The Bet

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It had been a hot and sultry Indian summer Saturday. The mid-afternoon lightning storm had knocked out the power for about an hour and when the AC didn’t come back on when the power did, I went outside to see if there was something obviously wrong that I could fix. There wasn’t and I came back in. Pam was in the den and called out, “Did you find anything wrong?”
“Nope! Nothing is disconnected or obvious. I’ll call my buddy Mike at Benjamin Heating and Air and see if they can come out.” I answered.
When I called the answering service put me through and I talked to Mike who told me that he couldn’t get out until the next day.
As I hung up the phone, Pam came into the kitchen and said, “Will they be here soon?”
“Not until tomorrow,” was my answer.
I knew what her next words would be. “We better open the windows before it gets hot.”
I was going to argue that opening the windows would only let in the hot air from outside but I didn’t. I figured that it was October and it would probably cool down. We went around and opened windows. I was wrong about it cooling down and the breeze brought the hot humid outside air into the house.
We went out for dinner and did some shopping at the mall where it was cool hoping that the heat and humidity would break. It didn’t so when we returned home at about 8:30 pm, the house was so hot and humid that when we came in from the air conditioned car our glasses fogged up and our clothes were soon damp from condensation. In short it was very uncomfortable. We went upstairs to get naked.
Pam went directly to the bedroom but I stopped by the computer in my office to check email for a few minutes. When I walked into the bedroom she was lying in bed naked reading a book. The sight of her slightly sweaty body aroused me and I walked over to the bed. As I was moving over to her a cool breeze suddenly wafted into the room causing her to close her eyes, raise her arms over her head and open her legs to enjoy the feel of the rush of cool air on her body. Her nipples immediately hardened and little goose bumps appeared on her torso. The effect of these actions on me was electric and I impulsively bent down and reached down between her legs and ran my middle finger up her slit to her clit. Her reaction was to clamp her legs closed a push my hand away chiding me, “Stop it! You know I can’t stand it when you grab me and poke my clit!”
“I’m sorry but you lying there spread-eagled on the bed really turned me on and I lost control. What can I do to make it up to you?” I responded knowing that I had really pissed her off.
She answered, “Let’s talk about what you can do to arouse me next time. You don’t need to assault my pussy every time you want to make love. I respond better to light touching than I do to direct stimulation.”
“Why is that?”
“My clitoris is very sensitive. Anything more than a light touch actually hurts. I have told you this before.”
“I know and for a couple of years I have tried to figure out what turns you on and what turns you off. Show me how you want to be touched!” I insisted getting a little irritated with her harangue and expecting a big argument.
Instead she patted the bed beside her and said, “Sit here next to me and watch!”
I sat down next to her and she moved her whole hand over her breasts, down her belly and cupped her pubic mound massaging her whole mound with the palm placing her fingers around her lips but not inserting them inside her. She moved her hand slowly in an up and down motion. I was mesmerized by her actions but glanced at her face and saw that she had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. She was really enjoying herself. Pam really surprised me when she stopped pleasuring herself and took my hand and placed it where hers had just been and purred, “Please use your hand the way I just used mine!”
I placed my hand over her mound and started to move it up and down. “You almost have it perfect. Just don’t place your middle finger between my lips. It makes me worry that you are going to put it inside of me. The thing I want inside of me is your fat dick not your skinny finger,” she said starting to talk dirty and was obviously turned on.
I spread my fingers around her lips and mimicked the slow up and down hand movement she had just demonstrated. I gently pressed my palm into her mound and as I rubbed her hips involuntarily started to rise and fall in response. As she did, I could feel her erect love button on my palm and the heat and dampness of her lips on my fingers. “That’s perfect. Now keep it up! Yes! That’s it! Kiss me!” She directed and I obeyed.
After a few minutes her body trembled, she moaned and closed her legs around my hand this time to hold it in place. She had taught me the sure-fire way to make her cum and I would use it many times over the years.
After a few minutes of quiet cuddling she lectured me, “See that wasn’t so hard, was it? All you have to do is be gentle and avoid any direct hits. I think I’m ready to cum again.” She was still aroused and started to gently stroke my cock to an erection. She mounted it and rode us both to simultaneous orgasms.
In the afterglow she chided me again, “I really wish that you would not have such a rough approach to my clitoris and nipples. They are very sensitive.”
I was getting a little irritated at what I considered whiny nagging and boasted, “I’ll bet I can get you to cum without even touching your clit.”
She objected, “That’s not a fair bet. You always make me cum when you put your cock inside me.”
“No I mean that I can make you cum without touching your clit.” I answered back.
She set the conditions and the stakes, “No sticking your fingers inside or cunnilingus either. The loser has to do whatever the winner asks.”
I said, “You’re on.”
I proceeded to gently caress her all over her body using my whole hand not just my fingertips, her face, her neck, shoulders, arms, her breasts (never touching her nipples), her flat belly, her pubic mound (never touching her clit, down on each side of her slit, down the inside of her thighs, her feet taking care to suck on her toes) and back up again. She melted and started to get excited. When I got back up to her face, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I broke the kiss and retraced my route down this time using my lips and tongue to caress her taking care to miss the tender spots. She was moaning and writhing in pleasure as I reached her pussy again. I could see that she was very wet and very hot. Her love bud was protruding and ready. I put my head between her legs and kissed all around her pussy but never touched her clit. I extended my arm and used my palms to gently graze her nipples which caused her to shudder as it always did. Then I blew on her engorged clit for about a minute and she went over the top.
After about ten minutes of after-play, she asked meekly, “I guess I have to do whatever you ask. I guess you want to finally take my ass. Please be gentle you are at least twice as thick as my only anal lover. I’m afraid that you will rip me open.”
I had not even thought of anal as my prize before she mentioned it and decided to go with another strong fantasy of mine. “I’ll give you a pass on the anal sex this time. I would like you to put on your black night gown and do a sexy striptease for me and the camcorder.”

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