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Hi hope you enjoy my experience, which happened a couple of years ago while we were staying in a country cottage in the Lake District near Ullswater. Oh the we well that’s me Dom and my girlfriend Sue. The cottage we were staying in was pretty much secluded by trees all around us and we had a lake quite close by. We were very lucky in our choice of cottage private quiet and yet near to shops and a pub you could say we had it made this was our first break for almost two years and when we arrived at Ullswater we couldn’t believe what we were looking at the cottage is truly like looking at a picture post card the cottage is the kind you can only dream about and yet we were staying there.
We had been at the cottage for about two maybe three days when we decided to explore the local area around the cottage well we had been across to Lake Windermere and some other places so we decided to have a relaxing walk near the cottage. Before we left the cottage we set the log fire and had our evening meal set ready to heat up upon our return.
Sue was always teasing me because I had never learned to swim and she was always saying that she would teach me some day well she did try and this is what happened
It was around five in the afternoon the sun was still quite warm and when we returned to the cottage we could see the lake and what a sight it was breath taking beyond our wildest dreams. Sue dragged me to the lake teasing me saying “we should learn to swim now”… amazed as we didnt have our swimwear with us I told her not to be so cheeky she laughed and continued “who needs swim wear” I looked at her in disbelief what did she mean “come on don’t be a meanie lets go skinny dipping” she laughed I couldn’t believe what she was saying but before I could reply she had removed her sweater and was taking off her jeans “hey what you doing” I asked she looked and laughed “come on join me and get in” then off came her bra… oh y god what a sight she is beautiful and I mean beautiful she has the perkiest tits you ever saw and because she works out couple of times a week Sue is well fit and has an amazing body “come on don’t be a coward get em off and get in with me and I will help you learn to swim” by now she was removing her panties and looking at her well trimmed pussy I couldn’t help but get an erection my body just couldnt stop reacting to Sues beauty mmmm she is so gorgeous I could eat her all day all night and then more Sue started laughing “hey you better get in here to hide that hard on your getting” then ran and jumped in the water she screamed “oh my god this is awesome come on get in its not too deep here you will be all right” so cautiously I started to undress “hurry up its gorgeous in here and its really isn’t deep” as I removed my boxers Sue squealed “WOW look at you your harder than mmmmm lemme play with you get in here now”. Slowly I slid into the water not knowing what to expect the water was not deep and felt warm and as the water swayed so did my erection Sue came over to me and put her arms around me and we slowly started kissing “this is some holiday am so glad we came here” then slowly Sue started to slide her hand around my body until she had my erection firmly in her grasping hand ” oh my god this is really turning you on Sue giggled your hard as fuck” she dragged me around the lake pulling me by my cock teasing me each time I was close to entering her pussy she dragged me further away I so wanted to feel her pussy around my cock I knew I was dribbling but in the lake you couldn’t see mmmmm Sues body is so sexy and lightly tanned. I was in heaven when Sue agreed to go out with me you see I thought she was well out of my league she doesn’t wear makeup and has one of those natural beautiful faces because she doesn’t wear make up when I kiss her lips they taste mmmm oh so sweet and Sue knows how much I love this and what it does to me
“hey you what you staring at” Sue giggled playfully squeezing my now aching cock “come on its getting a bit cooler now lets go indoors and have that meal”. We got out of the water and then Sue saw my member and giggled she slowly bent over and kissed my cock saying “you poor thing you look like your aching and in need of attention” Sue was laughing as we both gathered our clothes and as we ran to the cottage her tits were bouncing and shaking and my erect cock kept slapping my tummy and Sue seeing this laughed all the more.. as soon as we entered the cottage I found some matches and lit the fire while Sue went for some towels. When Sue returned with the towels the firewood in the fire was crackling and the room was getting warm.
I took the towel from Sue and slowly started drying her back and slowly started drying her legs “mmmm that is so good” Sue whispered as I turned her round to face me I then dried her face her neck and then slowly started drying her tits as I dried her tits I was kissing her lips her neck and as the towel went to her tummy I started kissing and gently biting her nipples slowly then I started to slowly dry further down her tummy till I reached her pussy.. “mmmm don’t stop” I slowly started kissing her belly and the her belly button Sue tasted so good I slowly started drying her legsher knees and while i was drying her legs my tongue slowly started to explore Sues inner thighs and now and then I slowly slid my tongue across Sues pussy “fuck me please please fuck me now i want you inside me please hurry” Sue was whispering but I was still drying her legs then slowly I went down her legs drying her feet as I dried her I kissed and nibbled her all over her legs thighs feet “stop it and fuck me please please please fuck me I am so hot please” Sue is now screaming at me so slowly I go up her legs kissing nibbling her as I slide up towards hers her pussy there is a glistening of juices coming from her pussy so I gently lick kiss and nibble her pussy ” mmmmmmmm thats so good” I can feel my cock getting moist from my own pre cum juices then as I slowly start kissing an nibbling Sues belly she reaches for my cock and gasps at how moist it has become “oh my god you’re so hard and I wanna taste you now as I kiss an nibble Sues tits she turns her body so that she can see my cock and ten slowly I realise she is sucking my cock like never befor she sucking it she’s biting my cock ” ow ow ow not so hard” I tell her but she continues my cock feels like it’s gonna explode my cock aches to be inside her pussy Sue realising this stops sucking my cock and turns round faces me she then starts kissing me and guides my cock inside her like a well oiled clock we start a rhythm slowly in out in out in out then getting faster and faster gently I feel around my cock and start to pinch Sues pussy as I enter her deeper and deeper her tongue reaches into my mouth and her tongue is around my tongue “mmmmmmm I’m cumming she whispers I’m cumming then her hands her nails are in my back she is pulling me tighter to her… her pussy is sqeezing my cock like never befor then she screamed as she let out a gush of love juice from her pussy my cock now covered in this love juice couldn’t take any more I exploded inside her as we kissed I heard her whisper “I love you” and me “mmmm I love you too” I replied as we cuddled Sue fell into a sleep and only woke when I brought her, her evening meal which we shared

This is a true story only the names have been changed Sue and I are good friends even tho we are not partners anymore

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