the blonde haired angel

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Well im sixteen and i me and my friends had just finished our sophmore year. After our award days ceremony it was time for a serious celebration so we all went to a friends house who was having a party he called buzapalooza. Afterward i headed back to my friend jonathan’s house. I have known him since the sixth grade and had always had a slight attraction to his mom who we all call onie. Well i went to sleep that night but woke up at like 3 in the mornin. I walked down the hall to go take a piss. i didnt shut the door in the bathroom cause i figured everyone was asleep. So i whipped out my snake and started pissin when all of a sudden onie walked by the bathroom and saw my dick and saw me pissin. i tried to cover my cock as quick as i could im a pretty shy person. But she just stood there and said dont be embaresd if nobody was supposed to see it God wouldnt have given it to you. At that moment i knew something was gonna happen. She said lemme see it. this was a dream come true for me so i let her see it. it was limp but she walked into the bathroom with me and shut the door behind her. i was kind of ecited yet worried. she then placed her hand on my head and then ran it all the way down the side of my body untilshe go to my dick she grabbed it and started caressing it i got hard instantly. She then muttered ooo you are a big man, and im a tight woman. she took my hand and guided it up under her night gown and next to her pussyat that moment i knew what she wanted so i relieved her of her night gown and got to work. She has extraordinarily perky tits which i sucked for like 5 minutes. Then she goes you hold stil and she dropped to her knees, this was the moment i had been waiting for. She could suck a dick like no other ive ever had since then. I wanted to burst right in her mouth but i fought the urge. i then backed away from her and i told her to sit up on the counter. she spread out her legs and i walked up and just started fucking the hell out of her. she was moaning trying to avoid screaming and waking her son. finaly she stood up and just bent oover the counter and all i could see was her ass. SHe said go ahead put it in big man. it was so tihgt i dint think my dick was ever gonna go all the way in but when i made it all the way she did scream but not to loudly. she then gave me a nod assuring me to keep goin i kept fuckin that ass and as i was goin she turns around and says, when you do cum i want it. this only excited me more i started moanin her name i finally just yelled oohhh onie i pulled it out of her ass and she dropped to her knees and i rammed my cock in her mouthand just blew up i could tell it was one of the biggest ones ive ever had just by the way it felt then as i looked at her i realized she had’nt spit the cum out. she just opened her mouth to show me she swallowed my seed. she then grabbed my dick and sucked whatever was left on it. after she finished i was so amazed at what i had just done.we unlocked the door and crossed back into her room where again later on that night we had another encounter which i will submit in a later storie. I fell asleep in her room that night naked and so did she. her son saw us the next morning just laying there. he screamed what the fuck are yall doin. we both said we were drunk last night and we both just fell asleep on accident. He bought this storie but me and her got together many more times before i went to college. by the way all this was only possible cause his parents were divorced . but we will always have that memorable night just to ourselves.

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