Shower Hour

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He was tired and aching from a long day at work. The first thing he did when he got home, was rush his sore and stiff muscles into a nice hot shower, and thats where I found him-
I watched from the doorway, saw the hot water cascading down his powerful back, running in thick rivulets from his broad shoulders, down the curve of his spine and splashing down his perfect ass. God, I could sink my teeth into that amazing ass. “Maybe I will” I thought to myself, grinning.
I walked over to him, still oblivious to my presence in the bathroom, lathered up my fingers and slowly started working my hands up and down his shoulders, i felt him stiffen at first, but he relaxed at the familiar feel of my hands. I continued soaping him up, spreading all over his chest, and the tattoo on his right shoulder (which turned me on every time I saw it), and even down the backs of his thighs. I massaged every part of his creamy flesh, then came back to the part of him that craved my attentions the most. His massive erection stuck out proudly in front of him.
“I forgot a spot,” I whispered in his ear at the same time I wrapped my fingers around it feeling it pulse and throb in my hand. I felt him tense, and I stopped, moving in front of him, under the sprayer, water rushing all over my caramel skin, I dropped to my knees taking every inch of him into my mouth. I kept pumping his thick rod, gripping tightly with one hand, as the water rained down on top of my head, all over my body. I heard him moan above me, and felt his cock pulse in my mouth, I tasted the salty tang of his pre cum, and he suddenly pushed me away. Pressing my back against the cool tiles, hot water steady pouring down my DDDs, he positioned himself between my legs, my knees buckling as he sucked on my clit and slowly pushed one finger inside of me, slowly stroking against my g spot. His tongue continued rolling around my swollen clit, and he inserted yet another thick finger, stroking faster and deeper, each time hitting that spot and causing my body to buck and spasm. Trembling, I felt the orgasm crashing through my body. I could no longer hold myself up, and I felt my back slipping down to the floor, when he suddenly pulled me up against the tiles, wrapping my legs around his waist, and at the same time, slipping into my swollen, wet pussy with ease. I moaned at the feel of his cock, filling me, and stretching me, hitting the right spots, and then he started pounding harder. I cried out at each thrust, dug my fingers deeper into his shoulders, and my teeth into his neck, while the water continued to flow all around us. I ran my fingers through his wet hair, dragging his mouth to mine for a final passionate kiss, as he drove me over the edge of orgasm yet again. I felt my inner walls spasming, contracting around his hard shaft, getting tighter and tighter, until I finally felt him stiffen, and his thrusts grew more and more powerful and his orgasm overtook him. I felt his warm cum explode deep within me, with his last hard thrust.
We rested against the wall for just a moment longer until he carried me- never once pulling out, to his bed. As he collapsed on top of me, he grinned wickedly- “round 2” he said, as he rammed his rapidly hardening cock back into me.

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