Showing An Older Woman The Light

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I had come home from college for the summer. I found a landscaping job and developed a nice dark tan. One day after work my mom told me that the “workers” were coming over for dinner and would spend a couple of days. Perhaps I should explain. The church I grew up in has no name. Some people call us “two by twos”, some people call us “Cooneyites”, and some just call us
“The church with no name”. We don’t have any church buildings, we simply meet in homes that have been chosen by our ministers, whom we call workers. The workers have no home and receive no salary. They travel from home to home amongst our congregation and we feed them and let them stay with us. That being said, we were having the workers for our area over for a couple of days. They change the workers around every year so you dont have the same two all of the time. They can be either men or women and they always travel in twos( hence the name “two by twos). They never get married unless they decide to quit being workers. The two that were to be staying with us were Margaret Simon and Tracy Johanson. All of the women that go to our church wear their hair up in a bun and dress very modestly, the workers even more so. They arrived at about 6:00 and we had dinner. Since we only had one spare bedroom, I had to sleep on the couch so they could each have their own room. We had a little small talk after dinner and at about 10:00 everybody went to bed. About an hour later, Margaret tiptoed out to the couch. “Could you come into your room for a minute?” she whispered. “I think you forgot something in there”. She closed the door behind me after we got into my room. That was very unusual because workers go to great lengths to not be alone with a member of the opposite sex. She pointed to a stack of about 10 porno magazines.”I found these in your closet when I was hanging my clothes up” she said.In addition to a couple of Hustlers and Penthouses there were two hardcore Swedish Erotica magazines that showed penetration and cumshots.” I’m sorry” I stammered.” I’ll get rid of them.” I promised. “You must think I’m some kind of perverted sex addict.” I said. She smiled and said,” I’m no better than you Dallas, I loked through every picture and I must admit that I am very aroused.” I noticed that her nipples were hard and poking out.” I became a worker when I was 21 years old” she said.” I used to think about sex alot in the begining but I just prayed and was able to overcome those feelings. Now that I’m 42, I’ve been getting those feelings again.” As she spoke I could feel my dick getting hard. “It looks like you are too” she giggled pointing to my obvious erection.”Maybe we should call it a night before we get carried away.” I grabbed the stack of porn to throw out in the garage or something but Margaret told me to leave them there and she would put them back where she found them. Nothing more was said about it during the rest of their visit, although I caught her stealing glances at my crotch a couple of times. A few Saturdays later Margaret came over by herself.She asked me if I could help with some chores that needed to be done at one of the houses that we have our church meetings. Of course my mom was all too happy to send me off with her. After we got to the house she said that she had been thinking about our visit and wondered if I could help her with something.”Sure.” I said. “As you probably have figured out, I am a virgin.” she blurted out. “I want you to make love to me.” I started to say something but she began kissing me. She told me to wait in the front room and went into on of the bedrooms. After a couple of minutes she called me in. She was standing by the bed without a stich of clothes on. Her long black hair was out of it’s bun and cascaded down to the middle of her back. She was in good shape for 42. She was built like a woman with 36D tits that had just begun to sag and nice full hips. I told her to lay down on the bed then got undressed myself. I sucked and flicked her nipples with my tongue then I positiond myself between her legs. She had the hairiest pussy I have ever seen. The black curls made a thick, dark ring around her hole and there was a line of hair up to and surrounding her belly button. I began eating her out and was immediatly greeted with a squirt as she came. “That felt good but I want to feel you inside of me” she demanded. I put about 2 inches of my 10 1/2 inch rock hard cock up her tight little pussy and she winced with pain. I moved in and out with just 2 inches until she got comfortable. I added a little more until I was about halfway in. I began to pump faster and she started to buck her hips.”OOHH YES!!!!” she screamed as a huge gush of pussy juice drenched my cock. I shoved my whole cock inside as she was clawing my back. “FASTER” she cried as I was giving her all 10 1/2 inches. Another gush of juice steamed out of her pussy as she came again. I was just about to cum when she asked me to stop because it was getting sore. I pushed her big, soft, round tits together and slid my cock between them. After a few srokes between her melons I exploded. Cum was on her tits, her neck, her face and hair, and all over the headboard. We cleaned up the cum and washed the sheets. I’ve seen her a few times since but we have agreed to never talk about what happened.

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