sex in the bathroom

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While making out after having a few beers she had to pee. I walked her to the bathroom expecting her to enter and close the door and come out in a minute or so. Instead she grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I’m not into piss play or scat but went in. She pulled down her pants and underwear and sat down on the toilet seat. She pulled me toward her and had me pull down her pants while standing in front of her. She had me sit on her lap and as she pee’d she had me titty fuck her and sucked my cock. while making out with her.

Definitely more happened in the bedroom, kitchen, and hallway following this, but the bathroom blowjob as she piissed in the pot will always be something i will remember. We plan on fucking each other in a rental casket when the opportunity arises or in the morgue ( we’re both funeral people ). No intention of messing or playing with the deceased!!!!!! so don’t expect a story on that!!!!

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