The Best Sex I Ever Had

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Being a sophomore in High School can be nerve racking, stressful and exciting all in one emotion. But there are always those certain people who stick out in our minds, that really made the “high school experience” worth while. There was always the class clown, the athlete, the head cheerleader, the party animal, the stoner, the geek, but most importantly, there was “legs”. You know, the girl that could always make everyone stop whatever they were doing because she decided to wear a skirt just a few inches higher than normal.
Well, as luck would have it, One day in math class, I was sitting directly across from her, and I am unsure of why on this particular day she decided to be a tease, but none the less, she did. She was sitting directly across and flashing open her legs to reveal the evident fact that she was not wearing anything under the skirt. I was so excited. I could hardly contain myself. And I didn’t. I just nut in my pants right there during pythagorean’s theorem. God it was incredible. I never found out what she was like in bed, because that little maneuver pretty much ruined my reputation and made me live in a field and masturbate while watching cows fuck, but I am sure taht she would have been just as incredible as I coudl have imagined that day.

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