Ride for Three

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Ride for Three

My friend John and I had been at the fair all day. It opened at 10 am. The sun was starting to set , And was almost time for the band that John wanted to see play on the free stage,more than I did.So I told him to go ahead to the stage,and I`d met up with him in 2 hours.So he went own his way,I began just looking around and I seen the double ferris wheel which I had wanted to ride earlier but John wouldn`t,cause he`s afraid of heights. So I went over to get in line to ride.

As I was approaching the line.I noticed two very pretty girls at the end of the line. And the line was sorta long but it looked like the ride was stopping to unload and reload.So I stayed there behind them,sorta listening in to some of there conversation but it was like the usual girl talk bout clothes,make-up..etc….but I kept looking at both their smooth sexy legs.Both of them had on short silky skirts.And their legs so perfect…and I kept noticing that both girls had on tops that was simular also,and showed off how perfect their round D breast looked. As we kept advancing to the steps I kept eyeing them not to be notice that I was looking each time they looked back as they were talking. So finally we was up on the steps now they were in front of me,So now I was able to see a little more up their legs and they looked so good I was starting to get a hard on from looking and wanting to touch their boobs and run my hands across their legs.

Then just as I snapped out of a quick fantasy. I seen the guy open the seat guard for them. As they got in,He said well this is the last seat for this trip. And I was the only single person left in line. So just as they heard him say that, they told him to let me ride with them ,if I wanted. So I nodded yes and started toward them .as I got up to the seat, the girls seemed to seperate and the one on the end moved her legs in allowing me to get in the middle. So I sat there, I was a little shocked that they had invited me to ride with them, So they started talking to me and we did the general chit chat as the ride went around and etc.They seemed to start getting a little more friendlier thru the time we was going around ,they even asked if I had a girlfreind. I told them no I didn`t have a girlfriend at the moment, they both sorta giggled. Just at that time we felt a big jolt,And the ride had stopped,with us on the very top.

After a few seconds I seen the guy on the ground looking at a busted belt that had come off. then he announced to everyone that everything was OK and that just as soon as they could change the belt the ride would continue..So we three kepted talking. I was 27, Six years older than my two new friends. As we were talking they both kept looking at each other and grining. Lori, (the one on my left that had told the guy to let me ride) was looking over at Tina (the one that I thought had the biggest breast) She said you wanna. Tina said yeah if he wants to. So Lori says to me,We wanna know who you think kisses the best and most passionate. Well after pinching myself on the leg,I replied with ” yeah I`m game”. So at that time Lori takes her hand and gently pulls my head her way, meeting my lips with her very warm soft lips, then I feel her tongue slide into my mouth,and she started moving it all around and I wrapped my arm around her pulling her closer.This was definatly getting me turned on. than after a few mintues tina says ok you two,my turn. Then upon lori letting me go,Tina had done wrapped her arm around my neck and she was already kissing my lips and lightly bitting them,then just as lori was rubbing my hand on her leg. Tina had slipped her tongue in my mouth and was sucking on my tongue very sexually. By this time not only did I realize that my cock was very hard but Lori had just started rubbing across my shorts, feeling how hard I was . I looked at her and she was smiling and took Tinas hand and had her feel it. they both smiled at each other. and at that time Tina says “I`ve got to see that” and she starts to undo my zipper and she also unbuttons them so she can get it out of my boxers with her hand. As she reach in and wrapped her fingers around it she mumbles out to Lori ” oh my girlfriend . he`s got a nice cock” and she brings it out. they both softly strokes it up and down and now I`m just like in a trance. As I`m sitting there with my eyes closed for a second I feel Lori starting to kiss me on the lips again and she suddenly slips her tongue inside my mouth again and she`s sucking on my tongue and I start kissing her back and I try to get my tongue out from hers so I can run mine around her mouth but She isnt giving it up, Then I feel her grab my hand placing it on her upper leg and I start to move it slowly up her leg and arond to the inner side as she feels it moving inward she speads her legs,allowing my fingers to feel their way up to her very wet thongs. I let my fingers pull her thong to one side,allowing them to start tracing up and down her pussy.she was so wet and slippery now that my fingers just slipped into her pussy and as she moaned out a little,Thats when I felt and warm wet sensation go all over the head and then the shaft of my hard cock,it was Tina`s mouth and she slide her tongue tightly around my cock as she went down it and back up to the head. They both was making me very hot, Lori was sucking passionatly on my tongue and Tina was making her mouth feel like a tight virgin pussy. Then Lori pulls away from kissing me and looks into my eyes and says you like this. I reply with “Oh babe,I think I`m in heaven”. She says “wait til I show you what heaven is”.

