Something He’ll Never Forget

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Im all dressed in my sexy lingerie,candles lit everywhere,and the room smell soo good. I told my boyfriend to wait in the other room till i told him to come in. I hurry up and get everything ready. Then when i was done i called him in. He came rushing in, and when he saw me, he had this big huge smile on his face. I grabbed his hand and pushed him down on the bed. I unbotton his pants and pulled them off. I see his big huge 11 inch dick sticking up from his boxers ready for my tight wet pussy to get on it. Then i toke my bra off and my size 48 F boobs came bouncing out. He pulled his shirt off and sat up and grabbed me and put me on top of him and started sucking on my boobs. I just love the way he just circle his tougue around my nipples cause it turns me on soo bad. Then i pulled down his boxers and started playing with his dick. He started moaning while still suckin on my boobs. Then he stop and i stood up and toke my thong off and we’re both naked and he just picked me up and put me up against the wall and stuck his dick in and started fucking the shit out of me. He went faster and faster and faster till i was screaming. Then he threw me on the bed and flipped me on my stomache. He stuck is dick in my pussy from the back. He went fast, faster, faster and faster till i started to scream “Im bout to cum!!” Then he went faster and faster and harder till he came inside of me and i came on his dick.

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