The Bed of Lust and Love

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It was eleven thirty me and my girlfriend were in bed together watching T.V. I wasn’t sure if she was in the mood but I had to check. I kissed her neck slowly and passionatly and began to lick. her neck and cheek and her luciouse pink lips. I looked up and she had her eyes closed and was wimpering in pleasure, She loved it. it wasn’t long before we started making out, the way she used her tounge in my mouth was incredible so amazing to feel her in lips and toungue against mine. We were already half naked, I threw my shirt off on the florr and kised her slowly as I undid her bra. we started pashing and she moved her head lower onto my nipples as she licked them I could see her Beautiful tits and nipples were rock hard. she went lower and lower untill she hit the jackpot, I was now getting the best blowjob ever, I layed there and watched her suck my dick and take it all.she blew me for twenty minutes taking my dick out of her mouth every so often to catch her breath. then she would slide it back in and moan in pleasure, she looked up at me with those eyes and smiled with my dick in her mouth. after ten minutes I was really hard, she spared no time, she slide that dick into her fine pussy and bega to bouce up and down up and down moaning ” OH YESSS MMMM YES OH MY GOD YES” every five minutes she would bounce a little faster getting louder and louder untill her moans became screams ” OH MY FUCKING GOD DONT STOP, YES FUCK YES OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OH YES YES YES OH MY GOD YES, I was just laying back enjoying the ride watching those two tits fly up and down, eventually I pushed her off and we switched positions, I banged her like a drum, she yelled ” DONT STOP FUCKING ME”, I continued to slam her brains out for forty minutes, it was eleve thirty when we started it was now almost one forty five, after a while I came and she yelled in pleasure. I rolled off of her we kissed I said “I love you”, and she said ” I love you two” and within minutes we fell asleep, you see she’s all inoccent and sweet on the outside, but get her in the mood and in the bed, and she can turn into a wild animal ;) Wow what a night.

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