stait sex

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My husband gives the best oral sex I have ever had the way he goes down on me is a talent spreds my legs wide so he can get every angale of me sucking on my clit. Gently licking the folds of my pussey. Putting his finger in my ass getting it ready to stick his dick in oh he fills so good i wish it could last fore hourers faster an faster he goes punching that punching bag with his tounge my legs around his head he eats that pussy so good fingering both holes an thin ask me witch hole do I want it in Both of corse he works me over real good. putting the tip of the dildo in my ass making me want to come even more. Slowly sliding it in deaper an deper in my ass until he can work his dick inside me licking on my clit once more for flaver he pushes his dick in me as far as he can go. Are you ready he says for me to take this dildo out of your ass so I can put my dick in?
Yes baby but take it slow playing with my pussy he puts the head in I can tell it’s a tight fit I’m so turned on right now I’m pushing my self on him an he goes in deeper the pace picks up I’m going to come he says i’m right along with my husband we have this amazing orgasime because when you love some one you can do eny thing with thim. Love wife

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