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It’s every teenage dream, to have a hot sex story..in this case it’s the football jock fucking his hot girl best friend that happens to be crazy for sex. 
   It started with a drunk night senior year after years of crushing but being best friends since middle school, but we couldn’t stop after that. I wasnt limited to times per week. I woke up and my body aches for him to pound my pussy all day. I started to send flirty text and dirty pictures while he worked. I easily convinced him to come into my bed when he came that night. His tall and muscular body rubbed against mine, he started kissing and touching my face so soft. I climbed on him and straddled his cock. Undressing each other he licks, bites and sucks from my ear to my collar, then all over my hard nipples. Putting hickeys on what he knows is his territory, sending sparks of pain down my back making me so horny for him. He ran his framer strong hands through my hair at the nape of my neck down my body and to my ass grabbing it with such a strong desire to be inside me, my pussy started to drip for him. I run my hand over his dick and feel it jump under my touch. I close my eyes and rub my lips against his cock. I look at him ringing my finger around his tip, then I grab his shaft as I lick and kiss up his swollen member to his stomach and back to his lips sticking my ass in the air and arching my back like a sly sex kitten. I bite his lip as he nudged me forward to his hard aching cock, but I resisted. I wanted to take my time in seducing him! My mouth runs along the tip of his hard dick again and he jumps at my hot breath. As my mouth and head bob and suck on his dick, I’m sliding my hands up the naked inner thigh to his shaft. I take his dick in my mouth with full intentions to make him beg for more, giving him the eyes that show my love for his thickness. His cock pulses for my tight pussy as I rubbed and slid the tip of his dick around my clit. He pulls me in close for a kiss and is breathing heavy on my neck. I moan a little in his ear at the pressure of his dick finally sliding inside me. He shutters as pain goes down his back from the thought of making me scream for him, it made him man handle me by my hips and slams me down on his hard cock making me moan and scream for more. I asked for him to treat me like the sex kitten I am, so he flips me over and I turn and with begging eyes as he slowly enters me from behind. Grabbing my hair and pulling my ass so hard to him the sound of clapping echoed, I’m so wet at this point I scream his name over and over and tell him that I love how he’s inside me and want it harder. I grab his legs and pull him in deeper. I burry my face into the pillow as my moans are uncontrollable now. He pulls out and his cream goes on my back. He wipes me off and we lay tired in our sweat from our orgasms. Knowing that in 30 minutes we have to meet our friends at a party and not let them know about our dirty little secret of being more then best freinds kind of friendship so we get dressed and we head for out for a couple drinks. Walking around the party I know he will be going home with me so I do anything to make him want me, I rub my hand on his cock when we get alone at the party. He jokes and asked me what my name was. Thinking of the fun we could have back in the bedroom, I shoot back with all sexiness “natalie, and yours?!” he  replies “Kevin” with a heart dropping wink. I slide up against him and kiss him softly rubbing my hand from the back of his neck to his dick and seductively i say walking away “are you going to take me home and make me show you how naughty natalie can be?!” he bites his lip. After a lot of shots and pretending to just be meeting for the first time he can’t wait any longer. He comes up behind me and rubs his hardening dick on my ass leans up and hotly whispers in my ear “Natalie baby I don’t wanna wait to get you home” I turn to him wink and pull him inside by his almost raging boner. I lead him to the bathroom where he undresses me and sucks on my tits. While fingering me and getting me ready for his entrance i undress him and he puts me on the counter with my legs spread he eats me out, kissing my inner thigh, licking sucking and raming his fingers inside me, making it so amazing I pull his hair and beg to ride him. He wants to dominate like usual so he bites me and his hard dick slides in and out of me on the counter seeing it all in the mirror really got us going I tell him “kevin make me cum.” I push him to the ground and guide him inside me with my hand Im riding him and my tits bounce and he grabs them i ride him harder. He sits up pulling me close with his lips abd teeth by my nipples. He says “show me your naughty natalie” I rock and bounce on him fiercely pulling his hair and letting him watch me rub my clit and tits along with him till he was about to blow and then he yanks me off so quick and strong. He squeeze my clit and shoves his fingers in me and tells me to suck him off. I twirl my tongue around his dick then sliding it all into my mouth and taking him deep in my throat. I wrap my hand around his dick and jack him off while sucking his head, while he is getting me off I deep throat again and then run my tongue crazily back and forth up the bottom of his shaft and I look up at him showing him how much I love to suck his dick he vibrates his fingers and makes me bounce on his hand making me moan while i hold and lick on his balls. Breathing hard from the orgasm I’m about have and scream with his dick still sliding in and out of my mouth vibrating it, his dick tenses up and I know that it’s time to get him off I start making a combination of jacking off, sucking and licking screaming we both cum me in his hand and i let him go deep in my throat and continue till he begged for me to stop. And this is only one night.

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