Swingers Club Trip

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The door of the swingers club opens and we walk downstairs into a dimly lit room where a olive skinned woman with long black hair in her mid 40s dressed in stocking, suspenders, heels and a basque greets us. She is about a size 16 and has large breasts spilling out of her basque top. She looks us up and down very suggestively and she is flirting with us both. You are dressed in killer black heels a short shirt with stockings and suspenders underneath. When you walk your arse wiggles and it looks very sexy, you have on a tight black top with your cleavage pushed up for all to see. The sides of your black lacy bra come over your top teasing all who look at it. Your hair is down and flowing and you have bright red lipstick on and too much make up but it suits you. You are looking very sexy and also very sluttish like a sexy schoolteacher.

“Come this way” she says in her posh accent, everything she says has innuendo and a dirtiness about it. You can tell that she is a right slut just by her talk and walk. She grabs us both by the hand and leads us through the door into a large basement area. It is dark but our eyes soon become accustomed to the light. There are red walls and erotic pictures of women and men on the wall. There is a small bar where a topless lady in her early 20’s is serving drinks, she is a blond size 8 with a short haircut and is only wearing a thong and high heels. There are big plush sofas all around with soft cushions on them. In the far corner is a glass panel where you can see into a room that has a large bed in it and a door with holes at the front. There is a another couple sitting on on of the sofas and they wave over to us to say hello. Near them 2 guys are standing chatting wearing just their boxer shorts.

We go to the bar and the topless girl gives us both a large glass of champagne each, we have already had 3 so we are feeling tipsy. The large plasma screen is showing a very hardcore porno film and we can hear the sound from the speakers of men and women moaning as they fuck and suck each other. We quickly drink the champers while at the bar we are kissing and fondling each other. The topless girl puts her head between us and tongues each of us. She swaps tongues and lip embraces with you first and then me, she has her hand in her panties as she does it. You can feel yourself getting wet and my cock is bulging through my suit trousers. She pours us another glass and we go and sit down on the big sofa. I am horny as fuck now, you straddle me, still clothed and we kiss as passionately as we have ever done. Your tits are right in my eye line and you are rocking on my cock. We can see the other couple watching us as well as the 2 guys and other people who have now come into the club. Unable to wait longer I take off my jacket and shirt, you are kissing my chest and sucking my nipples. I take off your top and hoist up your skirt, you unzip my trousers and my cock slips out, moving your soaking wet black lace panties to one side you slide down on my cock. Its tight and you let out an almighty moan when you do it this grabs every ones attention. Now we don’t care, you start rocking my cock as I suck your tits that I have released from your bra. Your tight pussy is fuckin ringing as my cock goes in hard and deep making you juice more and more. We can see that we are now the star attraction and our passion is such that we don’t care who is there. You can feel a huge orgasm ripping through your body as my big hard cock hits your wet spot. You moan more and I grab your hair as you rock my cock cumming like a train. “Ahhhh yeahhh I’m cumming fuck fuck please fuck me”. Then whoosh!! your pussy explodes enormous amounts of hot cum juice over my cock and you scream like never before as your body is gripped in the seemingly never ending state of orgasm. Coming back down to earth you now realise that we have drawn quite a crowd. The other couple are sitting beside us, she has the lingerie on and he is wearing only his boxers. They are mid 30’s, she is a size 10 redhead with long legs and he is tall with dark hair. She says “Wow you guys that was amazing to watch, we would love to have fun with you”. You are still on my cock at this stage and although I was near I have not cum yet. We are both now up for anything. “Come into the play room with us”. We dont need a second invitation. I carry you straddled on my cock over to the room and lie you straight on the bed still with my erect cock deep inside you and I start fucking you right away. Your legs are in the air and I am kissing your stocking clad legs as they are hoisted over my shoulders. My pants are off and I’m naked and from behind all you can see is my arse going in and out as I fuck you with all i’ve got. You are moaning again and the squelching noises from your pussy sound very dirty and horny. The women is slapping my arse as I pump you. “Go on fuck her, fuck her harder” This makes me even hornier and I am sweating as I absolutely pump your tight cunt with my cock. She is running her hands over my back and then moves onto your legs. She kisses up and down your thighs as they are hooked across my back, her hands slipping down towards the friction area of my cock and your pussy. She comments on how wet it is and she licks our juice of her fingers before putting her hands hand there again to ease her way across to your clit. Her long nails gently scratch and rotate across your clit and this makes you shudder as her soft hands feel around your pussy and my cock. Seeing this her husband kneels on the bed over you he has got his hairy cock out and is wanking right over your face. His balls hit your chin and you lick them as you watch him play with his hard tool right on your face. Your tongue reaches up and he pushes his helmet into your mouth moaning as your lips clasp around his throbbing cock shaft. He starts to pump your mouth with his hard hairy cock and your mouth fills ans he pushes his cock in and out little drips of spunk hit your throat as he gets more and more excited. Watching this makes me fuck you even harder and you are trying to moan but you are gagged by his cock in your mouth. His wife then decides that she needs cock but she has already started. The 2 guys who were outside have arrived and one of them is pumping her from behind while she sucks off the other one. So 2 filthy whores are getting spit roasted in the room. All we can hear is serious moans of pleasure mixed with the sound of cock slapping and dripping pussies. I am talking pure filth to you and I’m getting harder and hornier as I watch you suck on this strangers cock and see his wife get spit roasted by 2 guys. Sweat is pumping off us all as hands wander all above the place. Your tits are getting played with and sucked by one of the guys and you can feel another guy arriving at your mouth. It tastes of the womens pussy as it pumps indside your whore mouth. This is too much so you start to juice again, hearing your dirty moans makes the other women scream as she gets fucked silly. As you cum over my cock her husband shoots his hot spunk load all over your chin and neck, you can feel the hot cum dripping on your tits dirty and wet. With this is pull out my cock and move up kneeling over your tits. My spunk shoots out faster and fuller then ever before and hits your eyes, nose and fills your mouth. It is everywhere. Seeing this the slut women kisses you directly on the lips and the two of us tongue each other as you swap the cum between yourselves. The 2 guys then shoot their loads, one all over your already cumsoaked tits and the other over her arse. There is spunk everywhere. We are all sweating and the smell of sex is unbelievable. Soaked we collapse in a heap panting but feeling very very satisfied.

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