suzanne brings her friends home

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dumbo was at home doing all the house work waiting for suzanne to come home, then his phone went, tiny cock i,m going for a drink with claire, tasha, julianne lynsay, kelly,and tammy, we are all coming back there, i want you naked when we come in, i have told them all how small you little dick is, they want to see it, ha ha ha, see you later dickless, around ten he herd the door then suzanne shouted, dumbo get you little dick here now mine and my friends boots are dirty, as dumbo came out everyone started laughing, lynsay ran over grabbed his ears and dragged him to the floor, claire said omg how small is his cock, we should call him shrimp dick, dumbo was licking suzannes boots, then gilianne grabbed his little dick and balls, well dumbo not the big man now are you, no he answered, everyone wiped there boots on dumbo, suzanne then told every one about dumbo sucking stevens cock, they all laughed, then they all started spitting on him,

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