do this slow, I want to ram it in you and fuck you hard and come,” I muttered with all the restraint I could muster.

“OK”, she said, “then get on your back and let me ride that hard cock.”

She scooched over to give me room to lie down and as I did, she threw her leg over me, sat up to straddle me with her feet flat on the bed, and reached over to guide my stiff cock into her pussy. She slid down gently to make sure my full length was in her, then rose up and picked up speed, all the time with both hands on either side of my waist. She was raising and lowering her body with intense purpose. On each stroke, I used my thumb to penetrate between her pussy lips and tease her clit. The sensation of my hand on her pussy, enjoying the softness of her bush and the wetness between her pussy lips, and the visual picture just had the effect of making me harder, if that was possible.
She was getting wetter with every stroke and ramming her pussy down to get every centimeter in her. She was breathing harder and running her tongue over her lips and emitting grunts and groans and whispering incoherent words, “uum,- yeah, -so hard,- in there, -push,- it’ll go, now, wetter.”

Like a sudden braking stop, she rammed herself down and yelled, “Oh yes, I’m coming!” Her whole body shuddered, and she collapsed onto my chest taking in huge gulps of air. She wiggled her pussy on my still hard cock inside of her, snuck her hand between her legs and played with my balls. A minute or two later, she raised her head up, gave a little peck of a kiss to my chest area and kissed me deeply. I gathered my arms around her ass and drew her into me to return the deep kiss. We lay perfectly still for about 5 minutes.

As we laid there catching our breath, my phone began to ring. I really wanted to ignore it, but it was incessant. Reluctantly, I had to urge her to get off of me so I could get the phone. She rolled over to the side of the bed. I rolled over to the opposite side to force myself to get up to answer the phone on the desk. I caught the phone on the last ring and as calmly as possible said, “Hello.”

To my surprise it was Nancy. Nancy is a PHD in psychology and I had been seeing her off and on for the past year. She worked for Arizona State in a student research lab. I never really knew what she did, and never pushed it. She had a 12 year old son, and was very much a doting, single Mom. She lived two blocks from me. I didn’t mind, I wasn’t planning to marry her, but I was enjoying having sex with her. “Óh, hi, Nancy, no, I’m not alone, my step daughter is visiting for a couple of weeks, no, you’ve never met her. I haven’t seen her for 5 or 6 years.” I said into the phone. I turned to look at Christie and she was trying to tease me by shoving her finger into her pussy and running it up and down her hairy slit. “Sure we can have dinner together, how about tomorrow evening?” I said reluctantly. On one hand I didn’t want this sexy interlude to end, and on the other hand, I wasn’t sure I could keep this up for another week or so, and I wasn’t in the mood to discuss either of these ladies with the other. “Oh, tomorrow is good, great. Fine, we’ll look forward to it. No, don’t bother, we’ll pick you up around 7 ish, OK?” I hung the phone up, turned towards Christie with my now semi-limp cock dangling like a Mexican Pinata.

“Well, tell me all about Nancy!” Christie said rather petulantly, and continued to tease her pussy. I had to focus my eyes somewhere else other than her pussy.

“Nothing to tell really, I met her at a consulting job I had at the school, she’s very attractive, blonde, looks like Deborah Unger from ‘Combat Hospital’ with the same sultry eyes and delicious mouth, divorced, about my age, lives a few blocks from here, asked her out and we got along quite well, and we’ve been seeing each other for a while now,” I replied in a very matter of fact manner.

“So you’ve been fucking her?” Christie stated.

“Yes, every once in a while. She’s got a great body, and likes our sex, I guess. I’ve never heard her complain about it.” I replied wanting to change the subject, which was quite difficult standing there, looking at Christie stark naked, with her fantastic young body and that great hairy pussy, supported by her shapely legs.

“Is she a good fuck?” she questioned, “you know, responsive, telling you what she likes, does she have a hairy pussy too?”

I was getting a little uncomfortable with this line of questioning. I mean, here I was fucking my step daughter in ways I could only have dreamed of, with responses that I never knew women had, and I was really trying to cover my responses to keep this situation from getting out of hand. “Why are we talking about this Christine? We’re taking her to dinner, that’s all, so you can meet her, or rather, so she can meet you.”

