sex with wifes sister

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im a 44 yearold married man.and ive always had a crush on my wifes older sister.her name is linda.shes 53.blonde eyes.nice tits.beautiful legs.and ive always wanted her.i would jerkoff almost everyday thinking about her.soo one day i was at her apartment.and had to go use the batroom.when i noticed a pair of sexy pink saten panties on her counter.well i could not resist.soo i ended up jerking off into them.and shot a nice load of cum all over the cruch area.i put them back.and left.well later that evening i ran into her at a corner bar.and as we hugged.she whispered in my ear i know what you did to my panties.i was totally shocked.she said she was wearing them that night.and the wetness from my cum.made her soo wet.and asked if im turned on by her.soo i took a chance and told her id do anything to fuck her.well she grabbed my hand.and we ended up back at her place.we started to soon as we got in the door.i started kissing her neck and ears.when she lost it dropped to her knees.and pulled my shorts down.and started to suck my cock.i was in heaven.watching her lick.suck the whole lenght.but i needed to taste her.soo i pulled her up.laid her on the bed.pulled her pink panties off.and finally started to lick her pussy.she tasted soo good.i started to finger her as i licked her clit.and she came her cum squirted into my waiting mouth.i kissed my way up her belly.till our mouths met.and i slowley put my cock into her wet pussy.she wtapped her legs around me as i fucked her nice fast and hard.she came again quick.i fucked her like this for about 30 minutes till i had to i was pullingout she begged me to fill her up.her pussy gripped me as i finally shot a nice load of cum inside her.weve been fucking around now for a year.i fuck her in all diffrent positions.and recently had anal with her which she loved.

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