sex with sister-in law

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I have been fantazing of having a secret sex scenes with my sister-inlaw/mother-in law for many years now. I am a decent guy with a beautiful wife and adorable son. I also have a great job that attracts a lot females. The problem is when i’m at my sister-inlaw’s house or when she comes over to visit – I can’t keep myself from getting horny when she’s around. One time my wife decided to take a vacation (i went to join them after a couple of days), my sister-inlaw called me and ask if she can come over to my house and take a shower – since her husband is at work and can’t fix the shower head, she thought maybe i wouldn’t mind. So she came knocking on the door and there she was standing before me with that naughty smile and i can see her nipples sticking out really hard from her tank-top showiing her sexy belly. She says “hey, i know you’re alone today and hope you don’t mind if i invade your privacy?” and i said, “no, not at all” It was 10:00 in the morning and i just finish taking a shower so i was really kind of thinking or should i say hoping that something good will happen. So she went into the shower and i started smelling this steamy smell of her shampoo and I was starting to get really turned on. My heart was pumping really hard and my dirtly thoughts is telling me to join her in the shower – so i slowly turn the knob of the door and asked her is she was alright, to my surprise she didn’t get upset or acted mad at all, she asked me if i want to do it with her and i asked, “are you sure?” and she said, “i know you want me so i am going to make your fantasy happen right now” She then grabbed my already hard dick without hesitation and started stroking it – i pulled her closer to me and started kissing her passionately
her tounge was the sweetest tounge i have ever tasted in my whole life – she keeps stroking my dick up and down and i can’t tell she hasn’t had sex for a long time because of the way she shakes. will continue….

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  1. dude where the fuck did you leanrn to write that totally sucked, ddint even get half a rise….

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