Sexual Awakening Part 3

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I’ve decided to jump ahead abit now. I’ve had a couple of people write me and ask me to move on and let them know what happened so here we go:
One day I came home from work and found Carl and Krista sitting at the table and they asked me to join them. I sat there and listened as Carl told me that he told Krista about my feelings for Scott and how I hadn’t had any sex in so long. To my surprise Krista said that she was okay with it because she loved me so much. I was stunned! Krista told me that she knew I was attracted to Scott and she knew he thought I was very beautiful. I felt myself blushing.
I felt so uneasy sitting there but nothing more was said until Krista got up to leave and she said, “Okay so lets do this then on Friday night.” With that she got in her car and waved good bye and left. Carl just looked at me and smiled. For the next couple of days nothing happened but as Friday approached I got really nervous.
Friday afternoon came and I was upstairs when Carl came in and asked if I was ready to go. Exhaling deeply I said yes, he looked at me and told me I looked great. With that he put out his hand, I took it and we left for Krista and Scott’s place. Dinner for me was very tense I was so nervous. Afterwards, Krista and Carl said they were going to see a movie. Just the two of them. After they left Scott and I got comfortable on the couch and talked and drank alittle.
I asked Scott straight out if he knew what Carl, Krista and I had talked about a couple of days before. I nearly choked on every word. He looked at me and said yes and placed a hand on my knee. Just as I was going to tell him it was okay if he wasn’t interested in me he pulled me to him and kissed me. I melted straight away and closed my eyes. Scott and I kissed for sometime before he broke our kiss and asked if I was sure I wanted to do this.
“Oh yes!” I said. With that he held out his hand and we walked upstairs to his bedroom.
Scott closed the door and we kissed more. Our tongues were having a great time. Scott kept rubbing my tits and my ass. Suddenly a thought hit me, not a thought of stopping but one of not being able to please him. I had never done anything other than missionary style sex ever. Seemingly reading my mind Scott told me to relax and lay down. I laid down and Scott began kissing my left knee working his way up. When his tongue found my exposed pussy I had an orgasm. His tongue was magic. It was the first time I had oral sex. He stopped stood up and peeled off all of his clothes and I did the same as fast as I could.
I then reached out and stroked Scott’s cock. I had longed to do this for so long. I looked at him and said, “I’ve never sucked cock before.”
“Its time you did then.” he said and gave me a wink. I leaned in close with his cock a mere inch from my lips. I wasn’t sure I could do it as I opened my mouth and put the head of his cock in. He moaned as I took it deeper. I felt his hands on the back of my head as I sucked his cock. I could feel him gently pushing my head down further. I gagged and he told me to relax and I tried. Soon he was fucking my mouth and telling me how good it felt. For my part I found sucking cock great. I was sad as he pulled out of my mouth.
He got on top of me and I felt the head of his cock against my very wet pussy lips. It actually hurt alittle at first as he entered me but Scott was good about it and took his time. Once he was inside me he picked up the pace and within minutes I came again. I soaked the bed! Scott used full strokes as he fucked me into the bed. Sex with Carl had never been like this. My whole body tightened as I came hard again.
“Good Girl Kristen.” Scott said as he thrusted into me. I was being driven right into the mattress. I was so into the fucking I started moaning and talking dirty. I normally don’t do such things. I told Scott to use me ANY way he wanted I was his. In one fluid movement he flipped me on top and told me to fuck him good. I slid up and down on his cock.
My pussy was so full and I loved how Scott played with my tits and ass as he fucked me. Scott began sucking on my tits I was in heaven. Then I felt something I never had before as Scott’s cock left my pussy and he put it against my ass. I had never had anal sex before but again he was good and told me to relax as much as I could. It hurt like hell at first and then it started to feel good. It was different but I did like it. The more he fucked my ass the more I liked it. Scott then moved me to the side and got behind me and entered my pussy from behind.
Our sweaty bodies slapping together made such an obscene sound but I didn’t care. I came another 2 times. I had never came this hard or often before. Scott massaged my tits as he fucked my pussy. I loved the feeling of his balls slapping against me. I felt him cumming as he went very ridgid. I came again with him.
Scott led me to the shower and got in behind me I had never had a shower with someone else before! It felt great as he washed me down and dropped to his knees and began eating my pussy out in the shower. I held his head tight to my eager pussy and let him feast. After some time I began to wash him down and gave his cock some much needed lip service. I continued to suck Scott’s cock until he came in my mouth. Having never given a blow job before I didn’t know what to expect but swallowed anyway, it was delicious! I wanted more but Scott told me we should get dressed. I play sulked but got dressed.
About 30 minutes later Carl and Krista came back and after some talk about the movie Carl and I left for home. On the way home Carl asked if I had a good time I smiled and said yes. Carl said he was glad and he loved me. Krista, Scott and Carl had given me such a great freedom that night. A couple of days later I learned from Krista that her Carl and Scott were all okay with me being with Scott again. Good thing I know now I had strong needs that had to be met! I love them all so much and I’m still with Scott every chance I get.

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