Surprise In The Bathroom

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This happened when I was 18, and a senior in high school. I was taking a shower in the morning, before school and slipped. I made a lot of noise when I fell and ripped the shower curtain. I bumped my head on the wall as I fell and was a little woozy. My mom knocked on the door and asked in a worried voice if I was okay. I said,” I bumped my head, but I’ll be allright.” She opened the door and saw me lying on the bathroom florr, trying to shke the cobwebs out. She rushed to my side. “Oh Robbie! Let me see your head!” She helped me up and sat me on the edge of the tub. She was wearing a white tee shirt and white bikini panties with blue flowers. My mom is kind of fat, but is very pretty. She has 38 DD tits, and a belly and big ass to match. She was 44 years old at the time, and her brown hair had just a few gray hairs hiding in her short, soccer mom hairdo. When she helped me up, her white tee shirt got a little wet and was now see through. She looked at the bump on my head and said,”Your lucky you didn’t cut your head open honey. You’re going to have a nice bump for a while though.” It was about this time that she noticed my cock. I should tell you that I have a very big cock. A ridiculously big cock. It is 14 inches long when hard, and anywhere from 6 or so inches to 10 inches long when soft. At this time it was closer to 10 inches since I was in the hot shower. She stopped herself in mid sentence when she noticed it. “Do you think I should take you to …..” she said, and stared at my cock. “Take me where mom?” I asked, realizing that she was looking at my big dick. “Uhm, to the doctor, Robbie, to check out that lump on your head.” She said, never taking her eyes off of my cock. “Nah,” I said,” I’ll be okay.” I noticed that her nipples were erect and poking out of the see through wet shirt. I started to become aroused at the sight of my mom getting turned on by my big dick. She kept staring at it with a lustful look. I stood up and said I needed to finish my shower, since I still was covered with soap. She said,” I’ll help you, honey.” I started to protest, but she insisted. “You might still be a little dizzy, and I don’t want you to fall again.” She told me to brace my self by putting my hands on the wall, and she would use the removable shower head to rinse me off. She paid extra attention to my crotch. “Robbie, could you move that great big thing out of the way, so I can get all of the soap?” she asked, pointing to my cock. “You sure didn’t get that from your dad!” she laughed as she spryed the hot water over my cock and balls. “Jeez honey, that thing is huge! You better be careful with that!” She was obviously getting horny. Her nipples were really sticking out, and she had been rinsing my cock for about 3 minutes. I couldn’t help it, and I got hard. She watched in amazement as my cock got even bigger and fatter, until it was 14 inches long and hard as a rock and stuck up at a 45 degree angle. “Oh Robbie! That is incredible!” She said. “I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t help it.” I said. Don’t be sorry honey, it is a perfectly natural reaction.” She reached out and started to jack me off. It didn’t take long before I expoded and shot cum all over the shower wall.”Oh my god Robbie! Look at all that sperm!” she laughed. Needless to say, school was forgotten about. She took her shirt and underwear off and I got out of the shower. I saw her very hairy pussy as she led me by the hand into my bedroom. She told me to lay on my back and she climbed on top. She slowly lowered herself onto my big cock and fucked me. She worked her hips back and forth and ground her pevis into mine. A couple of minutes later, she started to go crazy. ” Oh yes baby yes yes yes!” She said as she came. She lifted herself off of my still rock hard cock and said, “Did you like that honey?” I said I did, but I didn’t cum inside her. “Well, you better finish the job!” I rolled her over onto her back and stuck my cock in her wet pussy. I slammed her hard and she loved it. She started to cum again, “Oh Robbie, fuck me! Fuck me hard baby! Faster faster faster!!!” She came again and I could feel my orgasm building. I fucked my mother hard and fast, but before I could cum, She started to have another orgasm. “Oh god honey I’m cumming again!” She shouted. “So am I!” I said. I kissed my mom as I came. I felt our tongues wrap around eachouth as I filled her pussy with semen. When It was all over, She stood up and all that cum I shot in her seeped out. “Oh Robbie, this was the most incredible sex I have ever had! You are going to make some girl very happy!” she said.
Our little affair continued right up till the day before I gat married.

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