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It is perhaps the only recession proof industry. The only industry that has basically been around since God through Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. The selling of sex. Although, I would say, ninety nine percent of the people who are in the industry, never really set out to be in the industry. If you talk to the girls, if you ever have that honor, they would all tell you that they got in it for the money, and travel. I swear, I have the utmost respect for these women.
I work for Europe’s largest online and print magazine. If you don’t visit peep shows or sneak out to the seedy part of town, chances are, you have never heard of this company. Just put it this way, it is HARDCORE to the MAX, but done in a very classy way, as strange as it sounds. A large portion of the photo shoots are done in exotic locals, with the most beautiful women, you have EVER seen. I said I have the utmost respect for them, because they do and go through some shit, that we the photographers and out sick perverted minds can think up. I never knew there was so many ways to fuck a woman, until I had a willing naked one standing in front of me, waiting for my directions.

“Jay, so what’s the shoot today?” Amanda, a tall blond Czechoslovakian girl asks. I say girl, because she has just turned eighteen. She has done some layouts for us in the past, but only oral. No matter where you are in the world, you can’t sell photos of a girl under eighteen having sex. Of camera, that’s another thing. She is a favorite of mine to work with, because she is just so sexual.

“Today Amanda, you’re getting fucked by four guys, and a massive facial at the end.” I said.

“Cool. So where is my co-workers?”

“Probable still sleep. It’s so hard to find dependable dick.”
She laughed. She disrobed, and walked to the window of the suite we rented. She sat down, and crossed her legs, picked up the remote control for the television, and began to channel surf. As I finished setting up, my camera and lights, I looked over at her, and just got so aroused. You can’t help but get aroused at taking pictures of naked women, but, it looses it excitement after a while. But sometimes you have a women that just makes you loose control, and Amanda was on of them.
I walked over to the phone and dialed the guys rooms, they were just getting ready to eat breakfast, and would be over in about twenty minutes.

“Are you hungry?” I asked Amanda.

“No, just ready to fuck. I haven’t be fucked in three days.”
She looked at me and grinned.
She got up and walked over to me. I pulled her close, and kissed her, on the neck. She let out a soft moan. I ran my hands down her soft back, and then lightly squeezed her ass.

“You wanna quicky?” I asked
She shook her head. I laid her on the floor, and spread her legs. Her cunt opened, exposing a light shade of pink. I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock, and entered her loose pussy. I moved in and out of it quickly. I leaned down and began to suck on her small breast. Then I moved to her mouth and kissed her. Just as I was getting in the mood, a knock was heard at the door.

“Finish.” She said.
I pumped faster, and harder. I pulled out of her pussy, and moved quickly to her mouth, and exploded on her warm lips. Her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. Then she swallowed it whole and moved slowly back. Another knock at the door. I got up as quickly as I could, zipped up and opened the door.

“Sorry guys, just finish setting up.” I said
Amanda walks out of the bathroom, naked and moves over to the bedroom.

“What are we waiting for, I’m ready to fuck.” She said.
All four men, take there clothes of and walk over to her, and immediately began pulling on her hair, and biting on her tits.

“Alright guys, I need, one of you under her, in her ass. Another on top, in the pussy. On in her mouth, and the other. Amanda, I want you to jerk off with your hand.”
A few minutes pass, and the scene was set. You heard light moan, and grunts, as every hole of this young girl was being filled. The guy that was on the bottom of her, was rapidly fucking her tight ass, while another is pumping her pussy, which is by now very wet. I try to get the best of the action. Like now, cum slowly runs down the shaft of the guy in her ass. That is what people want to see. She moves her head to the other cock in her hand and begins to suck it. This goes on for about ten minutes. After I get enough to edit through, it is time for the money shot, the cum bath.

“Amanda, I need you on you knees. And begin to suck on a cock.” She moves her head to the left and sucks hungrily on one of the cocks.
“Alright, now guys I need you to jerk off, and once at the point of coming, hold it until I can get all four of you at the same time.”
The cock that Amanda has in her mouth pulls out, and he with the other three, begin to rub their dicks fast. One guy stops, and holds his dick hard, then another, until all of them are ready to cum.

“Amanda, their going to let go in your mouth, so open wide.”
She opens wide and is ready. I set my camera for ten frames per second because.

“When I say let loose, I need you all at the same time, to let loose.”
One stands with his testicles hitting her eyes, there is one at either side of her mouth and there is one guy who has his cock on her chin.
Immediately, wade after wade, of white thick cum fills her mouth. Her eyes roll in the back of her head, and her finger of her left hand rubs her cunt. That one scene required twenty eight frames. The last eight was of Amanda sucking every cock dry, and then smiling at the camera, face and mouth covered in cum.

“Get off me.” Amanda says as she runs to the bathroom. You hear running water, then the spray of the shower.

“Alright guys, you can go. You checks are over by the table in the dinning area.”
They all get dressed and leave. About fifteen minutes of Amanda showering she comes up wrapped in a towel. She then walks over to the same chair where she, first sat, and begins to channel surf. I put away my equipment, then check my flight for home. I then call my wife, at home in Maui.
Yeah I am married. And as one would expect, most women don’t accept their husbands photographing naked women, but my wife is also in the “Biz”.
She is smart, she was a
Language Professor, at Oxford University. But when the -University phased her department out,
she was left with no income, and a lot of bills. So she began prostituting, which lead her to doing porn, which lead her to working for Private, which lead her to me. She is half West Indian and Italian. Which gives her a very exotic look. She is known in the porn world for her Gang-Bangs and hardcore sex videos. I really don’t think that Hardcore describes what she does, because the shit is just, unthinkable. Her latest endeavor was to fuck five hundred men, and then have them all cum on her. And she did it. Before that she sucked and fucked a horses cock. Which was interesting. She is loved by producers because she will literally do anything. To a limit. She won’t do scat, or have people pee on her, Thank God.
Anyway but she is my wife, and I truly love her. Added to love, we have two beautiful teenage Daughters. That is a challenge, trying to steer them in the right direction.

“Hey, is your mom there?” I ask Nyssa, my youngest.

“Yeah, she’s here. When are going to be back?”


“Guess what?”


“I got a boyfriend.”

“Put your mother on the phone.”

“Hey, what’s up?” My wife answers
“Who is this boyfriend.”

“Oh it’s innocent. They went out to a movie, that’s it.”

“That’s how it all starts.”

“She’s thirteen, she knows about sex.”

“Alright can we not talk about this.”

“You have to acknowledge that your daughters are not going to be innocent all their lives.”
I took a deep breath in.

“So how you been?” I ask.

“Fine, just waiting for you to come home. I miss our fucks.”

“I’ll be at the airport at ten in the morning, can you guys pick me up?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll see you then.”
I hung the phone up, and then laid back on the couch.

“Teenage problems?” Amanda ask
I just grunt.

“Not all teenage girls are sluts.”

“Not all teenage girls have parents that’s in the porn biz.”

I lean up and put my head in my hands. Then I look up at Amanda.

“I never really asked any of the women this, so you’ll be the first. Why? Why porn?”

“The money is good, and I like to travel.”
“Do your parents know?”

“FUCK NO! They think I work for a travel agency.”

“The lie can’t go on forever.”

“I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.”

“Anyway, I got a flight to catch. You’re ok?”

“Yeah My flights in two days, so I’ll just soak up the sun hear in Tahiti and fuck.”

“See you latter. I think we’re scheduled to work together again in about six month, so until then stay safe.”

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