steve gives suzanne what she needs

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suzanne looked at shrimp dick, i want a real man with a big cock, your dick is so small, you are useless to me, i want steven hart, dumbo looked at suzanne , please don,t suzanne i beg you, suzanne just laughed, to late little dick, i have told anne and she has sorted it out, now lick my boots clean while i ring anne, ha ha , suzanne rang anne, hi anne i have just told dumbo, and he begged me not to fuck steven, i know its funny, hes licking my boots clean, thats all hes good for,o.k what time do you want us round, see you at seven. suzanne knocked the door, anne answered, hello suzanne come in, then slamed the door in dumbo,s face, he just stood there, after 10 mins anne opened the door, right little dick in now, dumbo went to walk in anne grabbed his ears spat in his face and said crawl, anne had long black leather boots on, dumbo looked at them, anne saw and said take all your cloths off i want to see you little dick, omg you have the smallest dick i have ever see, lick my boots now, dumbo loved her boots anne could see this and loved it, as they went in to the lounge, suzanne was sitting next to steven, holding his massive cock, she looked at dumbo and said, look at this cock , look how big it is then she started sucking and licking it, anne said little dick its only fair your girlfriend has a real man, with a big cock, after all you don,t have a dick do you,

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