“Do you think she’d be up for a threesome?” she said.

“Are you nuts?, how could I even suggest that to her? She’s very sophisticated, and
sort of prim and proper. She’d be really pissed off and probably never see me again.” I responded with an edge of anger. Thinking to myself, ‘wouldn’t that be a turn on, never having had one.’

“Not to worry, if she’s as nice as you say she is, and that pretty, leave it to me,”
she intoned.

“No, no, no, Christine, we can’t do that. I really like this woman, I don’t want to ruin our relationship.” I wanted to eliminate this issue entirely. Did I love Nancy, no! , did I love Christine, yes, but not in that way.

“OK,” she said, noticing the edge to my voice, “we’ll see.”

I dropped the subject, went quickly into the bathroom. Fortunately Christine did not follow me in. I had to gather my thoughts and muster up some more courage. Now I was caught thinking that I was a complete degenerate. Having sex with my stepdaughter! What kind of pervert am I? The more I questioned myself, the more I realized that she actually seduced me. Wow, what unbelievable fantastic sex. I’ve never had such great sex in my entire life, and to think she was more experienced at it then I was, and she’s only 26. I’ll have to consider this the greatest fantasy of my life. Well, not exactly, it was real. OK, shut off the thinking for now.

I went back into the bedroom and Christine had crawled under the covers and was fast asleep. As tired physically as I was, I retreated into the kitchen for a cold drink. As I sat there drinking, I mentally played out dinner arrangements for the next evening. I knew Christine would look like a vision and Nancy is no slouch either, so I’d better pick an appropriate setting. I thought I’d take them to the North Mountain View. It was swanky, without being over the top, the food is spectacular along with the view, the band, and the dancing. It would be a lovely evening, made even better with these two women with me. Satisfied that my plans would be acceptable, I slipped into bed with Christie and fell asleep immediately.

The sun was streaming in the window as I squinted to open my eyes. Christie was not in bed. I caught the whiff of fresh coffee and it stirred me to sit up, swing out from the bed, slip on a pair of shorts, sans underwear, threw on a tee shirt, and walked out to the kitchen. Christie was sitting at the table sipping her coffee, reading the paper, wearing a cute little wrap, with her hair tied up in a pony tail. “Good morning you sexy devil,” she said. “would you like some breakfast?”

“Oh boy would I,” as I poured a fresh cup of coffee for myself, “I’m starving.”

“Good, how about bacon, eggs, toast and some OJ?” she queried.

“You can cook too?” I asked jokingly.

“You’d be surprised at all the things I can do.” She responded.

I wolfed down the delicious breakfast she made me, and told her I had a small consulting job to do and would be home before our dinner date with Nancy. I told her to do whatever she wanted, the house was hers and the keys to the car were on the nightstand, I’d ride my small Honda 750 to the job. I showered quickly, dressed in a business casual mode, kissed her on the top of her head, and left.

It was shortly after 6:30 , when I got home. Rushing in the house to get ready I voiced my arrival, said I was going to shower, dress and be ready to go in 20 minutes. She returned my shout with her own, saying she’d be ready in 10. I was very careful to dress in a ‘fatherly’ sort of way. I put on a crisp button down collar shirt, a nice pair of black slacks, black loafers, and a light tan sport coat. I came out to the living room and stopped short. Christie was the picture of magnificence. Her hair was perfect, as was her makeup, accenting her sexy mouth with a deep red lipstick, a beautiful aqua silk blouse, with a white skirt and those sexy white high heels. She looked like she had just stepped out of a ‘Vogue’ ad. I took a deep breath and said,”My God, girl, you look beyond beautiful, you’re just exquisite!” This time she didn’t have a smart alec comment, she said, “Just for you so I can make a good impression for Nancy.” I responded, “Oh you’ll make an impression alright.”

