The Doctor

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I had a large lump on my abdomen next to my dick. I thought it was a hernia so I went to my doctor, Dr. Lundeen. He was a crusty old man that I had gone to for years. When I got to the office, The receptionist told me that he had retired and that Dr. Terry Marsh was taking his place. I said fine and after a short wait I was led to an exam room where the nurse took my blood pressure and told me that Dr. Marsh would be in shortly. A few minutes later a woman of about 30 stepped into the room. She was wearing a white lab coat and white slacks and a flowery shirt. She was damn good looking with long black hair pulled into a pony tail and a beautiful face. She had a great body and a nice set of jugs that were probably 36D’s. “Hi Mr. Holmes, I’m Dr. Marsh, What seems to be the problem?” I told her that I thought I had a hernia.She instructed me to drop my pants and underwear and lay back on the table. She poked and prodded my stomach and said she couldn’t find it. This activity gave me a slight hard on. Since my cock is 14 inches when hard, My slight hard on is 10 inches and still points down. I said that it was lower, next to my genitals. She told me to stand up. She didn’t say anything but I saw her surprise at the sight of a 10 inch cock.She was very professional though, and proceeded with the exam. When she found the hernia she said,”Wow, that is a big one!” her face turned red and she quickly added,”The hernia I mean.” She continued to examin me and then did the old grab your balls and cough thing. When she did that, I couldn’t help it and got a full blown erection. Now my hard cock was it’s full length of 14 inches. “I’m sorry, how embarrassing!” I said. “It’s OK,” she said, “It is a perfectly natural reaction to stimulation of the testicles.” She finished the exam and asked me if I would like to take part in a study she was doing. I said sure, what do you need. “A semen sample.” she smiled. “Uhm, OK I guess,” I said, “Just wait here, I’ll get you the collection cup.” she said and left the room. Before I could change my mind she was back with a paper bag with a sterile cup inside. She offered to help obtain the sample and began to stroke my cock. I’ll admit that it didn’t take more than about 3 minutes for me to blow my load. She caught it in the cup and said that it was 5.2 ml. “The average volume of an ejaculation is about 2.5 ml.” she said. “You have a nice load!” I was a little taken aback at her use of that term and told her that that wasn’t near my best effort. She took the sample out of the room and came back. ” That is the official sample, lets see an unofficial sample!” she said and slipped her shirt and pants off. She sucked my cock ansd licked and sucked my balls. I said that I would love to feel my cock in her pussy but she pointed at her ring,”My husband wouldn’t approve of that! Anyway, I think your penis is too big for my little vagina!” Oh well, she sucked a mean cock and squeezed my nuts just right. She put on a glove and lubed up the fingers. “What are you doing with that?” I asked. “You’ll see!” she said and slid twoo slender lubed up fingers up my ass. “Hold the cup and catch your ejaculate.” she said as she stroked my cock and fingered my asshole. Now, if you’ve never had a finger or two up your ass when you cum, you don’t know what you’r missing. I came like never before and it felt better than any orgasm I have ever had! When all was said and done I had pumped 8.2 ml of cum from my balls. She said it was more than she had ever seen and thanked me for participating in the study.On my way out the receptionist gave me a big smile and waved goodbye.

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