Stephanie And Her Mom

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I met Stephanie at the community college I was attending. She was tall, skinny with little B cup sized titties and a totally hot looking face. We studied together sometimes and ended up at her house one day after school. Before I knew it we were making out. She grabbed my cock and freaked out. “My God! How big is this thing?” She asked. “14 inches!” I told her. “I can hardly get my mouth around it!” She said as she eagerly sucked my cock. I returned the favor and ate her sweet little pussy. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I glanced toward the open bedroom door and saw a woman of about 45 standing there with her mouth and eyes wide open. I could tell from her features that she was Stephanie’s mom. Oh well, I was having too much fun to stop, and I didn’t care if she watched me fuck her daughter. I finished eating her pussy and pulled her to the edge of the bed, so I could stand on the floor as I fucked her. I could only fit the head of my cock in that tight liottle pussy and we began fucking. I angled myself to give her mom the best view of my 14 inch cock as I gently fucked her daughter. “Are you ready for a couple more inches?” I asked. She said, “Fuck yeah cowboy, I want it all!” she couldn’t take more than about 4 inches though, as I fucked her fast and hard. She began to wildly buck her hips and moan and scream. A spurt of juice squirted out of her pussy as she came. This made her pussy slick, and I gave her about half my cock and pumped her hard. I came about 30 seconds later, and it was spectacular. The thrill of having an audience, made me cum extra hard. I shot about 8 or 9 long thick spurts of cum which hit Stephanie’s face, tits, the bed, and some even got on the floor. Stephanie was laughing hysterically and I turned to her mom, “Did you enjoy seeing you daughter fucked by such a big cock?” I asked her. Her face turned beet red and Stephanie yelled,”MOM! What are you doing home?!” Her mom said, “Never mid that! What are you doing?!” ” Mom, I didn’t ….” Her mom cut her off. “Are you using birth control?” She asked. Stephanie shook her head no. “How can you be so stupid?!” She asked,”It only takes one drop of that stuff and this guy is shooting gallons of it all over the place with that big cock of his!” I smiled and waggled my cock at her. “You better get up and clean that sperm off of you, you have to leave for work in half an hour. “Oh shit!” Stephanie said and jumped up and ran into the bathroom. We heard the shower turn on. Her mom turned to me and said,”So, did you enjoy fucking my daughter?” “Of course!” I said. “She didn’t seem to handle your big cock very well though.” She said. “You think you could do better?” I asked. Fuck yes!” She said and stripped and jumped on the bed. I stuck my cock into her slimy wet, loose pussy and slid it all the way in. “Make me squirt like my daughter!” she said. I wasted no time in fucking her hard with my full 14 inches, and in about 2 minutes she was squirting like a fire hose. She came about 4 times in the next 5 minutes and said, “Okay, my pussy is getting sore. I want you to cum all over me!” I flipped her over and positioned her for doggy style, but changed my mind and stuck it up her ass instead. It was tighter than her pussy, but much looser than Stephanie’s pussy. Just then, Stephanie walked into the room. “What the hell is going on?” She shreiked. “I’m buttfucking your mother, you little bitch!” I said. I felt my orgasm building. “Hey bitch, what is your fucking name?” I asked the mom. “Leota.” came the reply. “Well Leota, turn around so I can cum in your face!” I said. She did as she was told. She sucked the shit off of the tip of my cock and I blasted her face with about 7 hard thick spurts of cum. Leota was laughing hysterically this time, and I could see in Stephanie’s eyes that she enjoyed watching me spray her mother’s face with cum. “If you say one word to your father about this, you will be one sorry little fucking bitch!” Her mom said. I went and made a sandwich, then left. I never talked to either one of those whores again.

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