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tim and jackie had been together for about a year and things were going great. they were both about to finish up with college and begin moving into the next chapter of their life. one weekend in october, they decided to take a night out and go to a local bar with some of jackie’s sorority sisters.

“tim! are you ready yet!?”

“jak, give me a break…they aren’t going to be here for like a half-hour.”

“no asshole, try ten minutes…”

tim always finds it funny when jackie gets angry over little things. he exits the bathroom and walks up behind jackie while she is looking through her purse on the kitchen counter. he is tall, about 6’4″ and filled out nicely from playing in an adult football league around town. jackie feels tim press up against her back and rest his chin on her shoulder.

“why do you have to make me angry all the time?” jackie says.

“because you’re cute when you’re mad.”, tim replies as he wraps his arms around her waist and presses a kiss on the base of jackie’s neck.

“i’d like you more if you didn’t.”

tim snickers and replies, “hmmm, i doubt that.”

before they had noticed, 15 minutes had passed and the doorbell rang out. jackie made her way to the front door and opened it to reveal four of her sorority sisters, dressed to impress.

“tim, come on let’s go! we have to pick up something to pre-game with at your house.”

tim makes his way out to the car with the group of chatty sorority girls and drives ten minutes away to his parent’s house where there was plenty of liquor to choose from in the garage. the group pulls up into the driveway and parks.

“alright i’ll be like 2 minutes.” tim says as he opens the door and steps out.

“i’m coming to pick it out, cause you’ll come back with something gross like whiskey.” jackie replies and races tim up to the door.

the door opens and the couple makes their way towards the garage. tim’s parents had gone away for the week and left him in charge of watching the house. the house is an average two story suburban home with lots of pictures of tim’s extended family hanging everywhere. jackie likes to come in and see pictures of tim from when he was a kid.

“you’re cute in this one. what happened?” jackie teases as she smirks.

“you’re funny jak…ha…ha…ha.”

tim grabs jackie around the waist and tickles her while carrying the laughing sorority cutie into the garage to find something good to drink. they enter the musty garage and pull down two full plastic containers of nothing but bottles of alcohol.

“what to drink, what to drink”, tim says while perusing the fine selection of vodka, rum, and other assorted liquors.

“i like vodka”, jackie states, “but i like you better…”

jackie grabs a belt loop in tim’s jeans and spins him around to throw her arms up around his neck. she loves how every time he kisses her, she has to stand on her toes to get to his soft lips. the loving couple stands for what seems like an eternity, enthralled in the way it feels to have electricity in every kiss.

“you know, your sisters are waiting for us”, tim says as he reluctantly pulls back from jackie’s adorable freckled face.

“they can wait. i’ve never been in here”, jackie replies as she looks around.

the garage is long, but not wide. a variety of fishing equipment, boxes, tools and lawn equipment is stacked against the walls. in the middle of the garage stands a green riding mower tim’s dad had purchased earlier that summer.

“think you can be quick?” jackie asks tim as she bites her lip and stares into his eyes devilishly.

“in here?” tim replied.

jackie pulls tim’s head down to hers and softly bites his bottom lip. while she has tim’s undivided attention, she slowly slips her other hand inside of his jeans and tim throws his head back and smiles at jackie. in an instant, tim grabs jackie with both hands under her ass and lifts her up. jackie’s legs wrap around tim’s waist and they begin making out passionately.

tim walks jackie over to the awaiting riding mower and sets her down on the hood.

“oh ok. you’re going to get way too much of a kick out of this aren’t you?” jackie asks as tim undoes his belt.

“are you complaining?” tim replies.

“i never said anything about complaining”, jackie says as she grabs the waist line of tim’s jeans and yanks them down to the cold garage floor.

tim’s cock springs out and stands throbbing, erect in the cool air. jackie slides her open palm around the head of it and teases tim before clenching her fingers around it’s shaft and tugging. the arousal is more than tim can stand, and he slides his hands up jackie’s jean skirt on the outside of her thighs. he grasps the side bands of her bikini cut panties and pulls them down to her feet. still gripping tim’s cock, jackie removes one foot from her hanging underwear and spreads her legs. the entire time the couple maintains their playful grins and eye contact.

jackie is a sweet, innocent girl, but loves to be dirty with tim. she pulls him in between her legs by his erection and rubs the tip up and down between her wet labia.

“like that?” jackie says.

tim lets out a deep breath and closes his eyes smiling ear to ear. the more reaction tim shows, the more jackie loves to play and tease with him. she rubs the head of his dick all around her clit and closes her eyes while letting out soft, muffled moans in pleasure. tim senses the tides turning in control and decides to make a move.

“i thought we had to be quick”, tim says as he runs his hand through jackie’s hair and pulls it just enough to gain her attention.

jackie looks up at tim and slightly loses tension on her grip of his throbbing member. he takes advantage and thrusts deep inside her. jackie lets out a deep moan and digs her nails into tim’s defined shoulders. the dull pain is followed by an irresistible urge for more.

“please…fuck me tim. please fuck me.”

tim responds by laying one hand on the small of jackie’s back, and one under her arm gripping her shoulder from behind. he bends over, angling her to feel his cock fill her completely. jackie gasps again as she feels it reach her inner most wall. her hips begin to slightly thrust back and forth as the sensation is overwhelming her self control. tim smiles in reaction to her inability to control herself and stands still to tease her.

“seems like you can fuck yourself”, tim says in jest.

jackie cracks a smile in realization of what she is doing and pulls herself up to tim’s ear.

“fuck me now or i’m leaving you with nothing”, she whispers and then runs her teeth down the side of tim’s neck.

tim responds using his arms in rhythm with his hips to thrust and pull at the same time. jackie holds herself as close to tim as possible to avoid falling off of the narrow riding mower hood. her moans become louder in tim’s ear with every entry and pound against her cervix. tim grunts and pants as he fucks her harder and harder.

“oh god tim, i’m almost there”

jackie suddenly changes from gasping and moaning to silent and breathless. tim feels her pussy begin to tighten around his cock and turns up the speed. a bead of sweat rolls down his nose as he feels the cum start to rise up his shaft.

“don’t stop, don’t stop…i’m gonna….i’m gon”

jackie’s mouth is wide open, but she can’t speak. her entire body tightens up and she clenches her thighs around tim’s waist. tim throws three more hard thrusts into jackie and she bursts while throwing her face into his neck.

“unghhh, jak i’m gonna cum.”

tim pulls out of jackie and backs up, letting her slide down off of the riding mower’s hood to her knees on the concrete floor. she grabs his cock and sucks while jerking him off into her mouth. tim’s legs freeze and he throws his head back.

all at once his body jerks and he cums. jackie continues to suck him dry while swallowing every last drop. she puts her hands on tim’s hips and pulls him forward, sliding him deep inside her throat. he shivers as he feels her swallow around his cock.

“ungh…ok…jak stop”, tim says as the sensation becomes more than his body can take.

jackie stands up and pulls her panties back on underneath her skirt. she wipes her hand across her mouth and smiles ear to ear.

“mmmm, now i’m ready to go”, jackie says

she gives tim a quick playful kiss on the lips, and makes her way toward the garage door. as she passes by tim, he slaps her on the ass.

“owww! i hate when you do that!” jackie groans as she walks through the doorway back into the house.

“i told you, you’re cute when you’re mad.”

the couple returned to their awaiting entourage and continued their night out on the town, all the while sharing secret smirks only they knew the meaning of.

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