I gave Nancy a little peck of a kiss ‘hello’, on her very sensuous mouth. and ushered her to the car. She was wearing a LBD that ended at mid thigh, with an elegant strand of white pearls, showing off her fantastic figure and very large tits and her blond hair cascading around her shoulders. I knew that Nancy was not a real blond. She had light brown pussy hair that was wild. She never trimmed it. Exactly to my liking. The dress had a very little scoop at the neck, not enough to show any cleavage, but I knew she had a lot of cleavage. Nancy had enormous tits, probably 38 DD. The rest of her body was trim and slim with nice legs, perhaps a few bulges at the waist, not enough to notice dressed, and very elegant black high heels. Together, these were definitely two hot women. As I opened the door for her, she let out a slight gasp and said, “THIS is your daughter?” in an emphasized surprised voice.

“Yes”, I said correcting her, “this is my stepdaughter Christine. Christine, this is my friend Nancy.” Christie had moved over to allow Nancy to get in the back seat of the car.

“Wow, she is quite beautiful. How do you do Christine?” she said rapidly.

“Thank you so much, you’re quite beautiful as well. No wonder he likes you so much. Please, call me Christie.” Christie replied.

The two women began chatting with questions and answers to each other, laughing, twittering, and making suggestive comments that I surmised were made to cause me a little discomfort. Nancy had no idea that Christie and I had been having marathon sex. Being a man of discretion, I made no comments and just went along with the laughing and niceties. We arrived at the North Mountain View restaurant, and the valet opened the door for Christie. As Christie got out, I thought the young man would have a heart attack. Then, standing there, waiting, Nancy exited from the back seat and I knew for sure he would. The two women waited for me to come around the car, glanced at each other coyly, and each took my arms. For the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to be ‘The King”. These women were so hot, no one would even think they were Mother and Daughter, because the age difference was not easily determined. We were seated with a great view and I had my back to the window with each of the women on either side of me. Somewhere during the meal, Christie had placed her hand on my leg and moved it up to squeeze my cock on occasion. She knew I couldn’t show any response. On another topic in the conversation, Nancy had taken my hand and squeezed it. The wine, food, music, and service were really outstanding. The conversations were serious, light, joking, and always interesting. We all learned a lot of things about each others lives, that none of us had known before, work, travel, marriage, children, wives, husbands, boyfriends, mentors, and just about everything in between. Coffee was being served and the band opened with a slow dance number. Nancy took the lead and said, “So, which of us are you going to dance with first?”

Christie piped up, “Oh no, you dance with Nancy first.” I was grateful for her kind approach so as not to make me choose. We rose to the dance floor. Nancy snuggled into me and said, “She is delightful, beautiful and really smart. I like her a lot.”

“Yes, she has grown into a beautiful woman” I replied. As Nancy got as close to me as she could and we swayed to the music, I smelled her hair, and the fragrance was as delightful as I recalled the last time we were together, about 4 or 5 weeks ago. “You smell and feel wonderful”, I said pulling her even closer to me, with her large tits being crushed against my chest, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, and I’m really horny, are we going to be able to make love tonight?” she asked. Oh oh, how do I get around this? “We’ll figure it out” I replied not having the foggiest idea how to and not wanting to have to deal with this. As we danced, with her admission of being horny, and her tits against me, and her pelvis grinding in to me, and having dropped my hand from her waist to the top of her ass, I could feel my cock rising. The song ended, and we started back to the table. “Now you’ll have to dance with Christie” Nancy admonished me.

I reached out to take Christie’s hand to take her to the dance floor, as Nancy sat down.
Taking her into my arms, I said, “Nancy likes you very much.” As Christie snuggled into my arms to dance she looked up at me and said, “I think she is madly in love with you.”
“Get out of town”, I replied a little taken back, “we just like each others company, it’s never been serious.”

“I think she wants it to be, she melts when you look at her, and she wants to fuck tonight.” Christie stated.

Flustered at her bluntness, “How do you know that” I questioned.

“She told me she was horny when you went to the men’s room.” She melded her lower body into mine, and continued “and your cock is getting real hard.”

“Babe, it’s probably not going to work out tonight, and besides, she has to work tomorrow.”

“No, she wants to have sex tonight with you, and she said her son is at his fathers for the week, and she can call in sick tomorrow.” Christie recited.

“Christie, I can’t do that, I’m worn out from you and besides I’d have to take her home and her son is there.” I implored, fearing that the excuse wasn’t going to work.