Then she slowly rubs Tina`s head and starts making her head go like she wants Tina to suck my cock. Lori controls Tina`s haed for a few minutes and shes watching my eyes as she doing it. And just as Tina`s mouth is making my cock wanna explode my load. Lori makes her stop and lori lowers her mouth down on to the head of my cock slowly licking around the ridge,looking up at me with her blue sexy eyes,then she slowly makes the head slip into her mouth and her eyes isn`t looking at me. At that same time Tina now has her mouth on my lips kissing me and she slips her tongue into my mouth and sucks my tongue for a few seconds .then she kisses her way around to my ear and she softly whispers into my ear ” I don`t want you to let her make you cum, I want you to wait til I can get it back into my mouth.then I want you to cum all in my mouth and down my throat”. Oh God, just hearing this beuaty say that made my cock flinch inside Lori`s mouth,now lori thinks I`m bout ready to cum and she starts really sucking harder and faster. And as Tina and I are kissing with our tongues trapping one another. I find my hand is slowly sliding up Tina`s skirt. As my fingers make their way up inside her thighs.To my suprise,she doesn`t have anything on and her pussy felt even more slippery and wet than Lori`s did. And as my fingers found their way up inside her warm wet pussy, Tina`s pussy felt even tighter than Lori`s did. By this time as horny as they had me and as good as Lori was sucking my now very hard cock,which was pulsating and ready to blow my load.I was fighting to hold back for Tina. I knew I had to let her know soon. So I pulled away from her mouth,kissing my way around to her neack and ear,And I whispered ” babe, I really dont know how much longer I can wait for your warm tandlizing mouth and tongue.

At that Moment she leaned over and said to Lori ” hey girl, Don`t hog that cock”. Then I felt Lori suck hard and slowly her way up to the head and as she got to it she sucked and ran her tongue around it. ( this felt so fucking good) I had to bite my lower lip to keep from shooting my cum in Lori`s mouth. ( Now by this time we had been stuck up at the top for about 35-40 minutes). So tina slowly gets up and like leans over to see whats going on on the ground.Lori is also looking down over her side and shes telling that she sees the men still working to get that long belt on.

So as Tina acts like shes trying to get w
here she can see too, she slid
es over my lap with her leg straddling me like, and as shes leans down and whispers into my ear. I feel her hand stroking my cock and then I feel her place the head of it and starts rubbing it up thru her pussy lips making the head very wet and not to say I could feel the warmth and that was making it very harder and start to throbn in her fingers. Lori isn`t really paying attention to what Tina is doing. And as tina kisses me and slips her tongue back into my mouth,She also lowers her very tight wet slippery pussy down onto my hard cock. She gets about a third of it in and she stops and she says “Oh God,I knew it was thick looking,How fuckin big are you”? I said its only 8 inches. she said I could already sse that. “I mean how thick is it”? I replied “well I did have one girl that measured it around and she said it was a little over 2 1/4″ thick. She moaned “mmmmmmmmmmm baby” as she let more slip into her tight pussy. As we started kissing passionatly again and I could tell only about half of my cock was in and her pussy was feeling so fucking good I wanted my cock all the way up in her. So I got this wild idea to hold her very close and tight and as I did I forced her body down onto my lap sending my hard as cock all the way into her wet tight pussy. As it went all the way in I heard her moan out ” Oh damn….. that ……..mmmmmmmmm feels fucking good”.and she suddenly lifts her top up and exposes her 34D tits and pulls my mouth onto one of them…I eagerly start sucking her nipple and sorta biting on it with my lips wrapped around my teeth so I dont hurt her. She moans out. I start really pushing my hard cock in and out her pussy harder and faster. And Lori now has noticed what we`re doing, and I feel her fingers feeling my cock from behind Tina`s ass ,As it`s going in and out her friends pussy. Lori tells Tina “I think that man is almost done” with that Tina whispers into my ear ” do you wanna cum in my pussy or my mouth”?. And as I go to reply…She says as she leans her head into my neck ” fuck me baby…ohhhh fuck me ,I`m about to cum” as soon as she said that my cock started really throbbing in her pussy and with my ramming harder into her and her pussy started tighten up around my cock.and I knew she was just on the verge of cumming all over my cock,My cock started pulsating hard and as soon as I felt her warm jucies flowing as she was cumming…it just made me loose control of it all I held her very tight as I made my cock shove deep into her tight pussy sending large hot wads of cum up deep into her.
This lasted a life time it seemed but only about a minute and a half she finally sat still on my lap with my cock still up in her. lori says” damn you guys made me cum too” then as Tina got up and moved back over. Lori Shocked me, As she went down and picked up my semi hard sticky cock and took it into her mouth and sucked out any cum that was left and then she slowly suck from the base of the shaft up to the tip. As she looked up at me she said”Next time ,I wanna be the one you cum in”

So as we got composed again the ride started back up.we soon was down ,back on solid ground and as we exited the ride. Tina hands me a piece o paper with their full names and adresses and phone numbers.And I had to promise to call soon. they wanna cook out or something says Lori. They both turn around as they started to walk off and both girls blew me a kiss

I blow them kisses and said “stay sweet til next time”

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