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It was a mild summer night in Hollywood,Californa. 2 strippes named Ashley and Jenni were driving home until all of a sudden their car broke down.

Oh great… Jenni said. What do we do now? We’re in the middle of nowhere!
Well we could look around for a shop and maybe get the people there to help us Ashley said.

Ashley and Jenni went and looked and found nothing until they bumped into 3 guys.

Hey can you help us Ashley said exictedly.
What will you do in return one of the guys said. I don’t know said Ashley.

They guys went along with them and fixed there car. Thank you said Jenni!
Goodbye! Not so fast girls said one of the 3 men.

I’m Kyle and this is Roger and Sam.
Ok??? Said Ashley. Roger grabed Ashley by the boobs and said bend down slut.

Kyle and sam grabed Jenni and told her the same thing. They obyed. Roger reached into Ashley’s pocket and grabed a vibrator. Nooooo! What are you doing screamed Ashley. The boys ignored her screaming.

Roger turned the vibrator on and put it on
Ashley’s wet pussy. Ashley screamed
as she cummed

Sam and Kyle stripped Jenni down to her feet and started abusing her boob.
Ohhhhh! Yeaa! Screamed Jenni!

They boys started fucking the girls for 20 minutes and finally Kyle, Sam and Roger cummed all over the girls and left them there with cum all over

The end.

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