“Look, it’s early, just after 10, and she can come home with us for a few hours, and besides, you can use your bedroom, can’t you? She did say that her son was gone for the week.” she stated very dramatically.

I thought to myself, ‘I won’t be able to perform to satisfy Nancy, because I know what she likes in foreplay and how to get her to climax and how would I keep my mind on her with Christine in the next room?’ So, to Christine I said, “Sweetie, I just don’t think that’s a good idea tonight.”

“Oh, ye of little faith” Christine said, mockingly, “watch me!” and broke from me and went to our table. She was leaning over and whispering something to Nancy and Nancy responded, and was nodding her head. I got to our table, and without a second thought, Christine said, “OK, let’s go, I’ve taken care of the bill.” Somewhat stunned, or shocked, as seems to be the case with Christine, she took my hand and Nancy’s as Nancy stood up, and the two of them entwined their arms in mine to leave. On the drive home, as I started to protest of Christine’s paying the bill, she ‘shushed’ me, and said it was her treat for me allowing her to come home. The women talked of the fantastic food, ambiance, wine, music and such. Without further protest, we pulled into the car port, and both women were out of the car before I could go around to the door for them.

Once inside, my entering last, Nancy turned to me, looked me in the eye and said, “Honey, Christie told me she seduced you, and it’s OK, ’cause I’m going to also.”

What? Holy shit! Does this get any more fuck’in complicated than it already is? I was, once again, as usual, at a loss for words. As I was debating with myself of what to say in the form of a reply, Nancy molded herself up to me, with one hand around my neck, kissed me with the deep passion I was used to from her, and with her other hand massaged my stiff cock through my pants with an up and down stroke. I, of course, returned her kiss with deep passion that I loved and knew she did also, as I reached with both hands to massage her tits. She loved kissing deeply with a very open mouth, entwining her tongue throughout your mouth, sucking your tongue into her, playing with your lips, and breathing very heavy as the kiss lingered. Nancy had beautiful full lips, and when she spoke or gave you a dazzling smile with her perfect white teeth, you became mesmerized. Tonight, she had shone even more so, because she had on a pinkish shade of lipstick, outlined with a much darker color. I had complimented her earlier on that. I had never seen her in that mode before this evening. Her mouth was divine. When she sucked my cock, she enveloped it with her fantastic mouth, and you could see her lips still puffy as she took me in. Of course she had other attributes as well, such as a real firm ass, I mean almost that of a teen ager, but her tits were full, large and not as firm as her ass, with soft nipples, that she loved having sucked, but never got really hard even being sucked on.

As we broke the kiss, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Christine was coming back into the room. I hadn’t noticed that she had gone. What I saw, almost knocked the wind out of me. Christine stood there coolly watching us, and she had on a see-thru gauze top, with her nipples quite erect, sleeveless, with gossamer white thigh high hose, no panties displaying her very dark bush, and high heels.
I almost choked. Nancy turned around, looked at Christine and said, “Oh yes, that will do very nicely, you are quite delicious looking,” and went into the bedroom, Christie’s, not mine. Christie came over to me, kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “Get undressed, we’re going to play!”

I was about to utter some dumb ass comment, searching for any words that would not make me look and feel stupid, and said, amazing even myself, “All of us?”

“Depend on it” was her immediate reply as she walked towards me, running her finger up and down the slit of her delicious hairy pussy. As she got up to me, I saw Nancy come out of the bedroom. Oh fuck! She was completely naked. As she walked into the room, still in her heels, her bountiful tits juggled and swayed, and I could swear I saw a wetness running down her inner thigh. Christine turned to watch Nancy as I was stepping out of my pants with a raging hard cock. No one spoke. Nancy just came up to me, reached down to get my cock out of my jockey’s, turned to Christine and said, “We can both share this beautiful hard dick.”

Christine whipped off the thing she was wearing, and proceeded to get on her knees in front of me, turned her head and said to Nancy, “Let’s give him a treat.”

I know I must have died. Within seconds, both of these women were on their knees trading turns sucking and licking all over my cock. I looked down and saw two heads, one dark hair and the other blond, bobbing up and down. I’m not sure I can describe the feeling, I jus

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