Secret Lovers

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We met at his apartment at ten o’clock. We were sitting on his bed and just talking for a while. I wanted him so bad! We started kissing and his lips were so juicy, our tongues swirled together perfectly. He turned me onto my back and began rubbing me through my clothes as we continued to kiss. He slowly pulled my shirt up over my head and removed my bra. His strong hands touched me delicately as he moved his head down to suck on my nipples. His mouth was warm and wet and my nipples quickly became hard. I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands over his dark muscular chest. I took my pants off and he began to grind his body against mine. Things were heating up as we kissed. He asked me if i wanted it and I breathily answered yes. He took his pants off and put his protection on. He got on top of me and slowly entered me. It was so big but as he pulled in and out again and again he began to feel wonderful. I could feel him opening me up touching every spot inside me. I sucked on his chest and his neck as his hands grabbed my tits. He was pumping fast now and I knew he was almost ready to cum since I was already on the verge. I arched my back and prepared for the pleasure. He pushed deep and at that moment I came. Our bodies melted together as we exploded with joy. We lay there and held eachother as our hearts beat together. I can only hope that our next time happens soon…

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