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Hi folks, Kelli here.  How you finding this book all about me and my fantasies?  I hope you’re enjoying reading about what I get up to with Man.  Anyway, he wants to tell you about this one, we’ll be back to normal service later I promise, so, over to him.
The second week of the holiday has certainly been different to the first.  Whilst that was pure romance, this could only be described as a week long porn shoot.  I’ve been fucking kelli wherever and whenever possible.  I’m surprised we haven’t collapsed through to much sex but what a way to go, cock deep in her perfectly shaved, juicy, tasty pussy.
We’ve left the room for the night, the sea’s been really rough all day and for once, it hasn’t been the picture postcard day in paradise.  The wind is getting up, its blowing kelli’s dress tight to her body, despite the blowjob she gave me just before we walked out of the room I’m wanting her again right now, her body is so shapely, I think its got even better the last week with all the swimming.  We land on the beach just as a flash of lightning lights up the sea behind us, followed by the loudest crash of thunder almost immediately that the light has gone.  I love a tropical storm and ask if we can watch it for a while.  Kelli agrees readily, she almost seems to be turned on by it.  I perch on the edge of a sun lounger, legs wide and get her to sit between them.  I put my arms round her and squeeze.  She purrs so I move higher up and feel her nipples through the dress.  They’re solid,  I knew I could read her.  I kiss the back of her neck while gently pinching and twisting her nipples.  She shuffles back further to my crotch, so I keep going, putting more pressure on her nipples as I know she loves having them played with hard. 
Another flash of lightning, a crash of thunder and it starts raining, not normal British rain but huge warm drops.  We’re soaked to the skin in seconds but don’t care.  I let go off her nipples, her dress clings to them like it has everywhere else.  Around us, the few other couples are running for shelter but not us.  I’ve shuffled and twisted round to kiss her as hard as I can.  My hand is running up her thigh, she carefully opens her legs so as not to make it too obvious to anyone left near us and I start playing with her clit.  My other hand lets go of her waist and works its way up her leg to, I slide a single finger into her fuck her with it.  The thunder and lightning continues, every time there is a flash and jam my finger in harder to coincide with the crash.  Tenderness is out of the window, she lets out a little yelp of pain but it doesn’t stop me.  The storm intensifies, there’s a couple of flashes every minute.  I keep treating her roughly, she’d tell me to stop if it was hurting so I keep going, I start to put more fingers in.  Kelli shuffles her arse round and sits across the lounger, one leg down either side.  Her pussy has opened up with the stretch, I stop playing with her clit and put my whole hand into her, she’s that turned on it slides in comparitvly easily.  I keep fisting her, she squirts harder than I’ve ever known, her cum is running down my arm, mixing with the warm rain. 
From walking round the island, I know there’s a real secluded cove just 30 seconds up the beach.  Kelli’s legs are still a bit wobbly from the orgasm so I pick her up and run with her.  As soon as we get round the edge, I put her down and pull her dress up.  I kneal between her legs and put her ankles on my shoulders.  I part her pussy lips and let the rain fall into her for a few seconds, then let go and do the same with her arse.  She tells me to fist her again, it felt so good having that much of me inside her.  I willingly oblige, her face gets lit up with each flash of lightning and I see pure pleasure each time.  Kelli cums again and again, I don’t know if its me or the weather but I’m not going to stop to find out.  I take my arm out of her and start kissing her arse.  My tongue probes inside her anus, its so tight I wonder how I’m going to get my cock in there when I finish playing with her.  I keep kissing and licking as the waves start breaking on us, a little bit of water isn’t going to stop me from pleasuring her in as many ways as possible. 
Kellli grabs my hair and pulls me off her hole, I don’t want to leave but I realise she is charge of this evening.  She orders me to lie down in the sand and pulls my clothes off before grabbing my cock in her hands.  She starts with just one hand, working up and down my shaft with slow hard strokes, she’s pulling so hard I think she’s going to rip the skin but the feeling is incredible.  Her other hand moves to my balls and starts massaging them, the feeling is out of this world.  I’m so glad I came in her mouth on the way out, I want this to last for ages .  She lets go of my cock and turns round sits on my face, grinding my head into the sand with her pussy.  I lick everywhere I can, her clit, her lips, deep inside her, I can’t get enough and kelli knows it.  She returns the sensations I’m giving her with her tongue.  I feel her teeth biting harder than normal onto me and not easing up the pressure as she fucks me with her mouth. 
I tell her to fuck me properly, she turns round, her hair is plastered to the side of her face with rainwater, the lightning is like a strobe light behind her, and tells me that she’ll decide when and how, not me.  With that, she stops sucking me and climbs off.  I’m about to apologise but there’s no need, she’s grabbed my hands and put them back on her.  She lowers herself onto my cock in one swift movement and leans back.  I watch as she starts playing with her clit as she rides me as hard and fast as we can, I love seeing my cock disappearing inside her with each stroke.  The storm has got even worse, the claps of thunder are almost deafening as they explode above us, our bodies shine in the lightning with rain and sweat as we both climax.  Kelli relaxes and leans down to kiss me.  I gently roll her over onto her side, her head is on my shoulder and I keep her close.  She says that it’s been a fantasy for years to have sex in a storm.  I’m glad I was the lucky chap to share it with her.

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