the forbidden

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Yes, you are making me wild, you are stirring up feelings in me that are now rushing to the surface. It is you who I want to discover, and when the right time arrives that you and I are alone and intimate, you will experience from me what I have not said to you in words.

What you are about to read is from me to you:

I have visions of kissing you, exploring, feeling your lips open to mine, the sensuality of tongues softly against each other. I want to feel the weight of your body shielding mine, skin to skin, whispering in your ear, telling you how good you feel. I want you to feel the heat, and the need I have to be with you. I want to softly moan into ear, sucking down your neck as you grow hard with anticipation of what is yet to come. I feel your manhood against me, exciting me knowing you want me as much I want you. I feel immediate rush of wetness between my legs, Im burning for you to touch me, you know it, and wait for me to ask, you need to hear me say it and within seconds, with the force of a oceans wave- I surrender, you make me cum. Our bodies are burning, aching, so painfully sweet, griding each other, and every second im breathing you in. I want to reach for you, desperate to touch you, feel you in my hands. I run my hands over your pants, feeling your stiffened cock. Your body slightly shivers as you deeply inhale. You grab my hands and pin them to my sides, your mouth savagely runs down my neck eager to find my breasts. My skin reacts, nipples hard and begging for attention, you devour into my chest , like a hungry bear after a long winters nap. My breathing shallows, and a jolted vibe thrusts to my wanting pussy. You inch your way down my chest towards my most inner parts, you pace youself, slowing down, all the while in my mind Im begging you to hurry. Your tongue wets my thighs as you gently open my legs and create your path. I feel your heated breath against my skin. Your mouth reaches my wetness, you delicately open my folds, and accept my essence and bring me again into euphoric bliss. When you feel the waves of my orgasms subside, you let me into your playground love. Anxious to explore what has yet been hidden to me. Im fast paced to undo your belt buckle and unzip my way to heaven. I open your package, ummm rock hard, your cock glistens, and I see evidence of you waiting patiently for pent-up release. My tongue circles around your groin, I feel your hands run thru my hair, your looking down, watching, seductively, I look at you. I tease you, slowly licking my tongue up and down your shaft. You feel the heated wetness of my mouth tasting you. I wrap my mouth around the head of your seaping cock. I know this will make you moan, a low gutteral moan where I feel the vibrations into my mouth. That is my cue. My lips and mouth are wrapped around you, I take you in, I feel the tensity of your body, I slowly bring you in and out of my mouth, moving my hands up and down your throbing member, now wet from my saliva, my mouth and hands feel connected, I am going with your rythum, and soon you will be a ticking time bomb . My soul concentration is your pleasure, I feel your building orgasm and stop seconds before you let go. Your heavy breathing begins to calm and I rest my head on your stomach. I touch your abandoned shaft, and it fliches towards me. Gently I trace my fingertips along the shape of your erection. You know I will not leave you for long. Again I begin. I map out my course differently this time. I lick around the head, and move my way down to the underneath part of your balls. I find the little spot just below the sac, its teasingly delicious. I lather my way up along your elongated hardness. Reaching the top again, I plunge you deep into my mouth. My pace moving a bit faster this time, we find unspoken rythum quicker this time. I feel your pulsating cock begging for mercy. Your body moving into me, and the gate opens-the taste of your sweet cum in my eager and accepting lips is your destination.
I hope you enjoyed this journey.

Our perspired bodies fill the air creating purfume , organic in origin purely made from our sex. I feel your hands reach for my face, our eyes meet with smouldering stares. You pull me close to you and lovingly your lips kiss mine. My senses aroused , I have drenched you with my fragrance all the while the linger of your liquid I can still taste traveling into me.

Kisses soft and sweet diminish, evolving into passion struck hunger, desire so strong I am willing to let you do anything you want to me just so I can have you. My insides are crying to feel you penetrate me deep. My pussy is dripping wet, and will not be satisfied until I feel you buried inside my canal. Your hands are moving up and down my body, scratching fiercly against my skin. My breath is hot and heavy breathing into your mouth. I whimper as I feel your hand plunge fingers into my moulted volcano. You reach inside me, silky moist wetness gushes onto your fingertips. I cannot control my animal instict, and I begin to move in unison with your touch. Each stroke of your fingers you enter me deeper. I reach down and place my hand over yours, assuring you ,you are right where I need you to be. You find my breaking point, the tiny g spot that is about to send me into another universe. You repeat your motion over and over again, and my body is taking over, I cannot contain the roaring rush that is centered deep in my body. You look into my eyes, and see into my soul. I hold back nothing and my body is trembling, my voice cries out that I am cumming, my head dizzy,blood rushing- Im lost in this moment with you. Wave upon wave flows thoughout my entire being, slowly they calm as you gently bring me down from my internal erruption. My appetite still hungry for you.
This was preliminary before we fuck.

Making love with you is relentlessly consuming my thoughts. It’s more than a desire for wanting. A necessity that we share for each other, that cannot be fullfilled by any other.Your heated energy only adds fuel to my burning fire. Your explicit erotic desires match mine. My thinking uncontrolled and transferred into words for only you to know.

Our need to fuck is eminent. Bodies meshed together, I position myself on top of you, your bulging member at attention ready for insertion into my quivering nest. I glide the tip of your cock against my slippery clit. Moving it in small circles, teasing you. My head falls back and its almost more than I can bare. Your hands grip underneath me, reaching around and gently parting my opening making way for you to enter. It’s this moment that is virtually indescribable- the point of entry. Everything you have dreamed of feeling revolves around this very moment-the anticipation,the want, the need, the anything you will do to feel yourself planted in me. Our most sensitive parts finally meet. I allow the head of your cock to open me, and for a short time I hold it there, I want you to feel the walls of my pulsating pussy contract around your head. Your hands and mouth are furiously wandering any parts of me you can reach. You are dying to pick up the pace and fuck, long and hard. I slowly slide down your engorged cock tormenting you as i repeat my step upwards. I do this several times until I feel your frustration. Your hands on my hips hold me into position tight. Your hips move into mine, Im griding your cock, hard and deep, without abadoment. You pull my mouth to yours, and say into my lips how good you feel being inside me. I have yearned to hear those words. Like rapid fire my juices flow all over your pelvis and we begin to thrust ferocioulsy into each other. We are the only existance at this moment. I feel your body tight and wanting to succumb, we are breathing as one. As strong and loud as the crack of thunder you spill your potent liquid into my womb. I feel my insides roll with your thunder and together we cum.

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